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  1. Hamilton would dispatch Airdrie fairly comfortably in my humble opinion.
  2. Read my post again. If what's been said happened, then I'm disappointed.
  3. So a guy who runs a soccer academy for kids spat deliberately at a kid? Interesting Disappointing if true
  4. Aye......almost as bad as "shiteing it"
  5. FWIW I'm utterly indifferent towards Kelty although I certainly wouldn't go to their games when we were away from home but each to his own. The only sentiment I have is that a part of me will die if wee Joe ever scores against us.
  6. Any news on Matty Todd & Rhys Breens' injuries from Saturday? Breens' hamstring looked gone so that'll be him done for the season but I'm sure I read that Mattys' was just an "impact injury"?
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