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  1. Thursday Night Thread

    Colleen Wolfe
  2. Accies - St Mirren

    Shit attendances, plastic pitch, Stubbs unfairly treated, St Mirren players throwing it in. Any other lazy observation from outsiders I've missed? As for the game, I'm hopeful for a win and with Hibs and Aberdeen next up I would suggest it's pretty critical.
  3. Livingston v Hamilton Academical

    Only Scottish football would make it so difficult for paying customers to actually get in. Circa 8000 empty seats and forcing folk to buy a ticket to get in. Not a dig at livi, or Hamilton, we are just as bad.
  4. The League of Shadows

    Anyone want Emmanuel Sanders?
  5. Was that Hampden's last hurrah?

    The comments under the article on the BBC are hilarious. One even mentions football fans destroying Murrayfield with their behaviour.
  6. Was that Hampden's last hurrah?

    Excellent news. Glad the hysteria about travel was disregarded.
  7. Fitzy will be the Football guy, and a new CEO will be recruited.
  8. Standing Bowl XV

    This two time champion let down by the Titans. Now I know how Dee feels every week.
  9. Week 1

    Janikowski following the Mark Yardley diet
  10. Week 1

    Anyone else really rooting for the Browns? Can't stand Roethlisberger
  11. Week 1

    Ravens clearly winning it all this year.
  12. New dynasty/ keeper league

    What is going on with the defensive scoring? Eagles for 55pts! Is that right? I don't mind - maybe I've just not been paying attention.
  13. NFL Fantasy Dynasty League

    I'll take one.
  14. I'd be fuming if I was Harry Davis. Or Gavin Reilly. Seriously, where are you hearing that?
  15. He ain't no Brian Clough!