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  1. I'd take the 9 points you offered from those 4 games, ta very muchly.
  2. I originally thought it was deflected up and over the keeper but that footage shows it was, factually, the best goal ever scored by anyone ever.
  3. He clearly fucked up at Raith but his record everywhere else isn't too shabby, especially early doors and we need that record to continue as it stands we're royally fucked. I'd certainly take him over the other viable candidates mentioned (Kettlewell/McIntyre) considering Robertson & Petrie were probably never going to take the job. Not 100% convinced but that feeling is probably more to do with the way it's went so far this season. COYP
  4. Almost all the goals in out 2 home league cup games came from his crossing, then bizarrely he was locked in a cupboard under the stairs for 4 months. Yeah I think he could play there. Can't be any less effective than Dow or Kennedy just now.
  5. I guess the Wee Team fans just don't appreciate sarcasm.
  6. Not when he held off 14 of your players at once in front of the Norrie a few years back at the end of a 1-0 win. Legendary.
  7. There's no danger Kenny Miller will be appointed. I know we've been absolutely fucking terrible this season but there'll be a few teams in that bottom half that must be sh1tting themselves that we might somehow win a game. They must all be looking at our results every week praying that we get beat. If we manage to win a game or even 2 then it's all up in the air. It can all turn around quite quickly. Just get a half decent manager on board. Soon.
  8. Pretend there are other reasons for this happening. Dishonest & stupid.
  9. Coldplay are not "shite" - no band that sells that many records/tickets can be classed as shite. Well, maybe Marti fucking Pellow..........
  10. That is a ridiculous claim, such a shame & very embarrassing for you that no-one has ever said it. Now you're statement about Marti fucking Pellow makes a bit sense. Up til then it was a sweet little mystery..........
  11. I thought it was quite good, although I noted your laddie doing the Falkirk dance on the pitch, shocking behaviour.............
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