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  1. Indeed, Dumbarton alone beat us more times than the efforts of Falkirk Airdrie Montrose and East Fife combined.
  2. Lol at Inverness Caley. Will they EVER beat us?!!!
  3. I would've said Willie McNaught but he played 5 games for Brechin. Damn! Did Andy Leigh play for anyone else?
  4. Still got that top and more remarkably, it still fits ! Loving these Inverness skelpings. Our bitches
  5. Is that Brian Wake at #10? I'm no Morton expert but would Warren Hawke not be a better shout?
  6. Definitely use Lang, he was excellent when he got a run in the Clyde team. Very composed and doesnt get bullied off the ball too often.
  7. I remember David Craig's goal in that Ayr game. Proof beyond doubt that ex players ALWAYS come back to haunt us when a centre half strolls up the pitch and top bins it.
  8. Jealous as f**k with that home top. We could have had something similar. Not such a fan of the away one though. Some great strips in this division.
  9. That's because he liked to get the ball down on the carpet, so he did!
  10. Beith only needed 175 fans to each pay £20. That gets them 4 tickets and that's the 700. Don't see how you can't get your head around it at all. Think our fans have maybe hit peak giving now, we've all shelled out a fair amount these last 3 months
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