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  1. 33 minutes ago, DA Baracus said:

    There's a difference between replacing a manager in October and in February. 

    There's also a difference between managing a club before they were relegated & being in charge at the time they were relegated.

    You're having a fucking nightmare here. Best to give in. McPake did not relegate Dundee. Fact

  2. Blatantly copied from .nut - seems like a bit of a non-story to be fair.

    "I believe it is kind of the norm in football. Doesn’t make it right or wrong, but it’s not just us that do this. Also don’t think what’s being reported here is quite the full story. All players out of contract were called into one-to-one meetings 2 weeks ago and were told it was unlikely they would get new deals, as we were going to get rid of Hughes and weren’t even sure we’d have a new manager in to make any decisions on players before their contract was up. At this point, a lot of people with ‘sources’ on here were reporting Hughes was away.

    I believe they sent confirmations by text yesterday. Which, although not ideal, is fairly standard as a lot of players are on holiday at this time and there have been complaints in the past when players have been asked to come in when they’re supposed to be off - particularly just to be told their contract isn’t being renewed. Can’t win, can you?

    Its not really comparable to a redundancy. It’s the end of someone’s contract. They’ve been free to talk to other clubs for around 6 months, were told 2 weeks ago it was unlikely to be renewed and people like written confirmation of things these days.

    As I say, in an ideal world, everyone would probably have received a more professional message - phone call, meeting etc. But we are far from the only club that operate like this. I also believe that some players were told that if they don’t have a club by pre-season, they can come along and try to win a contract from the new manager. This was also mentioned in the meetings."

  3. 9 minutes ago, Raith_Raver said:

    Please explain, if you can, how predicted that Yogi would be your manager, that he would be a disaster, then predicting McPake before he was even favourite, and now predicting he'll be shite, make me the total fucking walloper instead of you... :)

    Smiley face emoji to your own stupid post is a starter for 10. 

  4. 1 minute ago, oneteaminglasgow said:

    Both Livingston and Hamilton managed fine coming up via the playoffs. 

    McPake taking his side successfully through the playoffs deserves some credit, I’m not denying that. I’d just be worried, if I was a Pars fan, about almost everything else he’s done as a manager. 

    Again, tho - it doesn't matter who we appoint there will be a negative side to their careers to date. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, Grant228 said:

    Allan Johnson was a very good appointment at the time, exactly what we needed. Likewise after McIntyres caretaker spell I was happy enough for him to take over. 

    So you were 100% convinced he would get us out of League 1 at the first time of asking. And utterly convinced McIntyre would 3 years later win us the Championship?

    Maybe it was the seasons before with Potter & Kenny that scunnered me, much like now, but neither floated my boat. However eventually they proved themselves & I'm willing to accept there's a chance, given the right backing, that McPake can do the same.

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