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  1. https://www.elgincity.net/
  2. https://www.elgincity.net/match-reports/forfar-athletic-home-21-08-2021 Highlights are after the first 11 listings
  3. Tony Dingwall signed up until end of season. Good addition to the squad.
  4. The conduct of one of the Cowdenbeath entourage sitting in the stand was a big factor in inflaming the situation. I can tell you from first hand he directed a constant stream or vitriol and abuse littered with profanity at the Home bench. He was also told on several occasions to put his face mask back on by stewards but refused to do so. His verbals clearly enflamed things. If you have access to the stream. Go and have a listen, and tell me you’re not just a wee bit embarrassed. At the time it happened I thought it was a reasonable and robust tackle which neither the ref nor the linesman called as even a foul. Having watched it back a number of times it’s clear that it could have easily been called as a red card. However, somehow calling it all as Gavin Price fault is just ridiculous. Hopefully the lad will Make a full recovery. I’m sure everyone at Elgin is thinking the same.
  5. The ref was called Gavin too. Suspect Bollan was shouting at him to be fair
  6. You’re making a bit of a twat of yourself mate. Not happy that the lads got a bad injury. It’s a real shame for him. At the time it looked a fair challenge.
  7. You’re lot were shite by the way [emoji85]
  8. I’m in the ground right enough. Both challenging for the ball. Not even a yellow
  9. 50/50 ball, not even a card. Cowdenbeath officials an absolute embarrassment
  10. The 220 is based on the number of virtual season ticket holders. These people have all paid and it includes entry to the ground. I suspect that once stewarding is taken into account, the club will make a loss. Think it was a close call whether or not to go ahead with it. I hope to be there and can’t wait to support the players
  11. Darryl is a heart on the sleeve local lad. He gave 100% on the pitch. Can’t tell how he may have improved once over his injury, but got to say the defence is better now since the young lad Graham brought in. He has been a calming influence at the back, and brought out the best in bronsky. He’s constantly talking to his fellow defenders and organising. Can see how DU rate him so highly. Also think Archie has improved the team.
  12. Beautiful sunshine at the moment [emoji848]
  13. It’s just a big equipment store, no toilets
  14. What ever it is it won’t get finished now Daryl’s off
  15. Every Elgin player turned up today. Thoroughly deserved win and shows what we are capable of. Fyvie very lucky to escape a straight red for a cynical foul. Bronsky MOM, but could Have picked any one of the Elgin side. Rory Mcewan is a young lad who looks better every time I see him and the defence has a much calmer look to it with the young lad from Dundee U standing out. Weekend made[emoji106]
  16. Annan maybe set up in a way that suits Elgin’s game.
  17. Drop balls can no longer be contested, If play is stopped, the ball will be dropped to a player on the team that last touched the ball - and where they touched it. All other players must be 4.5 yards (4m) away. Whether they decide to give the ball back as an act of sportsmanship is up to them. If Elgin were fighting for there lives at the bottom of the league I guess I would be perfectly happy with the goal.
  18. Thought Sparky was MOM today. He had a tough task marking your young No7, and was booked early doors. He’s well liked by the Elgin support and has just signed an extended contract. On the the game today, I thought Brechin were ok without having a real goal threat. Their goal came from a drop ball where the Elgin players were expecting the ball to be played back to them. Caused a lot of rage on the terraces, but within the new rules. Our keeper pulled off an outstanding save to deny Brechin a equaliser. We went up the other end and Scored the third. Nerve jangling stuff
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