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  1. The lads are away to a well deserved piss up in Dublin.....COYM
  2. The way Petrie and co have changed Montrose in 3+ years is unbelievable and long may it continue.We were in the state that Brechin City are in now,and trust me it was no fun at all and changes in and around the club had to be done and have worked.
  3. Excellent bit of business from the club...[emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  4. What happened with Peter Reid fans on Saturday?
  5. Thank God it was locked![emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  6. Good choice....[emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  7. Enjoy your trip to Brora lads,we were up their in the play offs a few years back.A remember getting to Inverness and thinking we can't be too far away to be told it's another 3 hours from here.Absolute mammoth trip from Montrose even worse from Greenock!!!
  8. A good cup run for extra income is all I want.Concentrate on the league I hear what your saying but we normally get to get round 2-3 it's not that many more games in the season.Bonnyrigg will be doubt get some big money spinning game and we have shot ourselves in the foot playing a weakened team.The Hibs game years ago did that not come at a right good time when we were skint as f**k?
  9. Injuries can happen in any game to be honest so am not buying that at all if that's the excuse.
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