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  1. Good to see Rusty is banging them for Peterhead...
  2. Never made the game yesterday but delighted with the result.When I first saw the team that we put out I did think we would struggle.Lewis Milne especially what's up with him and James Keating's ?? All in all a good point to come from 2-0 down.
  3. Statue on top of Bamse Sp with a big grin and Cigar in hand....All hail SP
  4. Two very good players right their Mitch and Rory keep them quiet then I think we will do okay.Hopefully Blair Lyons and James Keating's are back for the weekend Blair especially missed them both at Peterhead on Saturday.CH pairing will probably be Quinn who was immense last weekend along with Matty Alan or Kerr Waddell? Dillon will be suspended after that awful red card that nobody seem to take notice too apart from the linesman.
  5. Very tough game indeed but one I think we will win on Saturday.Cove are a good team no doubt about it but I reckon we will win this...
  6. That could be an excellent bit of business for the Cowden onwards and upwards.
  7. Who will be assisting Mo Ross in the dug out?
  8. Went down for a little bit last night quite a feisty game against Evro football pro team,some team from Glasgow area been playing quite a few senior teams in a friendly match.We had a few first team boys out Fleming,Steeves ,Yano,Brown,Watson, Whatley,Ross Campbell and a few others.Had a guy up top that looked okay hard to tell in a game like that but he did alright.
  9. To be quite honest SP rightly gets the praise he deserves but DC son Ross Campbell is right up their too he knows his stuff.
  10. Fully agree DC ain't going anywhere can still see him at Arbroath in 5 years time.Where SP will be in 5 years time I'm not too sure hopefully still with the Mo.
  11. "Possible successor" Oh aye he is just waiting for Dick to leave to go to Gayfield...
  12. Nah he is garbage chops and changes the too much and in general just not a nice person...You have been warned.
  13. They certainly did very healthy away support yesterday.
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