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  1. The bookies don't care about the size of individual bets just the total potential payout they are risking on each outcome. If you walk in and stick a grand on the Cheltenham gold cup they wouldn't blink, do it in the 5:20 at hamilton and it'll raise eyebrows.
  2. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/nov/10/craigslist-killers-murder-story-family-breakdown
  3. Everyone should read the piece on the Craig's list killer on the guardian website by Hannah rosin. The best piece of journalism I've read in years.
  4. Jason whiltlock has an incredible article up no espn.com about the dolphins situation and the wider Nfl culture.
  5. There are two really good articles on grantland about this today. One which collates a lot of the reaction from players and another which connects this to the spate of suicides by players and ex players. Airing dirty linen in public seems to have pissed off a lot of players.
  6. I've no idea why anyone would go to a casino to play a fixed odds machine. Also it's easier to either not join a casino or get yourself excluded from them than it is to get excluded from multiple bookies that are open all day to all.
  7. There is already legislation restricting booze and fags despite them being widely available. If you ban these machines people can still go to casinos or use virtual ones if they want to gamble. The difference with these machines is that it makes it too easy to go out for the papers and lose hundreds of pounds quickly.
  8. The machines are designed to get people hooked though with the visuals and creating the false impression of near misses.
  9. I went into a bookies at queen street one morning a few years ago to fire a coupon on before we got a train to Aberdeen at about 9-30 and there were guys sitting playing these machines at that time which shocked me. Bookies are making a fortune these days but losing a fiver to spice up a midweek fixture list and firing your wage into one of these machines in an hour are very different things.
  10. That may well be true but winning the 2015 GE is going to be the priority of the 3 parties and if being tough on Scotland is an easy vote winner then you can bet that's the route they'll take.
  11. I would rather see them make plans for our own currency or try and join the euro.
  12. Piggybacking onto another state's currency is a massive problem.
  13. You don't think not being able to definitely state how a independent Scotland's currency would function isn't a weakness? That having a large part of your campaign relying on a future rUK government acquiescing on a vital issue isn't a weakness?
  14. So? It's the treasury that matters and being cynical whatever policy polls best in England before the next GE.
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