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  1. Fleming seemed to be the only person complaining about the weather to the ref, yet there looks like he had made no attempt to dig a hole to keep the ball on the spot, the spot was immaculate when we walked past after it was called off.
  2. Hilson will score a lot when there’s defenders in front of him, that’s a given. Granted his one on ones are his downfall but he has scored a number of them. Our best player by a country mile and will be a bigger miss than McCallum would be. Without his ball retention and work rate, we would be a lot worse off already. There’s a reason why Dick Campbell signed him so often. I’ll be gutted to see him leave us, but he has earned another chance at Championship football after his last time in the league saw him injured constantly. Fully anticipating some of our fans to bizarrely give him abuse for leaving, the same fans that boo other ex Forfar players for ‘chasing money’ when they left to be closer to home or to play for a better manager.
  3. Yeah the ones that travelled to Stranraer from Forfar are only just home. Would agree that we were the better side, could have had more than four as well if Forbes hadn’t wasted early chances/passed to his teammates who had a better position to score but three points at the end of the day is massive considering we haven’t won there since 2014. Great to see Burns get back into the squad and grab a goal, hopefully his injury is just a knock and he will be back for next week as he was one of our best players. Meechan at centre back was quite good with Robertson also playing well.
  4. It’ll be interesting to see how Malcolm and the team react to Saturday’s defeat but not expecting too much
  5. Originally a left back but can play further forward on the left side and up front as well. Did well with Elgin before.
  6. Scott Booth should never be considered anything close to a candidate for the Scotland job if Kerr left.
  7. Not sure Tam would suit being in goal if I'm being honest.
  8. Keeper Brett Long signs on loan until January from Dundee United.
  9. From what I can find it's actually 2 in 9, 8 in 20 and 3 in 8. Not sure about Limerick though. I'm all for giving him a chance but so far he hasn't impressed. He has said in interviews that he feels like he is at full fitness.
  10. The council charging to collect garden waste is a clear sign we should leave the EU apparently.
  11. Kevin Nicoll's now left, surely a defender is a priority as well as a striker. "Decided today to move on from @ForfarAthletic! It wasn't an easy decision but sometimes a change in personnel doesn't suit everyone."
  12. He can play as a trialist on Saturday but won't be able to sign any contract until January if he is returning because he left Hamilton outside of the transfer window, like Travis and Arbroath last season.
  13. Martin and Rose are unable to play going by Dick's interview in the Dispatch. Nothing said about Black and Allan is now back at Hibs for the moment.
  14. Quite a lot of clumsy people dropping their wallets lately it seems.
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