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  1. Livingston vs Hearts

    Oh ya fucker. "Livi aren't a good footballing team" "The referee's had a holocaust" "We've been cheated by the referee and linesmen again" You'd hope his Dad would have a word with him for talking so much shite but given they left 15 minutes early I'm not sure the Dad's much better.
  2. I'm perplexed how Cadden now looks like a competent Premiership player when he didn't even look like a competent Championship player last year. Maybe we've swapped him with his brother and nobody's noticed. He was good tonight but there was a few times he was caught forward. Game definitely swung in our favour when Robinson came on on the right and Lawless moved to the left; if Cadden can play the winger-back role in a similar way to Lawless he'll be a very handy player. Has good pace and can deliver a decent ball from out wide. What a night.
  3. Livingston vs Hearts

    Don't think I'll ever see us win a game in the top flight like that again. 5 goals in 15-odd minutes is mind blowing. Should've been three or four nil up at half time, and at that point I was fearing the worst as I didn't expect Hearts to be so bad. First 10 minutes of the second half aside, we carried on from the first half and it was as deserved a win as we've had all season. Also pleasing as f**k to see us absolutely dominate one of the "bigger" teams and play the football which so many of the side are capable of. When you think that 8 of the starting XI were with us when we won League 1, it puts some true perspective on this season so far. We'll lose the likes of Halkett and Kelly but the players who have stepped in to fill departures, like Lawless and Menga, have performed really well - I think we have a good system in place to replace players, but doesn't mean we shouldn't be drinking in every last performance that we're putting in at the moment. A magical evening and without doubt one of the best performances I've seen us put in. Menga's goal just sums him, capable of the sublime and stellar but I'm not sure even he knows what he's doing next. A bonafide *** skelper.
  4. That's a bit disappointing. Looked very good during the opening match away to Celtic, but didn't really kick on from there. Don't really think Holt really rated him in our system and as above, probably best he moves on since he won't be starting here much..
  5. Livingston vs Hearts

    My main concern for us here is what sort of team we’ll see. We’ve rotated to a degree in recent weeks but if we’re to get anything out of this game, we’ll need our strongest XI. Given Lamie will probably be out and Burns is ineligible, I’ve got my doubts about our solidity down the left as the options are either Lawless or Cadden, neither of whom inspire much confidence in me defensively. Bearing that in mind, it’s surely got to be... Kelly Gallagher Halkett Lithgow Lawson Pittman Byrne Jacobs Lawless Menga Hardie We look soft as f**k out wide, and I’d be sorely tempted to get Robinson in there somehow to add a bit of energy into a tired looking midfield. No qualms about it, anything from this game would probably be our best result of the season to date.
  6. Aberdeen v Livi

    Sounds like we were blowing out our arse in that second half. Was always going to be a tough schedule for us but I hope we’ve got enough to give it a good go on Friday evening. By all accounts, Bobby Burns took a bit of a roasting down our left hand side tonight. Quite like the lad’s endeavour but Lamie will be a big miss if he’s out for a while. Sounds like the Dons rode us silly in the second half so it’d be a bit daft to suggest we deserved anything - still gutting to lose it so late, contentiously.
  7. Two games for us tonight - first team away to Aberdeen at 7.45 and the reserves play at home to Raith at 8pm. That must be a first for us? Can’t remember any time off the top of my head, don’t think we’ve had such a luxury before.
  8. Oh ya fucker. :lol: Hope for your sake you’ve put the bottle away and hit the hay.
  9. La Liga / Copa Del Rey Ole

    Apparently Messi has now scored more free kicks (19) in the past four seasons than every team in Europe (Juventus next up after Barcelona with 18). Ridiculous.
  10. The contrast in performance between the first and second half was night and day. Utterly ineffectual in an attacking sense, with Ferdinand winning every aerial ball in sight. Majorly disappointing to see us lose another goal from set piece after being so tight up until the last month or so. Second half was so much better, had that bite and extra yard which we’ve been missing for a few weeks now. The difference in having a striker such as Hardie up top again cannot be understated, his goal perfectly exemplifying that. Mental to think that 22 of our 25 points so far were won without a striker! We really need to take that second half performance into the game on Tuesday, if we play like we did in the first half we’ll get absolutely nothing.
  11. Tough one to predict given Saints have taken four points off the Edinburgh clubs in recent weeks but also contrived to take a total horsing off Accies. A scoreline similar to the previous meeting between the clubs at the Macarena would be most welcome.
  12. Killie v Livi

    Not sure what he’s meant to when the ball is constantly being cannoned long to him. There is very little variability to our play, when we actually got it down during the second half in particular we showed we can look pretty threatening to a degree. Hardie’s complete lack of match sharpness was obviously evident, but given Killie were hardly going for the jugular in the second half it was a good game for him to come back in to. Would like to see more of a Menga-Hardie front two as I think that may do a bit of damage. Can’t disagree about Lawson being guff, but worth pointing out that it was a totally rudderless header from Byrne which set Killie on their way for the second goal. I’d like to see it again as I thought there was a possible offside, but that doesn’t excuse how weak Lawson was to put any form of challenge in. I’d go as far to say that the front two of Brophy and Stewart would be an upgrade for any team in the league bar the ****. Poor stuff from us but Killie are top and deservedly so. Saturday was always going to be a massive game, but it’d be encouraging to see some sort of reaction after that tonight. Please go and win the whole thing now Killie, don’t make a c**t of it.
  13. Killie v Livi

    A draw would be a magic result here. Both teams have definitely kicked on since the first meeting, and it’ll be interesting to see how we get on against a Killie side which utterly sworded Hibs on Saturday.
  14. Robinson and Lithgow out? Holy f**k. This is where we will struggle this year.
  15. Truth be told, I’m shitting it for this game. Motherwell have the look of a bogey team for us this season and we just can’t seem to score at the moment. I’m encouraged to hear Hardie is back, but we were in this position before we played Hamilton at home and we seen him for 20 minutes before he got injured again. Hamilton has to start up front IMO, I like Robinson but he isn’t a striker and his hold up play is non-existent.