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  1. Aye I was wan of them. Gave them a right kicking.
  2. Just catching up with this week's. Why does the current world champion need a ticket to get in to the event? Am I missing something.
  3. I bumped loads of these companies back in the day for hundreds each and spent all the money on drink. It's left my credit rating fucked beyond repair but what a fuckin laugh it was. Great bevvy. Would I do it all again - yes, probably.
  4. Load of shite that. Screams diddy mob. Even MLW have a better spot on free sports.
  5. Aye definitely a back 4. The midfield was much flatter than usual cos we needed the wingers to protect our weak full backs (mcniff anyway). Something we should have been doing from the very start.
  6. Just caught up with 205 Live and I don't share others enthusiasm with the antics of Mr Gulak. Similar to my complaints about the Gargano vs Cole match the other week why would you get yourself DQ'd intentionally? If it had led to Lorcan getting eliminated right after him then fine but he was back on his feet in minutes and went on to eliminate Daivari en route to his team winning the match. Makes him look a bit foolish if you ask me.
  7. King Kevin has a certain ring to it.
  8. I'm guessing now Finn disappears for a month or two and comes back as The Demon for a rematch.
  9. Bad night to wear white pants Finn.
  10. Utter crap. They did a DQ finish for the wwe title at Summerslam last year as well. Shouldn't be happening. Footlong skidmarks.
  11. To make people forget about super showdown is about the extent of it I think.
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