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  1. Only an absolute fanny would suggest losing Into The Valley. Next
  2. A while back but yes I vaguely recollect it. How much for this guys' release clause in, say, January? Thanks in advance..........
  3. Jesus that's pish poor banter right there. f**k this
  4. Got bored of beating yous in the games that mattered.
  5. I don't intend to buy either as I'm middle aged and fat but I think they look pretty good.
  6. Remind me how the season finished. Oh aye you shat your pants in the play offs. Again [emoji106]
  7. Truly revolutionary stuff from McGlynn. I wonder if other managers would like a good start to the league season?
  8. Enigma hates us more than he likes his own mob. Paid the cup tie cash yet you big hypocrite?
  9. Yes well spotted. We took dugshite to a whole new level. However we stayed up. As did Queens. Because your sorry lot shat their play off pants again
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