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  1. I'm working from home for the first time ever on Monday. Somewhat looking forward to it as I don't need to commute and I don't think I will feel anywhere near as much pressure on me when at home (I have a pishy B2B sales job). Negatives include not having the satisfaction of leaving big shites in the work pan for some other fucker to smell and flush and also not getting my regular lunch at the Bon Accord. How.long will this actually last for do we think work wise? I've heard everything from a day to a fucking year.
  2. What is the closest train station to the HMRC in East Kilbride?
  3. I couldn't even get rid of that ticket for free. Now that Clyde are safely out the Scottish cup I can at least buy a ticket for this one with confidence that it wont get binned.
  4. I think they will scrap the tiered payment idea and just go back to the old PPV model tbh. Which is a nightmare for fans obviously but they will make more money off it when the initial uproar settles.
  5. Now reduced to 40 on twickets. Fuckin hell man surely theres a wrestling fan somewhere that's got more than 5p to their name.
  6. I should say Sunday 9th Feb. Nae bites naw? I've posted it on twickets for 50 quid...
  7. Morning all. I've got 1 ticket for the meet and greet and QnA with JR on Sunday 8th Feb starting at 2pm for sale. With the ticket you will get to meet JR and get photos, autographs etc as well as get first entry to the question and answer session which follows. I am not attending due to Clyde Vs Celtic happening at the same time. I paid about 80 quid for this including fees. I am also a realist (and a twat) and I know I am unlikely.tp get as much as that back for it. Any reasonable offers for the ticket give me a shout. It's an e-ticket so I can send you it over or whatever way you want to do it .
  8. I went for an interview for a call centre job through an agency once when I was still on the piss. Got rejected cos I've got a breach of the peace on my criminal record and the guy was a bit of a knob so I pished all over the lift on the way out. Went to another call centre one around the same time and the guy looked at my CV and basically told me I wasn't what they were looking for. So I shat in the lift on the way out.
  9. Did BT show that John Morrison segment? I totally missed it if they did. Only knew it happened when Cole mentioned it at the start of the main event.
  10. Aye I was wan of them. Gave them a right kicking.
  11. Just catching up with this week's. Why does the current world champion need a ticket to get in to the event? Am I missing something.
  12. I bumped loads of these companies back in the day for hundreds each and spent all the money on drink. It's left my credit rating fucked beyond repair but what a fuckin laugh it was. Great bevvy. Would I do it all again - yes, probably.
  13. Load of shite that. Screams diddy mob. Even MLW have a better spot on free sports.
  14. Aye definitely a back 4. The midfield was much flatter than usual cos we needed the wingers to protect our weak full backs (mcniff anyway). Something we should have been doing from the very start.
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