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  1. The Wrestling Thread

    As far as I know yes. I'm waiting to be emailed about it then I'll decide what I want to do. Probably because he has decided to continue wrestling he doesn't want to break character too much. Load of pish
  2. The Wrestling Thread

    The Undertaker Q and A is off. He is now only coming over for a meet and greet then fucking off. Mick Foley has been added to the show as his replacement for the interview part. Bummer. Although people who have GA tickets have been offered the chance to upgrade to the photo package with Taker for a mere £160
  3. Played for 3 or more Glasgow clubs

    Man of (too) many clubs John Gemmill is another who has played for Clyde, Thistle and QP.
  4. Played for 3 or more Glasgow clubs

    David Crawford (Goalkeeper) has played for Clyde, Thistle and Queens Park. Tough one. I will try and think of more.
  5. Football and Well-being

    Done, put it in the general nonsense forum if you need a high volume of responses. Full of dicks mind though.
  6. WrestleMania 35

    Is Batista off his tits?
  7. WWE Hall of Fame 2019

    Apart from the obvious I actually thought it was a lot better than recent years.
  8. The Wrestling Thread

    Torries speech surprisingly decent.
  9. The Wrestling Thread

    I think there will be a stunt in the ring at this. Batista on HHH maybe.
  10. Monday Night Raw Live

    Becky Lynch is a sniper for the Ra.
  11. Glasgow Area 5's

  12. WWE Network

    WCW Nitro in 2000 is superb.
  13. WrestleMania 35

    I put a fiver on Rey Mysterio to win the battle royal at 250/1 the other day at a pure hunch. He has since dipped to 7/1 joint favourite. Relapse if that comes in.
  14. Monday Night Raw Live

    Corbin getting Kurt Angles final match at Mania is maybe the shittest thing I've seen in some time. Actually a bit raging at that.
  15. The Wrestling Thread

    Screw you Yak. Suckas gotta know!