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  1. How many articles on your website have looked at Celtic's exploitation of sectarianism for the past century?
  2. I bet you wear a Celtic top in public, don't you? I bet it makes you feel proud, doesn't it? I bet you walk down the street with your Celtic top on and your chest puffed out... you do, don't you?
  3. At least you flith-bags stand on your own 2 feet. It amuses when I see Celtic fans attempting to latch onto supporters of non Old Firm fans in their battle with Rangers. It amuses me when I see blatant extremist Celtic websites masquerading as neutral Scottish football websites. 2 cheeks of the same arse.
  4. I see no problem in it either. The thing is though - the Celtic support is exactly the same. Think back, its not that long ago that Celtic's intimidation ended up with the referees going on strike. It is amusing however to see the lengths that someone will go to in a post to justify why they support a particular football club. Do you think they have maybe spent years thinking up that dross? Do you think they are maybe trying to justify it to themselves? Do you think that, maybe, they doth protest just a little bit too much? Two cheeks of the same arse. Never forget it.
  5. Sorry, but where did I state that you are a bigot? Nice post by the way. As I said, always amusing... Celtic & Rangers have exploited sectarianism, hatred and violence for over a century to cheat the rest of Scottish football. They are 2 cheeks of the same arse. That fact seems to have you in a bit of a tizz...
  6. Its always amusing to see a Celtic fan attempting to claim that he isn't a bigot. Its a bit like Nick Griffen arguing that he isn't a racist... The Old Firm are institutions which have exploited sectarianism for over a century. Supporters of these institutions cannot escape that fact. They are supporting it. Its also incredible how many of these "neutral Scottish football websites" there are kicking about... just like The Scottish Football Monitor... not asking the questions about Celtic that the MSM are not asking either!
  7. KDS is a Celtic website, much like TSFM (The Scottish Football Monitor) which is also a Celtic website and clamps down on any chat whatsoever that criticises Celtic.
  8. What do you expect. Rangers were the biggest and most successful club in Scottish football, exploiting sectarianism, hatred and violence along with Celtic to cheat all the other clubs. The liquidation and death of that club and the birth of a brand new tribute act club is bound to generate a lot of interest.
  9. Indeed. A man with a made up name, a made up nationality and suffered made up oppression should always be believed! Phil Mac Made Up Name and Celtic fanzine website otherwise known as The Scottish Football Monitor are the sources of all truth!
  10. How can you horse a team "again" when your club has never played them before? As for the current club you support, they will never horse them either as they will be dead by the summer as well. Maybe the third club you will follow will manage it? Starting over again in the 3rd Division (if allowed) will put that back a year however...
  11. Deary me! I wouldn't put it past you that that was actually you on amazon! Your rage knows no bounds!
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