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  1. What's the chance of us actually getting to London? Their is no way in hell they will want thousands of scots down their all mingling together surely.A know its a few months away yet but cant see us getting. Hope I'm wrong as already booked accommodation etc
  2. You boys have signed a midfielder from Rangers Ben williamson
  3. Excellent news cracking wee player so he is.Big future ahead of him if he keeps progressing the way he is.
  4. not seen any yet,to be honest their wasn't much doing the whole 90mins.
  5. BTU Given up on Berwick Rangers Football club?
  6. Hopefully his name on the side as well surely😀
  7. Draw was a fair result in the end,peterhead were the better team first half then us jn the second not a bad point at all.
  8. Time will tell....But it ain't looking good for sure.
  9. Quality....But its Stewart not Stuart...Good effort though.
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