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  1. Another half each for Duku & Ugwu I suspect
  2. Wish I was able to do hospitality today. "More jelly &ice cream please waiter!"
  3. "Wherever I lay my 2 hats, that's my hooooooooooome"
  4. Think Armstrong & Tait are both on 4 inc. cup games I think? Dunno if the threshold is less in this shortened season or not.
  5. Some fans are really intent on eking out a scapegoat from this superb team we have. Mendy, Loko have both scored despite almost always being a substitute this season. They're contributing. This call for Ugwu is fast becoming of "get the Spanish boy oan!" proportions
  6. The player we all knew came out in Spurs 3rd goal when he couldn't even control the ball and lost possession leading to Kane scoring.
  7. Jeez! Is games like that not why we wanted promotion so badly? We have nothing to fear from anybody
  8. You mean Ugwu? Getting your U's in a twist. I'm fine with persevering with Lokotsch, he just needs minutes.
  9. Keeps the points column ticking over. Good enough for me
  10. Oh aye that pass back from 25 yards. What was the other? McDonald's shot from distance tipped round the post
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