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  1. I agree you're a better proposition currently but the above is highly debatable.
  2. Well DAFC disagrees & thinks that he would be an "utter shite" appointment.
  3. It's quite funny - this big team/wee team thing. Most Pars fans I know are realistic about where we sit in the grand scheme of things. We've only been in the top flight one season in the last 14 years. We're now in League One. Anyone who says we're "bigger" is deluded or looking for a daft Rovers fan who's stupid enough to take the bait..................
  4. I couldn't give two fucks how he goes. All that matters is that he's gone.
  5. Statement doesn't really say that much though, does it? On the other hand, can I copy it & change the words slightly so it calms folk on our thread down to a riot? Some of them are on the brink of having an absolute meltdown.......
  6. I'm desperately clinging on to the premise that maybe, just maybe, the guy we're after had a game yesterday & he/we were awaiting the outcome. I can't begin to contemplate life in League One with Hughes. Just fucking don't.
  7. FFS the guy is an absolute fucking walloper with highly questionable opinions. Please don't encourage him.
  8. In what way did the club treat him like a reprobate? The current idiot manager didn't pick him for a few games & the idiot before him thought he was a central midfielder but think it's a bit of a stretch to say he was treated badly by "the club"
  9. To be fair "wasn't the right offer" could be construed any way you want. Certainly not as simple to say the only thing Falkirk bettered was his salary only.
  10. November after beating Killie - "In McGlynn we trust" January after signing Goodwillie..............need I go on?
  11. To be fair I didn't either. We'd been to proper Hampden finals three times in the preceding years, played in Europe, just been relegated & were having an abysmal season and had one of the most gutless shitey w**k-filled squads in our history. f**k that for a game of soldiers.
  12. If we're going to take a chance on someone at the very start of their managerial career I'd much rather it was Joe or Josh than Brown to be fair.
  13. Can't be much worse than this season to be fair. Even Raith struggled to bring much more than 1000. Our crowds are generally poor as well.
  14. Went to ET we lost the first leg 2-1 but were winning 1-0 after 90 minutes in the second
  15. There's meant to be a gulf between us & QP. I highly doubt there is. If they're any sort of semi-decent organised outfit we're fucked.
  16. I ken a by who's CV would blow everyone elses' out the water...............make it happen Raith. I could do with a laugh
  17. VT making an absolute c**t of himself again. Braw min
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