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  1. No be getting that much for being full time at ICT I'd imagine?
  2. Dundee lad near the end of his career but the maroon pound wasn't good enough.
  3. Michael Gardyne knocks back the smokies for ICT thought you boys had a head of cash?
  4. Last club was Ac Monza cracking striker for League 1 standard Lennon has pulled a cracker hereπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
  5. As it stands we have CJ and Rennie who can play striker.Both players are decent enough but I'd think sp would be hoping to bring in 2 strikers.Can see 1 in on loan and hopefully the other on a contract.Cant think of anyone right now but am sure he will get someone in that is decent. I always think back to the signing of Paddy Cregg,when he first came in I was thinking wtf going on here he was getting slated by the Forfar fans and had hardly kicked a ball in months,turned out to be an excellent signing for the club.Might be someone who comes in that's not been great for their previous club is the point I'm trying to put across, Sp and Ross seem to get players wanting to play for them...Apart from Lewis Hawke that isπŸ¦…
  6. I don't see the big fuss with McLean to be honest.When he first came we all had high hopes for him me included ,he was absolutely rank rotten and got shipped out on loan to get game time at Forfar because he couldn't get in the team never mind the squad. After he came back he done better no doubt about it but I've never been overly impressed with him always thought he could do more but that's just my opinion. Money talks in football and that's where its fallen down for whatever reason.100% trust Sp and Ross to bring some quality additions in too replace McLean.
  7. Heard he knocked back Airdrie for Peterhead probably for πŸ’°
  8. Ex player Bobby Brown coming back to lead from centre half and captain.
  9. Away back to Peterhead am told.No big loss for me 12 goals for the club,did okay at times...We move on.
  10. Mr Antell was the man in goals when Paul Watson pinged one in from the half way line🀐🀐🀐🀐🀐🀐
  11. Has their been any players linked with you lot at all?Big rebuild be interesting to see who comes in.
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