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  1. Two games for us tonight - first team away to Aberdeen at 7.45 and the reserves play at home to Raith at 8pm. That must be a first for us? Can’t remember any time off the top of my head, don’t think we’ve had such a luxury before.
  2. Oh ya fucker. :lol: Hope for your sake you’ve put the bottle away and hit the hay.
  3. La Liga / Copa Del Rey Ole

    Apparently Messi has now scored more free kicks (19) in the past four seasons than every team in Europe (Juventus next up after Barcelona with 18). Ridiculous.
  4. The contrast in performance between the first and second half was night and day. Utterly ineffectual in an attacking sense, with Ferdinand winning every aerial ball in sight. Majorly disappointing to see us lose another goal from set piece after being so tight up until the last month or so. Second half was so much better, had that bite and extra yard which we’ve been missing for a few weeks now. The difference in having a striker such as Hardie up top again cannot be understated, his goal perfectly exemplifying that. Mental to think that 22 of our 25 points so far were won without a striker! We really need to take that second half performance into the game on Tuesday, if we play like we did in the first half we’ll get absolutely nothing.
  5. Tough one to predict given Saints have taken four points off the Edinburgh clubs in recent weeks but also contrived to take a total horsing off Accies. A scoreline similar to the previous meeting between the clubs at the Macarena would be most welcome.
  6. Killie v Livi

    Not sure what he’s meant to when the ball is constantly being cannoned long to him. There is very little variability to our play, when we actually got it down during the second half in particular we showed we can look pretty threatening to a degree. Hardie’s complete lack of match sharpness was obviously evident, but given Killie were hardly going for the jugular in the second half it was a good game for him to come back in to. Would like to see more of a Menga-Hardie front two as I think that may do a bit of damage. Can’t disagree about Lawson being guff, but worth pointing out that it was a totally rudderless header from Byrne which set Killie on their way for the second goal. I’d like to see it again as I thought there was a possible offside, but that doesn’t excuse how weak Lawson was to put any form of challenge in. I’d go as far to say that the front two of Brophy and Stewart would be an upgrade for any team in the league bar the ****. Poor stuff from us but Killie are top and deservedly so. Saturday was always going to be a massive game, but it’d be encouraging to see some sort of reaction after that tonight. Please go and win the whole thing now Killie, don’t make a c**t of it.
  7. Killie v Livi

    A draw would be a magic result here. Both teams have definitely kicked on since the first meeting, and it’ll be interesting to see how we get on against a Killie side which utterly sworded Hibs on Saturday.
  8. Robinson and Lithgow out? Holy f**k. This is where we will struggle this year.
  9. Truth be told, I’m shitting it for this game. Motherwell have the look of a bogey team for us this season and we just can’t seem to score at the moment. I’m encouraged to hear Hardie is back, but we were in this position before we played Hamilton at home and we seen him for 20 minutes before he got injured again. Hamilton has to start up front IMO, I like Robinson but he isn’t a striker and his hold up play is non-existent.
  10. Sketchy past aside, I would’ve said age would’ve been the main barrier to Lithgow getting a move. He’ll be 31 by the end of the season, not exactly old but I doubt clubs would view him as an investment in the same way they would view Halkett or Byrne, for example. By all means, he may get the opportunity for a year or two but he’s been solid enough here that I’d happily keep him for a good while yet.
  11. Hamilton has to start on Saturday, for me. Banging them in for the reserves albeit at a far lower level than what he’ll face on a Saturday, but it’s a bit of a kick in the teeth to the lad if he can’t get a look in when we have no other strikers. I’m a fan of Robinson but he has been fairly ineffectual to this point, and rushing back Hardie at this point would be madness. He’ll get his chance this month with the raft of games coming up. Not sure how Scougall would fit into this team, and it’s not as if we’re short of midfielders. As above, would expect him to move to County or United in January as opposed to a Premiership side.
  12. Never a 3-0 game. Disappointing way to lose the first goal from a defensive POV given how solid we’ve been so far this season. Rode our luck a wee bit for the rest of the half but Rangers’ lack of real incision was telling until Morelos came on. He is a complete fucking simpleton and is a good laugh when he misses sitters, but he is undeniably a talented player. No surprised to see him booked whatsoever, because for all his talent that side of his game will probably be his downfall. If the phantom bids become reality in the next window you’d have to imagine the **** will take it. Lawson and Gallagher the standouts for us today, lack of striker is absolutely killing us. Appreciate Robinson’s effort but his hold up play was non-existent but first 20/25 minutes of the second half we were really going for it. Will be interesting when the end of January swings round as I think Rangers are eminently bearable at the Macarena.
  13. Interest extremely high in this game I see.
  14. As others have said, Rangers at home will be a different beast from the one we sworded at the Macarena. Menga missing is a bit of a miss but it was coming, Hamilton’s the only choice up front in reality but I wouldn’t be opposed to Robinson up top dropping in where required. That worked well in the first game and could give us a bit more cover in the wider areas. A win would be a dream but a draw would be an excellent result.
  15. Lamie signed up until the end of next season. Excellent business I reckon. Been very comfortable since he joined which has surprised me, a very good option to have at LWB and CB.