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  1. Who actually gives a f**k about Brora and Kelty, honestly.
  2. Quick question from a late comer - if prize money is paid out, does that take null and void OFF the table?
  3. This peak Scottish fitba response to a worldwide crisis is just what I needed right now. Lovely. Dont really care about the results- give me chaos and infighting for weeks please.
  4. A loss sends us bottom, a win puts us 9th. Madness. For the record, it will be the former. 3-0 Hearts, all Andreu own goals and Goodwin will still fucking play him in the next match.
  5. Big Jon should have scored with the chance at the back post- looked easier to score than miss. Some same from the keeper to his snap shot near the end. That was the chance...
  6. Stay in the town centre, it's only a 15 mins walk to the stadium. Alternatively, there is a train from Gilmour Street to St James at 18.21 on saturday evening that takes 2 minutes. I'm assuming your are not driving of course
  7. Given the previous 2 games in Paisley have been very tight, and frankly both a bit dull, I think we are in for a cup classic this week. 3-2 saints, after being 2-0 down at half time.
  8. Anyone up for a top flight of 16 with the OF fucking off to the Atlantic League or something? On last nights result, I'm heading to our edinburgh office to see if the Jambo's are still delusional.
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