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  1. Aye that would still have been for the belt if he cashed in on Orton. Orton had to win that time really. I knew as soon as they announced the Survivor Series thing as well. No way they are doing Roman vs Drew the now.
  2. My bet just says WWE Championship match to go on last so fine by me.
  3. Jeff Jarrett was actual fuckin raging there.
  4. I got a price of 11/4 this morning from Unibet on Drew vs Orton going on last the night. According to the dirt sheets it is. They only let me put 40 quid on it. Odds have now drifted below evens. I will either look very clever or very stupid in a few hours by informing you all.
  5. Anybody else think Darby Allin looked like an absolute fud this week? Goin into a bin bag and rolling doon a hill. Is thet meant to impress folk?
  6. Not the best player as far as League 1 is concerned but still a huge loss in relative terms. Considering what we have sitting just now I would be delighted if we got 8the the coming season.
  7. Aye 65 back from a tenner roughly. Cant complain.
  8. Dows bar at Queen Street on Monday Afternoon. Nobody was giving a f**k. No distancing in place and allowed to wander as you pleased and sit at the bar. Pub pretty busy as well. Added entertainment when some w**k came in and kicked off when told it was a £6 minimum spend on the card machine. Mustve only had £4 in the bank. A few minutes of back and forth obsenetices with various people and he was eventually thrown out. 10/10.
  9. Werdum was a crazy price as well, 11/4. I doubled him with Robert Whittaker so hopefully quids in shortly.
  10. Fantastic from Paul Craig. He has won a few from lying on his arse now.
  11. 😂😂😆 That right aye. Diversity and aw that I suppose.
  12. Just looking for a bite mate. Boredom is killing me the now. I'll away and iron my Clyde top with Goodwillie on the back.
  13. Just shut the thing down. Was a load of shite anyway. Just an excuse for unemployed virgins (ironically) to go out and get pished on a Sunday night and chant a load of nonsense.
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