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  1. https://www.reuters.com/legal/ex-white-house-chief-staff-meadows-testified-trump-probe-ny-times-2023-06-06/ Nice to see those associated with Trump are committed to being honest all the time.
  2. I think with mobile devices, as long as the device connects to the home wifi of the account holder every now and again it will still work.
  3. Who's the one focusing on gender or sexual identity?
  4. I always used to say there were left and right haggis depending on what what way round the hill they ran.
  5. Just don't type "Bart and Marge" into Bing search and look at the image results with the safe filter off.
  6. I read that and thought of this story from a few years ago. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/this-britain/vigilante-mob-attacks-home-of-paediatrician-710864.html
  7. I've not checked, does it comply with half your age plus 7?
  8. My limited understanding from the days of bittorrent was that sharing, i.e. giving or distributing to others was the 'crime', whilst purely receiving was not against the law. That's why I might have used sites like megaupload.
  9. and it's a lot more discreet than taking a copy of the Sunday Sport in with you.
  10. I've never played Zelda but I fancy giving it a try. Would it be OK for me to go straight to Tears of the Kingdom, or should I play others first? I have seen somewhere that you should do Breath of the Wild first.
  11. The article doesn't really say how high the fence is. I suspect the couple in the picture are only 3ft 6 inch tall, and the angle of the picture makes a normal sized fence look huge.
  12. And keep in mind you pay the official hotel tax of 12% or 13% on top of that. £2 a night seems quite cheap.
  13. Was that a real State/CIty imposed tax, or the self imposed resort fee that Las Vegas hotels invented to keep the headline hotel cost low, whilst charging you large mandatory add on fees when you check out?
  14. Or if you use the self checkout, and choose not to print a receipt
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