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  1. Disagree. He was playing non league football and we gave him a two year contract. He was injured for a large part of last season. He owes it to us to see out the contract he signed, or whichever club signs him needs to pay for him.
  2. Selfishly glad it’s off now seeing as I hadn’t had an email, despite putting the Hamilton game as my first choice.
  3. Mine was out for 4 minutes and it’s just gone again.
  4. Last week it was three English Championship players that were coming in on loan, tonight it’s a guy from Berwick.
  5. Agree with Simon, streaming is a poor consolation to actually being there but I’d take it over nothing at all. I just can’t understand why you can go to the pub with 1m distancing, go to a gym class etc but we can’t get a few hundred outside at the football when we could do staggered entry times, plenty room for social distancing, I’d happily wear a mask and wait to leave the ground safely if it meant I could get in.
  6. True, but the stewards and police didn't deal with it very well either. If they had formed a cordon between both sets of fans instead of just standing around we might not have had handbags thrown.
  7. I’d think not, otherwise anyone could go down and try to get some cash in hand! The announcement clearly said hang on 5 minutes or so to allow them to get refunds organised. An absolutely ridiculous decision by the ref to start the game. It’s been windy since yesterday, forecasters got it right, ref didn’t!
  8. Travis was lucky to stay on the pitch as long as he did, Bain's challenge on Bobby was ridiculously high, the hole in Bobby 's sock showed that. TOB's first yellow was stupid and avoidable if he hadn't got himself involved.
  9. According to a post on the Stenny Facebook page "All supporters will be housed in the Norway Stand."
  10. Standing - Brian Grant, Craig Cooper, —-, John Gallagher, Scott Peters, John Martin, Brian Mitchell, Steve Florence, Davie Baikie. Sitting - Mel Irons, Kevin Tindal, Neil Thomson
  11. I doubt Steven Doris will be wearing an Arbroath shirt next season if he doesn’t get his operation privately, paid for by whatever means! The waiting list for the NHS will be far too long.
  12. The lack of a Physio is embarrassing, but if the club doctor was in attendance why didn't he/she go and treat Doris? It was more their responsibility to do so than the QP Physio. On another note, I was disappointed to see that players who won the league for us were sitting on the bench during the flag unfurling. Surely they should've been on the pitch even though they weren't in the starting 11 today? Good performance, especially second half and a good three points.
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