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  1. I noticed Coulson playing against Spurs at the weekend. Think he's been playing most of the season for Boro. They must be playing him further forward as he was absolutely horrendous at left back. His positioning was probably the worst I've ever seen for a full back!
  2. My word Shaun Gayle is so boring.
  3. May I ask, what has your home average been over the last 10 years say? What about the 90s under Sturrock? I remember the cardboard cut outs (what the f**k where they thinking?) - is Perth not just a football town? I'm not trying to stir, I'm just genuinely interested in why a club that has done so well and has a lot of incentives cant seem to increase their support.
  4. Hard to quibble with winning a major trophy as the highlight of the decade, it wins hands down. However, the feeling when Loy scored in this game and then the final whistle was just amazing.
  5. Another clean sheet with that makeshift defence. Excellent performance from the back 3 and Foley in particular. Junior was great today .
  6. Celtic to drop points (nap). Ryan Flynn to be red carded after winning the ball cleanly. (NB)
  7. 2 points dropped, disappointing. St Johnstone were there for the taking and we just dont have a cutting edge. Referee was utterly shite for both teams, thankfully no big decision to get wrong.
  8. Put a message on Fleaflicker but just wanted to thank everyone for taking part. I enjoyed the auction draft, and the 2 qb approach. If there's enough interest I'm happy to run again next year with a few tweaks.
  9. Best part of all this is people describing this as a 'fist pump' 🤣
  10. Championship week this week. Think I've scored an on goal already as I left Leveon on the IR. Now he has played my team is locked down! Let's hope it doesn't come back to haunt me.
  11. All 6 goals were absolutely avoidable. Mistakes all over the place due to conditions but got to be happy with a point after 3-1 down. Need to pick up something next week to keep the momentum going.
  12. The right result, particular on the 2nd half performance. Absolutely huge for us. With 5 points between bottom and 6th, these are the games you need to win. At least a point against Hibs on Tuesday and it will be a great return from 2 home games.
  13. @BishyTON Pretty decent offer you have just sent me for Mahomes. It's close! I'll respond soon , just thinking about it.
  14. I saw them bomb the Ravens 2 years ago. I was supporting the Ravens..
  15. Yep, top 4 go through. Playoff weeks are 14 and 15.
  16. Difference is this season we are going to be terribly hard to beat. Last season we would have lost both those home games, this year we got 2pts out of 6. Long hard season ahead definitely, but I dont think we're going to have one of those crazy January windows this year.
  17. Shakira and Jennifer Lopez are doing the half time show this year. W. T. F.
  18. My train was cancelled earlier so I dived into the bookies in the station and placed one whole pound on the Packers/Eagles game being a tie at 100/1.
  19. Whilst I enjoy cheating as much as the next man, the compliance officer has been in touch to inform me that the Eagles did in fact lose so I am out of this now. I wonder if an Accies fan grassed me up? 🤔
  20. Flynn has been our best player since January, but I think he could do with a wee break. If he's fit I'd start Stephen the next 2 weeks. Magennis has been outstanding so far, and I'd keep him on the right for now.
  21. Week 3: Bills and Eagles please.
  22. I took over a shite team last year so trying to get back on track. Think that trade is fair. All, Mahomes is on the block as well.
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