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  1. This video should be shown to our board today, almost like a modern day Charles Dickens "the shite of seasons yet to come" style short story.
  2. On this occasion I'm glad there's a story simmering as the statement hangs him out to dry, probably for legal reasons.
  3. What an absolute fanny. Obviously it shows a complete lack of respect for the manager but it also shows a total lack of respect for his team mates, the fans & our club in general. Well rid.
  4. They'll surely be back for the derby though? By all accounts a much improved performance against Killie and you didn't play badly against us last time. Or are spirits, happy clappers aside, really that low? No idea - I suppose a quick look online would tell me how many tickets have been sold but I can't be arsed! The fact it's on a midweek night won't help - our fans don't need any more reasons to stay in the house with the buffoon in charge. I'll be there though as it's bought & paid for in July - just don't think there'll be that many Pars fans willing to shell out £20 for another potential derby reaming
  5. If the East Stand had been allowed to be opened up I honestly think you would outnumber our support next week - our crowd as far as actual attendees goes on Saturday was really poor.
  6. "Any chance they got were really from a throw in. Some people might think that it is crazy to say that but that was a fact." What's weird about this summing up of Kilmarnocks' threat on Saturday........? Or this.........? "I don’t pick the team during the week, only on a Saturday."
  7. Surely if you cants can Simpson-ise everything Pars related one of you is capable of changing the scarves to black & white for a mock new management team announcement?
  8. Aye, ironic that both divided opinion so much. Exactly the type of player I would pay money to see, but accused of not tracking back/laziness/one-trick pony by many Pars fans. Super Joe is always welcome at EEP. Higgy a wee bit less so but still.....
  9. Knock yersels out lads. I had a gid laugh at your total meltdown a few weeks ago, when all that happened was you sold a player then loaned him back from Hibs. The state some of you c***s were in then, f**k knows what you'd be like if you had to deal with this
  10. If that means going to Kelty 13 times then, with respect, f**k that sideways.
  11. Looks like Drew Main (PST rep on the board) is trying to arrange a meeting of some sort with board representatives. Needs to happen very soon. They've made a right cnut of this.
  12. Needs to be rebranded as it's not (or bloody well shouldn't be) a "lifeline" any more. PS - That last bit sounds like a lot of unfounded shite to me. I'm happy to proved wrong though if you can be bothered.
  13. Oh aye - it's got Ross McArthurs' all over, definitely.
  14. It should have stopped short at the last paragraph. If they truly believe he can turn this around, then that's their decision so fair enough come out and say that. But which absolute fanny decided to finish off by slagging off the very people who you're trying to keep onside. If I'm reading it correctly that's come straight from RM. I've been undecided about his involvement but he can f**k right off as well. Disgusting way to treat your paying customers, who've already suffered enough this season.
  15. Not trying to be dramatic but I've just 4 texts from 4 different boys with around 100 years watching the Pars between them, they're all saying the same thing. They've had enough. Bad enough to back this guy, but to slag off the fans claiming they're costing the club money is absolutely fucking staggering. Whoever composed that needs emptied & whoever signed it off can f**k off as well.
  16. Ah well, next seasons' New Year derby - I'll be fucking raging if it's Falkirk and not Kelty Hearts.
  17. ......also forgetting the nuclear meltdown when they sold then loaned back Tait.
  18. Trust me after the last few seasons the majority of us expect nothing - especially with Screaming Lord Grant at the wheel.
  19. Kinda similar vibes to when you sold a player a few weeks back. Fitba fans tend to lose the plot when they're getting shat on.
  20. We are "pish", if you turn up in any way, shape or form we will get "hammered" & "am no going".
  21. That would be immense but I think you're crowd estimates are a bit high.
  22. We're not playing that great (understatement of the year) & not picking up points. As straightforward a win as you can hope for this season. I'll go for at least 2-0. The only predictable thing about Wednesday is the utter tripe that buffoon will spout post-match.
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