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  1. Hardly on here but disappointed this has taken a week to get to me. I updated the online shop to new software and had to add everything again. It has now been fixed. Basically you were getting charged tax again at checkout. Any other issues let me know. The tops are £45. Merchandise is being added all the time. Thanks. www.montroseclubshop.co.uk
  2. We shall continue to make whoever the Assistant at the time the manager. Because it has worked soooo well for us!
  3. It will get even harder to attract fans back the longer it goes on because they just find another habit to fill their Saturday afternoon's with.
  4. That is the best we can hope for. Right now Mourinho couldn't turn our lot around. Deeper problems at LP.
  5. Stirling went the same way. Not a good trend in my opinion.
  6. I'd say so! Between ourselves and Elgin. Also means we get what we aimed for......the playoffs!
  7. Van Persie has been mentioned but that was by the commentators on the World Cup.
  8. Agree with 99% of what you say, although my support for the club only goes as far back as Henry Hall days. We also need to change our playing surface. Not cheap.
  9. He is an excellent player. Top lad. But if you are relying on him for goals....hmmm. But energy and tenacity, he's your man. He does deserve better and he would be the player I'd miss most at our club if he goes.
  10. According to The Journey So Far.... by Steve Doyle we played in Division 2 for the 1995/96 season. According to Wikipedia Division 3 was formed in 1994. Happy to be corrected by either way it is depressing reading. Any other more learned Mo Fans make the stats less depressing?
  11. It's my understanding that Montrose do pay travel expenses but refuse to do so for further afield players. We had a player from Aberdeen that struggled with mixing his work commitments and training and that being only 40 miles away. When it comes to training and midweek games you have to have an understanding from your boss and real commitment from the players. Sticking hard and fast to this rule is stifling ambition at the club. Again though, who wants to play for a club that's played the vast majority at the wrong end of the bottom division, it's a tough sell. Given our managerial appointment, it is important to excite the fans with a great signing, as mentioned above, but that's not happening either just now. Yet, our club will wonder why season ticket sales are sluggish.
  12. Montrose train in Montrose twice a week. I believe their ideal catchment is Fife to Aberdeen. They also won't pay travel expenses for further afield players. Also, as you say, years at the wrong end of the bottom division doesn't help. There is a lack of ambition and finances at the club with no obvious strategy to get out of this rut we have been in for years. Very frustrating for fans, which are not turning up to Links Park and putting us into a Catch 22 situation where no money through the gate, leads to no investment in the club. Urgh....
  13. Ha.....not a week ago I was told he was signed up for next season. By someone inside the club. Oh well... our transfer policy really is a farce!
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