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  1. Did I pick it up wrong or did Roy say there would be no academy or reserve setup next season? Going to be a lot of players and staff out of work.
  2. That's how I saw it, thought it was peak Vigurs, but maybe that was the beer goggles after 3hrs in Archie Simpsons. Was raging that we weren't making more of the extra man, but all was well in the end. 2 great finishes by Billy and assists from Ricky Booooooo Foster and Cowie
  3. Haven't forgotten the 7hr bus journey home after the 3-3 in Dec-18, so it's Sportsound for me.
  4. Ketts saying a few still suffering with the virus and Lee Erwin will likely miss out. Can't see anything other than an away win.
  5. Dreadful 2nd half from us bar a 5min spell, St Mirren deserved the 3pts. Cant see where this team is heading except down the league, 3,4,5 changes every week is reminiscent of McIntyre's tombola tactics.
  6. We (supporters bus) would regularly meet the team bus at Broxden McD during the 40 unbeaten run. Glad they've upgraded to a chippy (chippy not chipper).
  7. Cracking curry in Wild Ginger last night, I loved Bollywood, so glad this place has kept it up. As for the game, as expected, understandably a level below, the majority of the championship winning team will not be good enough to compete with the top 6. Cosgrove was a handful, deserves a move to higher level. Not quite a Boyce but will be interesting to see how he does sown south. Stewards friendly, macaroni pie shite.
  8. Fontaine and Gardyne are injury doubts, with Graham, Draper, Cowie, Spence and Erwin def out (P&J). I'd be very happy going home with a point and recovery following last weeks debacle.
  9. Draper being nursed back to full fitness and we wont take any risks by playing him too soon ( Ferg in P&J).
  10. WTF. Yes, obviously. Sunday drinking is for losers.
  11. Tommy booting the water bottles🤣🤣 I love our football. SKSF have certainly been giving everyone a game in this cup, but that starting back 4 had the expected impact, could have been 3 down. I love Grivo but why play him at RB (unless Fraser not 100%, which highlights our weakness at FB). He will become a first choice CB in time. I expect Morris and Fraser to become our 1st choice CB pairing this season, barring injuries. Fontaine and Grivo as cover. A good recovery after a terrible start, a pity we never saw Power I thought we were crying out for pace. 3pts welcome after the Lindsay news.
  12. Paton was impressive in Holland but in a deeper position. I suspect Ferglewell see Spittal as more of a replacement in terms of late arriving mf goal threat.
  13. Wasn't at either the Montrose or Brechin games, but thought Laidlaw looked pretty good in the 2nd game in the NL - couple of cracking saves. Whereas Baxter in the 1st game seemed to be out of position a lot, and iirc (several shandies) the first goal seemed soft. Not much of a gauge I know, but I wouldn't write-off Laidlaw just yet.
  14. With Morris, Watson, Grivosti and Fontaine all looking good at pre-season I don't see why we would be trying to get Donaldson. If we are going to spend then it would be better spent elsewhere, ie on a left back. Harry Paton looked good yesterday and was being coached through the game by the very vocal Morris and Watson. A pity we never got to see Power in action.
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