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  1. When is the draw for the next round?
  2. Is that right? What has happened over the last couple years?
  3. A think Peterhead and Jim Mac to be fair needs a change of scenery.
  4. How many times have you actually seen Scott Allan play? Your comment is just bizzare you mention TOB who you have seen play for many a year and your entitled to think he has been a great player for AFC.But with Scott Allan am not sure how you can say say the same?The guy has hardly kicked a ball since he was at Hibs?You a regular at Easter road back then?
  5. Just a very bizzare comment in my opinion.If he had played a good amount of games for you and was absolutely brilliant then yeah you could come away with a comment like that.But your not telling me the amount of years you have supported AFC he is one of the best? Could turn out to be but he ain't done anything yet to merit that comment.
  6. Scott Allan? One Best player you have ever seen play for you lot? Played 3 games has he not?
  7. Looking forward to this one! Airdrie last season were a right good team and very unlucky not to go up a league.Normally a right close game between the sides and I can see Saturday being the same. We are playing pretty well at the moment but I still feel their is more to come from this side.We have a striker now who can hopefully get us 15-20 goals something we lacked last year.Rory will be a miss Saturday but the young lad on loan from Ross County has been playing away fine and we still have CJ who can caus problems.The biggest improvement so far this season for me is at the back where we look a good unit,New goalkeeper has come in and is playing really well and you have Kerr Waddell and Dillon playing well together, Waddell in particular big strong lad who is commanding in the air a bit like Fordyce for you lot. Be a good game and hopefully we can carry on our good form and get a win.
  8. "Amazing insight" wouldn't say that at all.Anything I've said has come from the smokie terracing on Saturday like Ricky Little no being happy,1320 has backed that up saying he has heard similar. King Stewart Petrie is doing just fine has a contract till the summer of 2025.
  9. Am just posting what a couple fans were telling me Saturday at the game!!
  10. A good few after they found out what "Marquee" signing Scot Alan was getting paid.
  11. Been at you boys for a while now,fair play to him for sticking it out helluva lot travelling for him.
  12. Kerr Waddell signed up till the summer of 2025.... Excellent work from the club.
  13. Pleasure to watch is Rory still a top player will bang in 15-20 goals for us this season no problem.
  14. Yeah a think your spot on with that.Big miss V Airdrie but we still have CJ who will probably get the nod with the young County lad up top next week.
  15. You think he has lost the dressing room? Lad I was speaking to at the game was saying DC and JT had to be pulled apart major rammy in the dressing room and some players no happy the way DC was telling them at training that everything had to go through Scott Alan or something like that a think he was trying to say.
  16. Took in the Arbroath game yesterday PT clearly the better team after the sending off,but what baffled me the most was some of the shouts at the end from the Smokies.One guy was going off his dinger at the end shouting at DC and clearly unimpressed with the season so far he then came away with some bizzare comment saying this is going to like "Forfar all over again" as he was walking away with his pals a was pissing myself laughing at that comment.
  17. Great start to the season so far not conceding many(2) and have a genuine threat up top this season.COYM
  18. Montrose need a RB would hope we make JT an offer.Happened their?
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