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  1. Who was the coach that worked with Jose Mourinho for a while that looked like an owl? Discussion about him at work today. Apparently there was memes aw over the place years ago. We cant remember his name or any trace of his existence.
  2. Sounds like Drews necks fucked. I was thinking after the house show in Glasgow that he was wrestling a very physical match considering it was a throwaway house show. Seemingly been going at that pace twice a night all year. Injury waiting to happen.
  3. Watch him put the belt on Will Hobbs now just to prove a point.
  4. As is Jim Ross "This is not good booking here"
  5. Dont think theres much they can do. The content isn't the same, as long as the network doesnt show live Raw and Smackdown which it doesnt anyway. The reason Sky dropped WWE in the first place was because they were pissed off at signing a huge deal that included PPVs which in turn no one bought from them as they were on the Network.
  6. Juat noticed Peacock has popped up on Sky Q. No extra cost to subscribers which is decent. No WWE on it yet but I dare say its forthcomimg.
  7. Kalisto debuting tonight in a tag match against FTR.
  8. He was half cut a few times towards the end of his WWE run. Looked worse for wear once or twice recently as well although you could easily think that was his demeanour I suppose. Ive always had a feeling about him in that regard. As an alki myself I get a hunch. He will be back better than ever I am confident. As long as he takes rehab seriously and doesnt come out of it thinking he can go back to being a moderate drinker.
  9. Its the one wrestling product I havent really followed so Im not sure what led to its downfall. I did watch that MSG show a few years ago and didnt think it was up to much. Bully Ray seems to be copping a lot of the flack on twitter. Whats the story there? I know he got a lot of heat a while ago for intimidating a fan.
  10. 2022 PPV schedule is out. Summerslam is not here but the venue for a PPV on September 3rd/4th is unannounced so hopefully were getting that.
  11. Aye i remmeber that fight. They never had the tickets out till last minute either and it affected the crowd big time. Hes deluded himself thinkin he will sell out the hydro. As ye say hes needin to boost. Must be something better out there for him. He would mop the floor with gervonta davis as well. Crawford would be close.
  12. Fuckin knew it. That Josh Taylor fight was never happening in December or theyd have had tickets out long ago. February 26th now apparently.
  13. Aye was a great house show. Some atmosphere. My only concern is the house was pish. I reckon there was only around 7k there. Obviously the ones that were there created a great crowd but the full back section was shut off and there were plenry of empties in the 2nd tier as well. Maybe wont look good if they ever do get round to looking at a UK PPV in these parts.
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