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  1. My All Time Favourite Saints Player…..loved to watch Billy who as you can guess made a huge impression on me ️
  2. If you stamp on someone and the cameras catch it, get ready for a wee enforced break because you are most probably going to have some time off…….Can’t understand how the 4th Official missed it
  3. OK Conor……..you can sit back down again, same Team as Saturday…
  4. Yep, I was in a rush though, At my age I need to hurry for a piss when required…… I ‘ve given Saints players stick for that shit, can’t stand it, and all Refs do bugger all to stop it. Endemic throughout football now unfortunately. Willie Collum today….
  5. Saw the replay several times and that will be overturned pronto. It was nowhere near an elbow throw. As for Soto going down like he got smacked by Tyson Fury…..C**t. He was playing on the fact Anderson had been falling down more more times than a drunk all game. No foul given for Anderson falling over, more dramatics. Watch the highlights, Livvy got away with the kick on Henderson at the edge of the box. Easy for me , I had the benefit of several replays for all the incidents presided over by that utter Collum.
  6. Naismith the front runner according to the Sportsound reporter at the Livy Saints Match today.
  7. Adams no thanks, another one who has an ego that bears no relation to ability, not forgetting that he is a bona fide bampot. While we are at it with egos, hope Jim Goodwin noticed the big sign that adorns the Dons training facility “Cormack Park” ……….
  8. Dons have Craig Samson on the bench I see there……..when did he he join ???
  9. Ta, thought it looked more than wonky. I don’t use their site much
  10. Matthew Reed’s report for the Beeb on the Match, according to his Points per Player ratings, Jordan Jones was the 2nd worst St.Mirren player…. What the F**k was he watching ???? Even the whining Co-comms on Hibs TV said JJ was a threat for the whole time he was on the park.
  11. We saw the difference in JJ from Tuesday to yesterday, he’s going to be some asset for us.
  12. Did JET come on last night ?? Damn, must have missed that…..
  13. I’ll be surprised if we see another penalty retake this season unless it’s blatantly obvious( unlike last night) Maybe one of Bobby Maddens Referee mates will do one similar to take the heat off him…… Can you imagine this happening against one of “Those Two”……. Me neither.
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