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  1. Forever H1B5. LOL.

  2. It was the most expensive game ive been to yet. Money wise and emotionally. :L

    I don't mind Hearts fans ripping into me. I'd be doing the same if the situation was reversed.

    Hearts were great on the day, but the sad thing is knowing that they didn't even need to be. Any team would have beaten us on that gutless performance. If we can't raise our game in a situation lik...

  3. Nope - not gonna rip into you. With the shit you pay good money to watch like that there is no need. ;-)

  4. Yeah, you're right mate. I was hurting bad and I mean bad! :L

    Well done to Hearts, they deserved to win the game, we bottled it against them yet again, but obviously in the worse set of circumstances.

    Anyway, rip away, I deserve it!

  5. Come on lad - man up and face the music. It wont be great, but the sooner you do it, the sooner its over with...lol

  6. Where are yoooooooooooooooooooooooooou?


  8. Face Value: £28 & £35 Gumtree Value: £500 Ebay Value: £100000000000000000000
  9. I believe that if we win the cup this year and break the hoodoo, we'll go on to win it again in the next several years.
  10. Seriously, does your wife really resemble super Leigh in any way?
  11. Not really. With all the blocks i've had from jambos on here recently, i'd say they were preparing.
  12. Regardless of what happens tomorrow, i'll be safe in the knowledge that i'll never ever be a jambo.
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