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  1. I don’t think he’ll get it, but there’s no doubt if Gary Holt was offered the Kilmarnock job he’d be off. If that was the case, who would folk fancy to take over? The most realistic option for me is Jim Goodwin. Wouldn’t be my first choice in an ideal world but budget wise it seems a pretty predictable one.
  2. Motherwell - Livingston

    A mad game, quite enjoyable in the end but I was #seething at half time. Gave away some pish goals and I actually thought we looked alright going forward, just lost all defensive nous. There will be changes for us next year no doubt, sad to see some real cracking players for us go, but we need a bit of refreshment. Tiffoney done very well when he came on and it was encouraging to see De Vita play a more prominent role than what he did last week. The setup at Motherwell is fantastic, all things considered - quite jealous tbh, glad that they got in a good crowd and response from their local community. 5.5k for a menaningless end of season game against us is a good return. I’ll be bursting for the League Cup groups in a few weeks like most. [emoji23]
  3. Season over now, and across the piece, you’d have to have been mightily optimistic to think we’d have been that clear of danger back in July. Given we lost our most experienced player last summer, and replaced the outgoing manager with a complete rookie, it’s turned out very well. Watching the likes of Halkett, Pittman, Gallagher, Byrne, Lithgow and Kelly all step up quite comfortably to this level has been especially pleasing and whilst they’re off to other clubs in the division, I’m chuffed that Halkett and Gallagher are getting some tangible reward for the considerable effort and work they’ve put in to get this far with us. I fear they won’t be the last to leave but also hopeful that the offer of first team football and a good level of responsibility will be enough for some of these players to stay. The wins over Hibs, Rangers and Hearts were considerable highlights, horsing Dundee was also extremely pleasing. That said, our form since Christmas has been patchy to say the least, with our post-split form absolutely atrocious. Granted, Hamilton and St Mirren all had something to play for, but the two home defeats were miserable viewing and away to Hamilton was God-awful for 60 minutes. Holt has dabbled with the 4-2-3-1 over 3-5-2 and it has worked at points, but I’m not sure we currently have the personnel for it. I’m not sure even with Dykes as the focal point of the former makes it work, we lack a true left winger to compliment Lawless/Menga, and the full back areas are still a concern for me. I desperately want Lamie to succeed and he was decent enough at the start of the season, but I’m a bit unconvinced since he’s come back in. Odoffin has flattered to deceive and actually looks to have regressed a fair bit since he joined, his performance the last three matches for example compared to his debut at Tynecastle have been night and day. The style leaves a lot to be desired and it would be tolerable, of course, if we were producing results, but sticking to it regardless of formation or personnel hasn’t done us any favours. Infuriating, as when we have played football, we have scored some nice goals (Robinson vs. St Mirren, for example). Bartley coming in is a good start and his three year deal is as much as what he can offer off the pitch as much as on it. We’re well stacked in midfield but I’m keen to see who we bring in defensively, and if we can retain our best players. There’s also the consideration that Killie may take a punt on Holt if Clarke takes the Scotland job, as touted. Very much looking forward to next season but we need to find a way to win away from home as we won’t be able to rely on a freakishly good home record I fear.
  4. Motherwell - Livingston

    On the evidence, it’s hard to see anyone from this defence starting next season bar Lithgow. All over the shop. Strangely look half decent going forward, especially compared to recent weeks. Hardie seems utterly bereft of confidence, hard to see him getting into the Rangers squad let alone team on this form.
  5. Signing due today according to Twitter. Hoping for someone to get a bit of the feelgood factor back, Halkett and Gallagher’s departures have kinda deflated us for a few weeks now.
  6. I think that’s an excellent appointment from Morton, hopefully he is provided the same time he was with us. No guarantees of instant success but you only have to look how he ultimately transformed the mood and mentality here at Livingston to see his qualities.
  7. I’d contest we need at least two centre halves, a starting left back, and two strikers. That’s without including any more key players departing. Sounds like McMillan done well at Partick and got a good run of games, between him and Odoffin I think we’re comfortable at RB. CB and LB is a worry for me, though.
  8. Lamie, I think, would offer adequate enough cover at CB and LB and his early season form showed enough to warrant another season here at least. It's a bit harsh on De Vita given the injury he picked up and I still think he can offer something centrally off a striker, as he did towards the end of last season. He is absolutely finished as a wide man though and should be nowhere near the LWB slot, as yesterday perfectly displayed. Can't disagree with the rest. Had hoped Miller would offer something but I can't see him wanting to be a bit-part player behind Dykes and others.
  9. Fucking, and I cannot emphasise this enough, hell.
  10. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    Two ties where the losing team haven’t took their chances and have been shafted in spectacular fashion on both nights. If Spurs turn up to the final like they did for the first game and a half of this tie Liverpool will ride them senseless.
  11. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    Darren Fletcher and whatever helmet of an ex-pro BT dig out for these games are the most insufferable c***s on the planet when an English side is involved. A degree of bias is understandable but they make it nigh-on unlistenable.
  12. No, we bought Wes Hoolahan from Shelbourne for £100k in January 2006. Seems halcyon days now when you consider we’ve spent, recently, £20k (apparently) on Sibbald and £5k on Josh Mullin. Some of the fees being banded around are here are eye watering and mind boggling in equal measure. Really puts into context just how mad the 90s/early 00s we’re in Scottish football.
  13. Can’t begrudge Kelly a move after the season he’s had but to lose him for £50k is a real kick in the stones. Would I be correct in saying he signed before Neil Alexander officially retired? May explain why the fee will be so low. A big summer ahead now.
  14. Surely, SURELY we haven’t inserted a clause in Kelly’s contract which could let him go for £50k. Granted it’s the Sun, who seem to have snaked their way back into the club after a half-arsed apology, but talk of Hamburg being in for him would be a great move for him. Hopefully for more than £50k.
  15. Ligue 1

    What is the actual point of PSG? I get a good laugh out of their continual failings as much as the next punter but their lack of the mental strength required at the elite level of the game infuriates me a bit.