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  1. Would take Callum Gallagher at Montrose 100% only fair if you lot are signing Cammy Ballantyne?
  2. If Cammy does sign for you lot theirs a good chance Russel McLean will too especially when he is free to find a new club.
  3. Is their a list up from Airdrie on who they are keeping and letting go off etc?
  4. Come on lads eh you want our Manager now and rumoured to be after our RB....Give us a break
  5. What a horrendous decision to choose Stenny....unlucky! Pitch is poor one of the worst surfaces I've seen with 3g/4g whatever it is getting called these days.As for the ground the stand holds hardly anything and you have one bit behind the goal normally for away fans.
  6. Agree with that I would think 2 will be loans and the rest permanent signings hopefully.The ball will be rolling now with who the club are trying to sign let's hope we hear some news soon.
  7. Like I've said before a player I would have like to have seen at LP especially they way he used to play against us in his Forfar days. Not surprised DC has signed him up again he must rate the lad he has signed Hilson loads over the years and he likes to keep the band together bit like SP.
  8. That will be the Dale Hilson rumour wrapped up for another year lol
  9. Massive loss Cammy will be but we move on,gutted he has not signed on again but hey ho we will see who SP brings in to replace him.
  10. Aye very good player be delighted if we can sign him up again. If he was to sign for Arbroath I'd imagine we would go for JT good player and think he works with Ross Campbell at Oriam.
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