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  1. It's a lot easier to be motivated to find an additional job that pays £300k than it is to be motivated to find an additional job on minimum wage and zero hours contract..
  2. I was in Dobbies today, and it's went full scale Christmas, including that distinctive cinnamon/clove smell as you come in the front door.
  3. I see Nadine Dorries has deleted her Twitter account. Things like this really wind me up. No member or past member of the Govt should be allowed to unilaterally delete anything that they say in their capacity as a member of the Govt. Anything that they say or write as a member of the Govt should be a matter of public record and kept for all to read and review. Dorries was more than happy to act as Billy Big Baws and proclaim on her Twitter profile that she was a UK Govt Minister for whatever, but didn’t like the scrutiny that then came with it. In this digital age there is too much rewriting of the past or removal of uncomfortable facts by politicians deleting digital records be it Twitter, WhatsApp, text messages, etc.
  4. My cousin in the US has just had a baby and is now finishing her maternity leave. She was entitled to 12 weeks in total. I'm not sure what pay she had during the leave, but there is no legal requirement for her to get paid. The best companies in her state might do 4 weeks full pay, then 8 weeks half pay, but that is purely dependent on the company. I'm sure these are the type of benefits that ET will be looking at when she's in the States.
  5. I used to love a chunky KitKat until they made them less chunky, now I don't buy them. Current favourite is the triple chocolate tiffin from ALDI. Not strictly chocolate but very tasty.
  6. But they're still having the breaks, just a blank screen instead. Crazy.
  7. I'm trying to figure out what the poster means by "if I stick to blacks?" Is this a homage to Philip?
  8. I specifically turned on NFL Redzone to get away from it, but even that channel has it.
  9. But remember the Union Barons who manipulate Labour are the devil incarnate.
  10. Wordle 456 2/6 Lucky first guess
  11. Grangemouth isn't too far from Falkirk.
  12. It's the final comma that is sometimes used in a list. For example "oranges, lemons, and limes". The Oxford comma is the one before 'and'. It's not strictly necessary, and apparently there is a lot of debate within scholarly circles about whether it should be used or not.
  13. It's crazy. To put it in context the queue is more than the distance from Ibrox to Parkhead, or the same as from the Kincardine Bridge to the Falkirk Stadium.
  14. Turning the sound off so no one else can hear?
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