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  1. Aye very good player be delighted if we can sign him up again. If he was to sign for Arbroath I'd imagine we would go for JT good player and think he works with Ross Campbell at Oriam.
  2. Savoury was good aswell to be fair a think he was ex Celtic so good Pedigree.Scott Brown a very good footballer would love to see him at Montrose if he was to leave Peterhead.
  3. Don't know much about the kid to be honest is he any good? I would think we will sign an experienced keeper to push Lennox.Sp is not afraid to drop the keeper as we have seen in past season's both Goalkeeper normally get their fair share of games over the season.
  4. Allan Fleming confirmed as left the club, correct decision if you ask me been a good servant but time for a new keeper to push Lennox all the way.
  5. Watched Antell play plenty a few years ago just my opinion really didn't think he was up too much.Also if he was that good he wouldn't be signing for a Lowland league team? Wouldn't read too much into Cowdenbeath finishing bottom most player's play better with better player's around them.Pretty sure when you lads finished 2nd bottom of league 2 theirs still a few players in your squad now.
  6. Don't know much about him to be fair,I'd imagine he is way better than Antell.
  7. Cammy Gill on his way to you lot I've been told back up to Gaston.
  8. A would hope so anyway can't see him going if I'm honest.Our Assistant Ross Campbell(Dick son)is Managing Director at Oriam Scotland no way he is leaving that role for the Managerial merry go round either so if he was to get the job he would need to find new personal to help.SP comes across as a quite clued up man a don't think he would just take a job if everything wasn't in place i.e who he wanted to bring in with him to help.Dont get me wrong he would have contacts and easy get a number two in to help but would it be his first choice probably not and Ross Campbell is just as good as SP in my opinion and what I've heard he does at LP. Their is no way DC is going not a chance in hell.
  9. Stewart Petrie is under contract till summer 2025 if he was to go need to be some serious cash put up.I can't see it happening he loves the Mo and has a good job with bank, part-time football suits him right now could be different in years to come. Dick Campbell can't see it either to be honest built Arbroath up why would he walk away from it now?
  10. Yeah your probably right,think I read somewhere he would like to go full time again.
  11. Scott Brown signing up with you lads for another year? Good player so he is would take him at LP in a heartbeat.
  12. Heard us and Forfar linked with him,just have to wait and see I suppose.Always thought he was a cracking player at Forfar.
  13. You lads think Hilson will stay?No sure if we are after him but a player I'd like to see at LP
  14. For me he should have maybe tweeted something along the lines of GIRFUY the fans that were shouting stuff at me,just think he could have Tweeted it better.If I was an ex team Mate and seen that last night from a guy who was in the team earlier in the season be a bit miffed off. Anyway enjoy League 2
  15. Have to admit the whole Rico fiasco with his Tweets last night laughing at Airdrie pretty embarrassing.Was that not his team mates a few months ago?
  16. You would have needed a good drink after Friday....Glad you enjoyed
  17. May the best team win today,have to say a bit gutted we are not playing today 1.10 kick off cracking day and would have been at home.....Sunday sesh wouid have been great!
  18. The Demise of Berwick Rangers Football club.This clown is still hurting from the 7-0 pumping over two legs from Cove Rangers to send them down.
  19. @1320Lichtie on the booze? Been very quiet from him since Friday.
  20. Dundee Utd fan raging replying to every comment....Things you love to see clearly still raging from the bottle job last night.
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