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  1. Felt we deserved the win but Rovers are probably unfortunate not to have scored late on. Flanagan and Armour were excellent today, I was surprised neither of them were man of the match. Both of them could have had two each if they just placed their shots a couple of inches to the left. Most players put in a good shift today apart from one. Aitken surely can’t start next week. It’s frustrating to watch us build forward only for it to break down because of him. Says it all that Rovers fans at the game wouldn’t have him back either.
  2. Thought we were very unlucky today, Munro and Aitken were our best players. If we didn’t concede the four goals we would be in extra time right now.
  3. Felt we deserved the point today, although Aitken, Docherty and Munro for me were poor again, the latter’s penchant for launching a long ball straight out of play before turning and apologising frustrates me. A harsh sending off for Hutton but as someone else said he should know better than to pull someone back while on a booking. Flanagan looks to be getting better the more match fitness he gets and it was his work that got us the second, albeit thanks to some poor defending. Things look to be turning round under McKinnon slowly but surely, the effort from the team is night and day compared to a few weeks ago. If that was Irvine in charge we would have lost that.
  4. Better this week, although it’s not like the bar could get any lower than last week. Poor defending late on costs us again. Matty is not the answer to any striking problems, twice he was in a great position to be clean through or shoot and both times he makes an arse of it. Pass marks for Marc, Nditi, Dailly, Hutton (although he was lucky to just get booked), Slater, Flanagan and Stef. Ferguson and Armour also looked sharp after coming on, not sure Docherty was the right sub to make at the end. On to Dumbarton and at least Ray will have a full week to work with the squad.
  5. The main thing I want from today is just to see some effort from the squad again. It was obvious some players weren’t behind Irvine so with McKinnon now in charge hopefully they put 100% in.
  6. Confirmation that Harkins has also moved on in the match preview. Good news as he was awful both as a coach and a player.
  7. Lennon doesn’t give me much hope after his recent form before getting the sack with Clyde, McInally seems to be Peterhead for life and I wouldn’t want Weir back. Sheerin likely wouldn’t leave Killie for us. After the last few appointments I don’t particularly trust the board with this appointment but they have to get it spot on here.
  8. I await the news that Gary Harkins has been appointed as the new manager
  9. I have nothing better to do on my lunch break and Irvine seems to think it’s just a slump so I’ve gone through the competitive games since the ‘slump’ started. It is not good reading. In a nutshell, we’ve played 23 games since April 16th, when things went from looking okay in second with a 5-1 win over Annan to where we are now. There’s been 23 games since then and in that time our record is W4 D6 L13. In all honesty the decline started back on Boxing Day but it’s gotten worse since that Annan win.
  10. Confident he is the type to turn around a year’s worth of relegation form? You must be some manager then Gary.
  11. I wouldn’t get your hopes up, they never mention him in those.
  12. Sadly, the highlights for yesterday are up. We must be the only club that makes our editor mute portions of footage.
  13. When the decision was made to start Gary Harkins, you just knew it wasn’t going to end well. Hutton is mostly to blame for that bad pass for the opener, as well as Munro and Docherty towing caravans, but what was Harkins doing? Hutton is trying to play the ball out wide and he stands still in the way so he can’t play that pass, forcing Hutton to make that mistake. Annan could have been more goals ahead before the penalty, which I don’t think was soft. More stupid. McCluskey was very lucky not to be sent off as well for his kick at a player off the ball. Slack defending yet again cost us the third. After that we started to play well? You do this at that start, not at 3-0 down. As for going to a 5-3-2 at that point, oh my god. We got a goal back but it looked more like Fleming was caught off guard by the fact we had a shot. Annan could have had another couple before their fourth if it wasn’t for Marc. Irvine really needs to go now, if we don’t get rid of him it’ll be too late to stop the rot. Another thing that needs to go is the constant insistence that injuries are to blame. The club statement recently said they’re not using injuries as an excuse yet every week it’s mentioned. Even on the tannoy it’s mentioned before the game.
  14. I don’t think Nicoll actually slid that close to the byline, it was close to myself and the skid marks afterwards didn’t go near it. Looking at the footage, the number three is behind Aitken but it’s the keeper I’m not sure about. He looks like he might actually be in front of Aitken when Jack touches the ball. If he is then the decision is right, but it’s still a joke that the linesman didn’t flag when it actually happened instead of waiting until kick off was about to be taken.
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