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  1. He's now an Independent Financial Advisor. Not sure what he did before but I thought he was involved with the Dons in some Business Development capacity.
  2. Thanks to The Rangers for our share of the gate receipts. Should see us right for a few years if we don't squander it. That's about all we can take from this in truth. Admittedly outplayed all over the park. You've got better footballers, but your kit is honking and your players haircuts are appalling* *disclaimer, I'm well aware how unpresentable Ryan Stevenson and Jamie Hamill are.
  3. Bostock is a waster. A bit of talent there for sure but a terrible attitude and known to down tools when things aren't going his way. He'll do an impressive Michael Jackson impersonation in front of his new team mates if he does sign though.
  4. Links Park has been a happy hunting ground for us over the years, but realistically if we can avoid defeat and take a solid point back home it wouldn't be so bad. The type of fixture where a 2-0 win either way wouldn't come as that much of a surprise though. 1-1 with stonewall penalties not given at either end.
  5. I dunno like. A straight oot the catalogue number like the Stranraer one looks better imo
  6. Where I made my debut in 1995. Halcyon days. Thanks for the memories.
  7. Much snow in Arbroath at the moment? The forecast seems to suggest temperatures will rise come the weekend.
  8. The U20's started back this week at Aberdeen but no signs of him in their training sessions.
  9. Kyle Turner joining from Stranraer rumoured to be a done deal. Hopefully with him either being loaned back for a season or a fair development fee being received.
  10. Would Tony Docherty fancy a crack at the managers job, or a certainty to follow DM to Sunderland as assistant?
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