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  1. Michael Doyle was piss poor when Montrose played Falkirk last year be a good signing for league 2 though a would think.
  2. Morrisey222 been back aloud in the library for computer time after lockdown.....What a guy this man is for an exclusive!
  3. Good player on his day with an absolute wand of a left foot....Very frustrating aswell!Be interesting to see how this pans out.....
  4. Cammy was a class act at Montrose when he played,good on the ball and can pick a pass.Im not quite sure if he is ready for you right now another loan stint in league 1 or the championship would do him good,but definitely one for the future a right good player he could turn out to be.
  5. I would take a gamble on Connor Coupe looked quite good anytime I have saw him.
  6. Sir Sean Dillon 36 also not captain but still every bit as good as when signed him 2-3 years ago.
  7. We have been after him a for a long time going back to your game against Aberdeen,was told their was an offer on the table from Montrose around about then but chose to stay and sign a new deal.East Kilbride is a fair commute to angus right enough be easier staying local just have to wait and see what happens.
  8. I do ha ha,not sure about the rest.He would be a class signing.
  9. Great lad Davie Larter montrose man through and through.
  10. You lads have a few strikers now,must be one or two moving on?
  11. Yip. Suits them this year but not 5year ago against a very poor montrose team and possibly even threw away , sorry 2 nil first leg lead And look at us now what a turnaround!😉
  12. Pie sales will rocket up again with Doris in the team,interesting to see what sort of shape he comes back in.
  13. Might be a while away before we see any players arriving at Links park due to the current situation and to be quite honest we only need about 3-4 max with the squad from last season signing up again.Who would you like to see Montrose sign in the coming weeks?For me another striker,winger and a centre midfielder is what I think they need. Striker Mark Mcguigan from Stenny id like to see us make a move for again,under contract till 2021 so possibly a stumbling block.We tried to sign him before and sp does seem to persist even if they say no first time around i.e Lewis Hawke and Russel Mclean spring to mind.Good player on his day big and powerful sort of striker a think we need. Midfield Paul Paton recently released from the pars,a think he would be a good addition if he was willing to step down a league,Good battler in the middle of the park would bring good experience to the squad.A would think their would be a few clubs after his signature and wouldn't be surprised if he ended up at Queens Park the way their signings are going and having previously played for them. Winger A wouldn't say he is a winger but could fill in their but noticed Chris Antoniazzi was released from Aberdeen last week,he would be a good addition especially after having another season in league 2 with Cove.Really talented player on his day but can be frustrating at times but a top player when he is on his game.Wouldnt be surprised if he ended up back at Cove or even Petrhead.Another winger I did like was Connor Coupe at Forfar no idea if he has signed a new deal or not but always thought he was fast and direct anytime against Montrose good player on his day also. Just my opinion on a couple players id like to see.....
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