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  1. Maybe not deliberate but even I said penalty straight away at the time. His body shape was all wrong to try and head it away
  2. What's the problem with the officials? 2 clear as day penalties
  3. Davo was fine today, the ball hit his arm. He didn't mean it to. It happens.
  4. People seriously think a professional fitba player would have such thin skin that he'd take the rest of the season off? Or that an experienced manager would shield him by removing him from the squad? The abuse - whilst sad - has been nothing compared to what other players have received down the years. Leave the guy alone to whatever it is that is troubling him.
  5. I'll take a point as long as there's no season-ending injuries to report
  6. Mcglynn says priorities may have changed re Anderson's injury so I'd be inclined to say the 2 players would be Sutherland and a defender. Callachan was probably on the radar but we need defensive cover more now as what we have can't be trusted not to get sent off again.
  7. A lot of teams (yourselves included) play good football in this league, some just slightly more clinically than others. I thought peterhead changing tactics to shelling it to Rory when he came on was the wrong call.
  8. Shocking challenge from Davo, fucking boo! Etc etc Wait....who?!
  9. Matthews doesn't have the history Davo has of senseless red cards Equally, there was a fan couple of rows in front of me that gave Davo a standing ovation upon getting sent off last Saturday. The very same fan boo'd Allen coming onto the park Mentalist
  10. Fucking hell, the state of this. You want Davo to stay so he can help team by NOT playing? So we can get clean sheets without him?
  11. Great Post mate. Totally agree with you. Those long throws aren't really that long, fast enough or accurate though are they? Not one created any proper openings I thought
  12. Not quite. We've had 4 clean sheets with Anderson have we not? 5 in the whole of last season (though we will assume we will end up with more this season). Season before we had 14 clean sheets and I'm not gonna admit we'll reach that figure this season. You're right - Mcdonald is a better left back but that wasn't my point. We are 4 goals better off in the conceded column than last season after 15 games but 4 goals worse off than the season before so to me that shows we're no better at this stage than the median over the seasons with Murray in defence. Murray scored 7 league goals over last 2 seasons - not too bad.
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