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  1. Saw the Dons a few times last year and they do not play to Stevie’s strengths and the Dons fans around me said the same. A loan might be the restart the lad needs.
  2. He was very close to losing the plot right in front of us last night, not a good sign when you have an important away game coming up. *Hopes Saints get another playing against 10 men boost*
  3. Saw that spectacular of the night sky walking back to my car, absolutely stunning sight.
  4. I get to see the new set up grow on a weekly basis as I drive past it mon-fri on my way to work at Westhill from my digs in Garthdee. Long overdue for a Club of Aberdeens size. Will be a help in recruiting players, same as the Buddies........
  5. Realistic view here, wish we were in your position, at least we have a fighting chance now, which quite frankly looked impossible not so long ago performance wise.
  6. Aye, Div saying on Twitter “Hope you get fit soon” Unlucky for the lad.
  7. I would think it would be his name emblazoned on the Stand which may have Saints fans thinking he refereed more games Thats why I said not just Mr.Bissett.... Myself, I did think we had some poor Refs up here, I still recall being nervous for every game at ICT. I may be wrong but did the SPL/SFA (not sure who runs the refs) not use more local based refs for ICT and RC ???
  8. I am expecting one of the biggest Saints supports to turn up here tomorrow , certainly going by social media there should be. A draw would not be bad but the way we are going and the final push for glory I think we will have enough to grab three points. I must agree with some of the other Saints re Referees at Caley, it may not have looked partisan with some of the decisions to Caley fans but to us ,and to be fair most of the other teams in the League, there was always trepidation coming up for a game as to how Little we would get / how much the home team would get from the Ref. And not just Mr. Bissett..
  9. Last six for Caley reads WLLLDW ,we should be looking to put them away same as pretty much every other team. Same attitude as last night and we’ll be fine. Home game for me as well
  10. You have just made a good night great...bet Lewis Morgan can spell definitely as well..
  11. Your team had a right go at it but were beaten by the league leaders, you need to let it go.........
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