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  1. Eric Dickie to save the day when Wilson gets punted....SOS Dickie
  2. Get yourself to the beach end,step ladder will go up their no problem.
  3. Heard Chris Mochrie is coming to Montrose on loan....Any Good?
  4. Signing news soon player on loan...🖊🖊🖊
  5. Saturday should have been,old firm in the morning....Pints,down to LP for the opening league game...more pints after the game!What a bloody year,cant say I'm too excited about Saturday to be honest not really digging this watching my team from an ipad but just have to get on with it.👎👎👎
  6. Forget all about Travis aswell he will be a big miss for you lot.Doris not featured either?MUst be a concern what's up with him?
  7. Nothing worse than a big name signing coming in and getting injured long term.
  8. Forfar just sign anyone and everyone,many is that they have signed?
  9. First half played away okay and unlucky to be 2-1 down.Second half not really at the races and arbroath were the better team,camera angles etc weren't great to watch the game but better than nothing and ill get my £10 back so no loss their.
  10. I have to agree with you. Your paying for a service not making a donation. Nailed it on the head their paying for a service we are not receiving.Shoukd get a refund but will be surprised if we do.287 people live which is good going but f**k me that's a hard watch.
  11. Derby day....Should be getting ready to get on the train for a sesh before the game....COVID🤬🤬🤬🤬
  12. Fitness levels looked good for the Mo very encouraging performance over the 90 mins no new players and a settled squad from last year.Streaming was not too bad aswell,a few things to brush up on but over the piece it was fine.
  13. Brechin with another decent addition...👍👍👍
  14. Left footed winger would be ideal....No had one of them in a while.
  15. Hopefully pull something out the bag next couple days,wouldn't surprise me if it's a championship team we get a player from.After a vote their the only division doing 3 subs instead of 5 maybe looking to ship some players out on loan now if they can't make the bench
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