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  1. Should’ve posted this last week, before he was in court today. Far too obvious.
  2. Nothing wrong with his starting position when Halkett loses the ball. Every goalkeeper in world football would be on the edge of the D at the 18 yard box when we had possession where he did. Where it goes wrong is the fact he goes towards the ball rather than back towards the goal. I'd even go as far to say that if he'd went back he probably wouldn't have had save to make given how relatively far Duffy was from goal.
  3. Kelly wasn’t blameless but chance stemmed from Halkett’s mistake, simple as that. We need to sharpen up defensively and hopefully Tuesday will be a good test in that regard. A lot of chances created yesterday and on another day it could’ve been 5 or 6... Roll on Accies.
  4. League Cup 2018/19 Group F

    Hung on a bit at the end and wouldn’t have complained if it had went to penalties. That said, we created a plethora of chances and should’ve been home and hosed before Airdrie scored. Chalking up the general rustiness to the fact we have only played 3 games but there’s definite work to be done in that defence.
  5. Lamie and Halkett. [emoji7]
  6. Think there is a decent Championship player there in Mackin, still quite young and has time on his side. Was never going to get game time in the Premiership so I guess it’s best for all parties. Unsure about Stewart. Alexander will be a massive miss and I’m not convinced either keeper can replace him adequately.
  7. England v Sweden

    Please let him chuck one in. The English hype machine is making me nauseous.
  8. Chucked away a 2-0 lead. Miller out.
  9. Gomis is past it, no thanks.
  10. The #18 in those photos is not Steven Lawless, but he does look familiar nonetheless.
  11. England v Colombia

    England must surely win a penalty shootout eventually... surely?
  12. Brazil v Mexico

    Are Mexico allergic to releasing the ball when countering? Lost track the amount of times someone’s having a shot from 25/30 yards when the wide player is free.
  13. The Mighty Livi

    Andy Halliday. Scott Pittman could turn the wee twat inside out with his eyes shut. The main downside of having Miller as manager now means the OF-centric media focus will produce total drivel like that on the back pages.