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  1. Aaron Lennox fills me with no confidence at all,much prefer Fleming in the sticks i thought he would turn out to be a decent keeper for us but its just no happened and its time for him to leave at the end of the season unfortunately.
  2. Massive game today 3 points very much needed for both sides.Would have been a cracker to attend,big crowd and a nice day to have a few pints....If only!
  3. Jim Weir does get some stick from teams he has managed,one thing for sure he had an eye for a player and a good loan.
  4. What if Stephen Glass wants his own people in? Who to say he has a job at Aberdeen next year.
  5. Its like Ken Feguson already knows the outcome of April 19th decision and is thinking im outta here before the news gets dropped. Have to admit doesn't sit well me if they do change the rules and their is no play off.If that is the case they surely have to scrap Play off game from now on and if you finish 10th then so be it,if you want to get into the league get voted in like years ago.
  6. Be the usual name pop up Barry Robson is always one same with Alec cleland.
  7. Just a wee reminder how far we have come in a short space of time and how things can change very quickly.
  8. I wouldn't rush getting a manager at the minute to take over the next 7-8 games.Board might think get someone in quick and it might turn the season around and you boys stay up but i can't see it if I'm honest.Better of taking your time and getting the right appointment rather than rushing it.
  9. Just do a Brechin and give the job to one of your senior players on a 3 year contract...😲 Joking aside Forfar need to get their act together with this next appointment and get a manager in that can turn the club around,51 players in 18 months that is some stat indeed ridiculous for Malcolm to even be allowed to get that many in.As for potential managers Forfar could look at Ross Campbel he l would be an excellent appointment worked wonders under Sp and is a very good coach so am told,I hope it doesn't happen as he is a great asset to Montrose.Paul sheerin whats he up to getting kept with Stephen Glass new regime?
  10. A take it he is a firm favorite with yourself Moonster?
  11. Any sort of win tonight for the Mo will do be a tough game if Dumbarton play like they did on Saturday against Aberdeen.2 wins on the bounce for Montrose and confidence must be good so here is hoping for 3 points.Big lad up front on Saturday for Dumbarton had a good game,he will be one to watch had an excellent game.
  12. You boys wanting CJ and Liam on loan from the Mo to get you out this sticky wicket?
  13. Sp will get Antoniazzi playing again,not worked out for him at Forfar for whatever reason.Top player on his day with an absolute wand of a left peg,look forward to seeing him back in a Mo shirt.
  14. Great team performance tonight dominated from start to finish!
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