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  1. Attitude problem going by his reaction on the 4th goal? Behave yourself! He is probably just gagging to score for the club hence why he was brought to the club to score goals which unfortunately for him at the moment hasn't happened.
  2. A know sort it out Clyde! get the highlights up,Quick enough to post highlights when you came from 2-0 down to draw with us last time.
  3. That the boy from the Stroma?Good Curry he does like.
  4. Was just away to comment he was nowhere near offside for your goal just watched it back their.
  5. f**k that Ross is just as important as SP for me,they can take big Tony instead ha ha.
  6. The only job SP wants is Arbroath Football Club...Well so some Arbroath fan's seem to think!!
  7. Watched the game through the stream pretty good quality and the commentary team were a good bunch praised Montrose a fair bit. As for the game the goal we lost was pretty sloppy not a clue where the guy came from or who was meant to be marking him.Good to get a deserved draw in the end and not lose the match.Queens are a good team big centre half at the back strolled it right good player,MOTM for me though was Cammy F Ballantyne strolled it in the middle of the park.
  8. Decent performance today but didn't think we were at our best especially in the first half rode our luck a bit which was expected.Second half would say we were the better of the 2 sides up until last 10 minutes we sat back and invited the pressure on us,CJ put in a great shift and felt a bit sorry for him in the end when Falkirk had more of the possession near the end he was running all over the place tryin to force them into a mistake.Clear foul from McKay which the ref waved play on and they go up and make it 2-2.
  9. This....Missed a poacher since Templeman left never had no one like him.
  10. I'd be very surprised if John Mcglynn said to SP right you can have him but he is crocked,other way about too SP wouldn't touch him if he didn't think he was fit enough to play.Must be 90% fit just not getting the game time he needs/wants.
  11. That's my only concern with this signing,he plays well and bangs them in and Jan you lads take him back and we are back searching again....Will worry about January though.
  12. This potentially has the making of being a very good signing for Montrose Fc....Fingers crossed.
  13. Both teams need a win so should be a good game,hopefully the Mo can nick a win we are due a win over you lot at LP.Fingers crossed we have a striker on board before Saturday if we don't the game could go either way.
  14. Must admit a thought Boyd for you lot was good on Saturday.Never really rated him at Peterhead and East Fife whenever I saw him play.
  15. 12 days to get a striker on board end of chat.
  16. Looking forward to this,if we can play like we did last week I'm confident we can get a positive result.Still concern's me a bit where we will get goals from Webby is on a fantastic run be we really need our front players scoring.A hope if CJ starts he gets a goal and some confidence in him,good player so he is just has to be a bit more clinical and more greedy in the penalty box his effort you can't fault he would run all day for the team.
  17. Yeah have to admit the second yellow for Yule was quite harsh.Would have liked to have seen Kerr challenge again on Megginson and the incident with Scott Ross.
  18. First half in my opinion Montrose shaded it,one chalked offside...Probably the correct decision.Cove near the end of the first half did have more of the ball but nothing really clear cut.Scott Ross was pretty lucky not to see red in my opinion Webby spinned him and it was pretty cynical foul with an elbow to the face no need at all.He was the weak link at the back for Cove along with Neil but we don't have the strikers at the minute to punish them which is frustrating. Second half McAllister scores a decent goal and Cove were on top for a fair bit until we scored which was a clear pen no complaints.Last 15 was pretty frustrating taking short corners when we should just be getting the ball in the box and not enough shots for my liking we sometimes try and pass the ball into the net.Not a bad point to get today be teams that leave their with nothing. Cove for being a new stadium baffles me could have don't alot better i.e more shelter and more seats.
  19. Looking forward to this one should be a decent game.Could go either way,would say we have a better defence but Cove much better than us up top I.e Megginson....Let battle commence.
  20. Cheers! Aye still no striker in on loan which is worrying a bit just have to wait and see.
  21. Can you still pay at the gate on Saturday for the game? A noticed their was a Tweet out saying to buy a ticket beforehand but a take it you can still just pay on the day too?
  22. Get Rangers strip on that statue and its Terry Hurlock
  23. Will keep the Wellington in mind...Thanks.Should be a good game indeed would say you have the best attacking options in the league for sure everyone would love a Megginson in their team. As for us getting a striker in on loan not heard to much tbh..Ruth been mentioned but not sure if it will happen.Sp is a great manager very lucky to have him at the club same with Ross Campbell he is highly rated aswell.
  24. Is their a bar at the ground or where is the nearest place for a refreshment? Should be a cracker next week indeed looking forward to it, hopefully we can bring a striker in on loan by that time aswell.
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