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  1. I wouldn't know how to interoperate at all! I'm guessing you're fine with me being pedantic there...
  2. Any person would read that as BA meaning Nisbet has gone on to score goals in the top flight (and Shankland to do both), not quite sure why you haven't?
  3. That's what we want, someone to shovel the shite out the way for our marauding midfielders to pile in on goal!
  4. Sad to see him go (again). Hopefully means we'll be getting someone in on loan soon.
  5. Bet you were one of the perma-ragers outside after that game. Let it go
  6. The best bit? He didn't support any football team growing up. Fantastic and soooo Regan Hendry!
  7. But you don't pay as close attention to other teams though do you? There could well be numerous hamstring strains, both left AND right
  8. Guess you didn't see the home defeat by Dumbarton last season? If we don't get a loan player for that position, then other than Davo, Grant Anderson will play there. I'm rat-arsed of course tho not so much that I'd consider Nando as a valid shout
  9. Never in the field of Fitba' was so much written by so many to such mediocrity.
  10. Use duckduckgo No stoopid ads
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