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  1. Yes it hinted at some outgoing announcements didn't it.
  2. The Ginger Pele returning to County in a non-playing role according to local press this morning.
  3. I didn't pay too much attention to how DKD was getting on this season, other than his stupid red card v QotS. Ferg was in the paper yesterday challenging him to break into the team this season. Thoughts? It's only June 1st so plenty time, the club will still be waiting to hear from some players on whether they are accepting contracts or not, would expect some announcements this week. Back to training on 20th.
  4. P&J saying Fraser rejected a pre-contract offer from McIntyre earlier this season. Also that Draper will be next to commit, and confirms the interest in Spittal.
  5. Apparently Chalmers is a done deal, but not sure about Donaldson.
  6. It's sad to see what has become of Andrew Davies. He deserves better. On his game, the best CB we have ever had IMHO. PRUVIT
  7. As long as our players dont start pushing Pruvit we should be fine next season.
  8. Munro is going out on loan this season to continue his development, needs regular games - Ferg in P&J, so we are looking for 2 keepers. This news on Fox has been circulating since the Falkirk game, seems he needs to move 'back down the road'. Rumours also that Grivosti is offski, has failed to agree terms. I'd be more disappointed with that than Fox leaving.
  9. Was very surprised to see Fraser in there tbh!
  10. However, our players were on a deserved weekend bender following last Fri nights game, so you never know. Missed the midweek game in March so my first visit since 2011 and Johnny Flynn's last minute winner. http://www.staggiearchive.co.uk/matchdetails.php?id=108
  11. Don't know any fellow fans that have that opinion tbh. We have been rotten to watch, not helped by injuries and not having a settled team, but the management have also made many errors. Going up with this management and squad gives me the fear, it will be interesting to see what Roy does this summer.
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