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  1. [emoji123][emoji123][emoji123][emoji109][emoji109][emoji109][emoji109]
  2. Hope this thread is better than the last one [emoji41][emoji41][emoji41][emoji41]
  3. Reports I heard nothing like a 2 year deal.Not started a game since October and looks overweight big time in my opinion a gamble.
  4. See how it pans out just think it's a bit of a gamble tbh.
  5. Led to believe we were after Doris,must have been downto money in the end.What I would say is I don't think Sp would have offered him an 18 month deal too much of a risk.Good player on his day but has been Injured a fair amount over the years.
  6. The wee lad top right....Quality! What fitba is all about
  7. Don't know a thing or would say bud.Wouldn't like to see you guys go into the highland league so hope you can beat the drop.
  8. Has their been anyone else mentioned that you guys are meant to be after?
  9. Sir Michael Bolochoweckyj according to some clyde fans he was past it and would get sent off every week.Bolo came in and did a steady job for us proper old fashioned nonsense centre half.
  10. Brechin are doomed if they don't get their finger out and get a few decent signings in.
  11. So basically he is away again....Shock!
  12. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  13. Mick his "da" and Ross all in a 3 man Dunlop defence to steer Brechin to safety.
  14. You have seen him a lot more than me but you don't become a bad player over night.A loan spell at us would be ideal to see how he is in a league below.Mark Mcguigan another fine example we were both in for him a while back you would be lucky if he has 5 goals this season for Stenny in league 2.
  15. I would take a punt on Spence if he came available.
  16. You think both Doris and Spence will leave in this window or just the 1?
  17. Local paper confirms no concrete offer made for Blair yet.
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