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  1. Some salty fife sons tears.... Excellent
  2. Am sure you have changed your profile picture to have a laugh at Montrose also in the past?
  3. It's all went down hill since big Rusty joined you lads
  4. With 7 games to go we are still in the hunt for the top 4 spots but a think we will just come short this year.Been a bit of a stop start season if you ask me we have never really got going and League 1 probably the strongest we have had it since stepping up. Looking at the squad yesterday we are not far away and we have a good bunch of players at the club and we will be stronger next year.The young lad in goals clearly has potential but I'd still like us to bring in another keeper and more than happy to have him as back up,as for Lennox a think his time is up at the club.Right back area has been addressed already with Ryan Williamson been signed up on a pre-contract which is clearly what we need.Centre half wise unless we lose one all is fine,Mr reliable at LB Andrew Steeves still signed up so we are all good their.Centre midfield is where we really need to strengthen in my opinion been all over the place this year and clearly need some quality brought in.Think Mark Whatley could be away,same with maybe even Lewis Milne can't see him being at the club next year.Paul Watson great servant and has Testimonial coming up but a think his time is up at the club aswell. Up top we have Rory Mac and CJ left another striker in and we are good to go.Honestly think we will see the best of Rory next year looks a frustrated player on the park at the moment and maybe trying a bit too hard to get that final goal but he still has bags of quality.Hoping CJ signs a new contract been getting better every year and off field problems probably affected his game this campaign. Think Craig Brown will come onto a game next year and like the look off the new Brazilian guy looks to have something about him.We are not far away from competing again and a few tweaks in the squad and we will be back up their...COYM
  5. First of all Congratulations 100% won the league now 1 loss all season is great going...Well Deserved. As for the game a think we huffed and puffed a bit without causing the pars too much problems.The second half was more like what we can play like but never really got going in full swing,subs mmm made an impact which was good to see.
  6. Enjoy your day in the Mo Pars fans. Am pretty sure you will go on and win the league and rightly so but a think we might get a result today....
  7. Very good player!!!But does he really have 5 years left in the tank?
  8. Well done Falkirk brilliant achievement
  9. You would think with KH telling the police "I know what you are here for"when they raided his home would be enough to convict him.Plus the fact he was going to entertain his pals he might get booked V Hibs.The biggest farce of it all his him saying he is an "Aggressive player" just lie after lie. But well done to him and his pals played a blinder indeed.
  10. Dodged a bullet their Kane!! Sums up the justice system in this country,he admits to the crime and nothing happens.
  11. Aye it doesn't look good for the lad, basically admits to it to the police but then his pals are still saying not guilty....Weird Behaviour
  12. Ah I see never heard anything either and certainly not been anything in the paper.
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