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  1. Ashcroft sent off against your mob in the play off at EEP. Shocking decision that helped you through. Shit happens
  2. Letting smoke bombs off indoors, invading the pitch and breaking seats are not allowed. Just take the criticism & sort yourselves out, instead of trying to deflect it. Classic OF whataboutery on show here, thought Raith were above all that.
  3. Not really no. However letting off a smoke bomb indoors is brainless. Even if you're a "raver" Roary
  4. Aye right enough. That would be funny. Smoke bombs indoors isn't clever by the way
  5. They are also sh1te don't forget. Congratulations on getting through to the final. If you beat Inverness then enjoy the win.......Rangers Colts? No not having that. That'll make it meaningless I'm afraid.
  6. I'll second Bayne against the Rovers, one of those where you know it's in as soon as it leaves his napper. Saying that McGurn was in goal, some of his saves were tremendous.
  7. Lads, let's cut to the chase - we'll steal him in the summer. It's just the way it is, baby...…...
  8. We made Dundee look like the gang they are. A win at Palmerston next please
  9. Bit early in his Pars career to be binning Turner. Definitely a player in there
  10. We lost to Morton 1-0 on the second last day but other results meant it was impossible for us to be relegated, due mainly to the fact 2 of the teams (QOS & Partick) were playing each other.
  11. I'm not disagreeing with you - it was a genuine question as I haven't seen him play.
  12. Do we have any hard evidence that he's any better than dross like Devine & Ashcroft (on current form)?
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