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  1. He'd get a game at right back for us this season, that's for sure.
  2. Whereabouts? It's the girlfriends' birthday tomorrow.
  3. Don't think he's saying we still might get him, only that he probably was the striker we were gunning for.
  4. Unfortunately for Accies, he needs good players around him so teams simply don't just mark him out the game. He can't do anything on his own.
  5. Big shout that, they've done nothing to even match McGlynn & Smith so far. Lets hope you're right though
  6. First time seeing us this season. Positives - centre half isn't the problem Negatives - fullbacks are the problem We seem to huff and puff a lot, the build-up play is a bit too tippy-tappy and too many players are occupying similar spaces. Then we go long to Gullan and it kind of breaks down. We need a more defined formation with players in their best position. Unfortunately we have a gazillion players who all like to play in the same 40 yard area of the pitch. We need a striker. We don't have a good one. This is a huge issue and along with our hesitant fullbacks, will cause us to be also-rans this season. It's not inspiring, obviously, and we're very workmanlike at the moment. Let's hope for better when Spencer and Lang get back in the team. Also, Ngwenya has to start ahead of Liam Dick. Millen we're stuck with.
  7. What an odd thing to say. We have quite a few players on 2-3 year deals - Gullan/Ross/Stanton wouldn't have came for buttons - as well as splaffing a big sum of cash on you-know-who. Berra would easily have been on over a grand a week too. There's nothing wrong with what's been happening at the ground, it's entirely separate from the playing budget and most probably well on the way to being self-sufficient. The new hingmy behind the North Stand will help with this. I think our mostly inaction at signing players is down to a lack of options. We haven't really "lost out" on players as such, just haven't been in for many. Although imbalanced, we have 18 first team players and some younger fillers. I don't think our budget has been spent (unless I've missed something from Murray saying it has) so hopefully a centre half to come before September 1st.
  8. Would I rather a draw after being 4-0 down or 4-0 up?
  9. Wow. A player that's not a defender has to be REALLY bad or unlucky to be responsible for even 3 goals over a season. Even Ross fukn Perry only managed about that. Let's take a midfielder - Alan Walker - he gave the ball away loads during his time with us, you think he was responsible for more goals conceded than he created and scored for us? Of course not. I'm willing to bet you Easton will grab more goals and/or assists than 3
  10. Graham Weir scored a perfect hat-trick for us v QP at Hampden. More remarkably, Chris Silvestro managed to get up the park and score that day too.
  11. Excellent summation, Dunning, on the state of play so far.
  12. Livingston Forum 1991. All-night rave. Getting towards that tricky 5am shift when the come down is circulating. DJ sticks on Last Train to Trancentral and the place goes WILD It's a home run all the way to 8am after that. Never forget it. Barnstorming tune. edit - the film was excellent btw.
  13. Not even with McGowan's "extensive" commercial contacts?!
  14. If people on here are seriously saying we can get better than Poplatnik, then by Christ we can get better than Mousonda.
  15. We have a million midfielders with the same playing style to Poplatnik so I think we need something different up top. I like him but he's just too similar to the supply line, if you know what I mean. Even Man City have realised they need a big brut (or Braut) up front. Yes, I've compared us to Man City.
  16. He's let 2 serviceable centre backs go without much of a fight to keep; we ain't bringing 2 in. 1 on loan maybe.
  17. Rather have Brody Paterson than Macdonald back. He'll be off to a P/T team anyway.
  18. I think our sitting midfielders are going to be very important for us this season as unless we get a loanee in, we WILL be going with Berra/Dick until Lang is back . Much like last season, one of our full backs will also sit back a little, though it'll be the right hand side this time with Millen, IF we sign Brody Paterson. So Dick will cover the left channel as teams counter-attack us with effectively 3 centre halves and 2 sitting midfielders. Mibbes
  19. They'll be wishing they left their "cool" in their pod and headed to the Other Stage to see PSB smashing it.
  20. Please, Actually, Disco & Introspective were excellent albums it must be said
  21. Spotted him behind the projection curtain
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