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  1. Same source has just confirmed it's defo happening to Hibs, and will be either now or January.
  2. When are we doing final roster cuts ?
  3. Jack should be well remembered for his stint in the great escape season. McKenzie and Davis were both injured and in and out of the team and he was the mainstay. Add in a good campaign in the league winning season he can go with his head held high.
  4. Right I'm just going to can it. Sorry guys. I'll look into starting it again next year.
  5. Ok, no response from Stu or Irvine, I'll give it until 6pm. After that I will drop the team to 8 or cancel altogether. For those who feel strongly either way can you comment on this thread.
  6. Done. Why is it saying I only have a second round pick left, when I still have 2 bench spots empty ?
  7. Ok. To be honest mate if we dont get everyone confirmed over the next couple of days I'll probably just can it. If everyone confirms we can look for a date that suits all.
  8. 1 space available in the P+B Auction league. 10 teams, 2 QBs. Let me know if any interest.
  9. Right, looks like Bishy has also dropped out. @Paul Marnie - You're in. Confirmed Me Spain Doonhamer61 PB1994 Steelmen Paul Marnie Jagfox Confirmation still required from: @irvine_buddie @jambostu One space available for anyone who is up for it. 10 team, 2QB auction draft. Draft will be either Sunday 6th or Monday 7th at 8pm.
  10. Ok, last years participants were: Me Spain Steel men Jagfox Doonhamer ICTFC Bishyton Jambo Stu Irvine Buddie The owner of Westeros Wolves who I have just noticed has dropped out. Can you all confirm asap if you are back in please ?
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