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  1. Think I read in the summer that Joe had got his Maths degree so he clearly has got an eye on the future. He won't be wanting to be a squad player so no surprise it looks like a change is in the works. Solid big lad, best of luck.
  2. Twitter has been brilliant today. The saints as a collective have just been fantastic. I love my club.
  3. Recently I am completely out of step with the majority of saints fans. Who would you drop from midfield to fit him in ? I think Ethan has started the season brilliantly and Keana is a real find. Would you drop Main and go back to 1 up top ? I just don't get it. He's just an average midfield player. Suppose last year he was playing alongside Power so that makes him look better I suppose. I see him as a squad player, don't get all the excitement. (Yes I am a miserable b*****d)
  4. That Millennium Champs season really was an oasis in 15 years of absolute dirge. Will never be beaten for that reason I suppose. You've also just reminded me of Eddie Annand. Thanks for that.
  5. The 90s were the glory years for this type of stuff. We would have loved a Jordan Jones type player back then. Instead with got Jim Beattie, Alex Bone, Jim Gardener, Ronnie McQuilter, Gerry Creaney...
  6. Get them out. More important things than playing budget.
  7. Andy Halliday nearly greeting on Super Scoreboard last night. At least he isn't a professional footballer playing Rangers in a cup final in 2 days time...
  8. I said on the Dundee United thread we were heading for the playoff. At this rate, we'll also lose it.
  9. In pretty much every game since he came in I have been baffled by Robinson's substitutes and in game changes. I'm hoping it's early days and he's getting used to the squad but I'm getting really bad vibes. Genuinely wouldn't be surprised if we finished 11th.
  10. Anyone else regretting buying tickets for Tynecastle
  11. Meant to add, cup tie could be quite tasty after today!
  12. Just watched the highlights, what an absolute stonewaller the Alex Grieve shout was. If we convert that, something to hold on to with 10 men. Pretty shite performance all round though.
  13. If his name wasn't Steven Naismith I think most folk would look at his credentials and would be happy enough. Still hoping for Jack Ross though, although it sounds like his wage demands are ridiculous. Maybe sort something short term.
  14. Scottish fitba is just one constant banter years relay. f**k me man.
  15. No fucking way. We don't need a manager who spends all of his time talking about Rangers.
  16. Yeah, he's got a bit about him. He did a Q & A with the fans not long after he got the job and he shared the presentation his did at his interview, outlining his philosophy etc. Was really good to see a manager being so open.
  17. I wouldn't call us aggressive, Jim has a bit of a reputation from his playing days but that hasn't carried over to management. We are fairly direct, but not long ball if you know what I mean. The most success he's had is when we've played with width. Very rarely play through teams.
  18. Not really sure why Goodwin is being lumped in with the 'usual suspects' by certain Aberdeen fans. He got Alloa promoted on a small budget, and has improved year on year with us. Two semi finals last year, quarters (so far) this year as well as pushing for top 6. He deserves his chance, but would rather it didn't happen mid season. Him and his assistant got their new contracts in the summer off the back of Aberdeen sniffing about so think there is substance to this one.
  19. How shite are the sky pundits btw? Every year it makes me realise why I watch red zone when I can. Don't think the satellite link ups with anyone really work, and Neil Reynolds must be the most boring man on television. For a company like Sky who always seemed to be cutting edge, just seems to half baked.
  20. Good luck to Kelty and all that, but they really were one of the poorest lower league sides we've played over the last few years. I just can't fathom how they beat St Johnstone. Kevin Thomson talking utter shite as well.
  21. Every last minute goal should be celebrated like a world cup win. Regards the game, draw absolutely the fair result, but what a way to shoot yourself in the foot. f**k sake.
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