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  1. Are you like this with anyone who has a different opinion from you? How sad?
  2. Again. I like our away kit. Surely the point of an away kit is to be an alternative to the home kit? Ours fits the bill. Certainly prefer it to some of the other mundane Div 1 efforts. Oh aye and it's not fucking pink....;o)
  3. They've not been released but JJ has said they are not part of his plans so are free to find another club.
  4. Justification for £20 entrance fee. Really??
  5. His daughter. Life would be dull if we all had the same opinions - eg £20 being great value to watch first division fitba.....
  6. I like our away kit. Certainly stands out more than that dull Dundee away effort.
  7. Happy to give these guys a chance. It's where we're at.
  8. I'm prepared to give them a chance. It's where we're at.
  9. Ridiculously unnecessary statement. Unless they know something we don't....
  10. Danny Lennon is a slightly smaller version of Jim McIntyre. St Mirren are a slightly bigger plook than us on the big spotty erse that is Scottish fitba. You have no debt. We have tons. God I hate cricket on sky.
  11. Remind us how that season turned out again? Graham, Cardle, Gibson.....players like these make handing over hard-earned cash worth it.
  12. Folk on .net think yous are aw c***s surprisingly....
  13. The utterly obvious point is that even if UEFA let them play in Europe, they'll get horsed out in the preliminaries by a bunch of haddock retrievers.
  14. Funding for the BK bid was based largely on qualification for the latter stages of the Champions League...... Dear God.
  15. And after the news Jim & Stephen discuss the glory of finishing 7th in the SFL beating the likes of Morton and Ayr. If Carlsberg did......
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