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  1. How do I enjoy this without being angry at the absolute shambles of a display on Sunday...
  2. Bartley was excellent and I agree he was MOTM. Schooled our two, but our formation didn't help them, felt they were hung out to dry a bit
  3. Good luck to Livingston in the final. Goodwin's team selection was absolutely woeful. That first sub rubbed salt in the wounds. Terrible.
  4. What an absolute belter next weeks game is going to be.
  5. As someone who got into the NFL in the last 15 years or so, hard to believe we have a chance at a Bills/Browns Championship game.
  6. Vrabel now moaning about the officials and specifically contact on Peters on the INT. Considering how physical AJ Brown today, particularly on the TD, that's more than a bit ironic. BTW, AJ Brown has to be my favourite WR in the league. What a player.
  7. Get it up ye Vrabel !
  8. Ravens, purely because I was watching The Wire around the same time I got into NFL in the mid-00s. Soft spot for the Bears due to getting some memorabilia around 1990 when a family member was working in Chicago.
  9. Pretty embarrassing all round, but at least we've never lost to 9 men in a national cup final... The Kibble angle that some supporters are talking about is interesting - albeit it's been the moon howlers saying "St Kibble FC" etc. Could it be that they are trying to implement some proper corporate governance into the club, hence why we're finding historic accounting issues? I can't see Tony lasting the season as CEO, think that's pretty clear.
  10. Same source has just confirmed it's defo happening to Hibs, and will be either now or January.
  11. When are we doing final roster cuts ?
  12. Jack should be well remembered for his stint in the great escape season. McKenzie and Davis were both injured and in and out of the team and he was the mainstay. Add in a good campaign in the league winning season he can go with his head held high.
  13. Right I'm just going to can it. Sorry guys. I'll look into starting it again next year.
  14. Ok, no response from Stu or Irvine, I'll give it until 6pm. After that I will drop the team to 8 or cancel altogether. For those who feel strongly either way can you comment on this thread.
  15. Done. Why is it saying I only have a second round pick left, when I still have 2 bench spots empty ?
  16. Ok. To be honest mate if we dont get everyone confirmed over the next couple of days I'll probably just can it. If everyone confirms we can look for a date that suits all.
  17. 1 space available in the P+B Auction league. 10 teams, 2 QBs. Let me know if any interest.
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