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  1. In the summer we lost Morgan, Gavin Reilly and Harry Davis. Morgan and Reilly scored 40 between them, and set up countless others. You're probably trying to replace anything from 50 to 60 goals. Big Davis was one the best centre halves in the league last season and miles better than anyone we have now. Yes, Morgan was a huge influence but Stubbs' comment was pure ignorance. He also had 9 games in charge, not 4, where he failed to beat Spartans and Queens Park. As for our current situation - there are many people to blame. The board in particular have got away with it. The jury is out on Kearney for sure though.
  2. St Mirren v Dundee United

    Kearney cost us the game, pure and simple. No shape in the first half, head scratching team selection. United tired hugely late on, as expected, which gave us more openings than we deserved.
  3. St Mirren vs Motherwell - 06/02/2019

    Hastie's shot was unstoppable but the half hearted attempts at stopping him from S McGinn and Muzek... This team has no fight, no heart.
  4. St Mirren vs Motherwell - 06/02/2019

    Pretty poor all round despite some good passages in play now and again. Paul McGinn got the goal, but was absolutey roasted all night, particularly for the winner. Kearney doesn't look like be has a clear idea of what he wants to do. Looking forward the his 'throw a 6 to start' team selection next week. Hastie is absolute cracker.
  5. The worst thing about referees in this country is the absolute lack of thinking time they give themselves. I mean how often have we seen Dallas or Collum almost tripping over themselves to give a free kick and get a yellow card out? It's not just one ref either, it's all of them. It must be getting coached. Dallas had the whistle at his mouth for the 2nd pen before Defoe had even hit the ground.

    Rams going to hit Brady and win the game. Big Suh will be MVP

    Every year the USA stuff does my nut in
  8. It's the loving cup mate, everyone is friends due to power of love.
  9. Despite the shite yesterday, that Nakamura decision still makes me angry.
  10. *you're a cock
  11. Alex f**k Face Rae thinks the ref got that one right.
  12. Signed 2 complete unknowns close to the end of the window and everyone is delighted after being suicidal earlier in the day. I just love fitba! Bring it on!
  13. I don't think anyone apart from the lunatic fringe want him sacked at the moment. What is happening now is people are starting to question some of his tactics and changes within the game, which personally I think is fair enough. The last thing we need is another managerial change.