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  1. Who cares? We're both small annoying plooks on the arse that is Scottish fitba.
  2. Just watched your highlights & I have to agree. Never a red card & poor show from Todorov. Hopefully our centre halves have been made aware of this cheats' actions ahead of our game on Saturday.
  3. Bollocks. It's not even close to being anything like that utter madness.
  4. I must be in the minority but I just don't get the fuss around Turner. Apart from a few games in the early part of this season, he's been pretty much anonymous. He is clearly destined for a move in the summer but so is Murray. Murray plays nearly every week, Turner is loaned to Airdrie. Obviously there's been words said & the player doesn't like what's been said. As usual, once dropped he transforms into Rivelhino in the eyes of some.
  5. Officially the only way you'll beat us. You can put the 3 points on your mantelpiece with that plastic title you were awarded last season.
  6. [emoji16][emoji16] I can't be arsed bickering brother. Hope all is good with you
  7. Doesn't do pussbook but spends a lifetime trawling the net looking for gifs/memes. Odd little chap
  8. What a really creepy thing to say. "I know where you live" kinda stuff
  9. I'm very upset. I wasn't that bothered about the game but was rather looking forward to breaking the Facebook with stupid Jeremy Clarkson smiley gifs like last time we trousered your mob.
  10. It hasn't. It might yet which will send Kirkcaldy into one big massive cum fest. Talk of making us field a youth team is hardly surprising. Raith fans are the archetypal hypocrites about most Pars related matters. Meanwhile a player has covid and may or may not be really ill.....but to them it's all about 3 points.
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