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  1. All things Dundee FC

    Isn’t Ross a Dundee fan though?
  2. All things Dundee FC

    From Fridays lineup. Nelson in for J Curran and Davies in for Kusunga and I think that team is well more than capable of staying up. Getting them all on the pitch at the same time is another task though.
  3. Rangers v Dundee

    Kusunga usually plays shite one game then brilliant the next. He’ll have Morelos in his hipper. 2-0 the Dee.
  4. FIFA 19

    Nae c**t playing Fifa anymore?
  5. FIFA 19

    Done the Boyata sbc and he’s an actual beast. Stuck an shadow card on him as well. It’s finally given me the 10 chem for Tierney at left back and got rid of Ederson and signed Courtois.
  6. Aberdeen v St Mirren

    Thought both teams were quite poor tbh although St Mirren did defend well at times and Aberdeen just lacked that final pass. All goals were easily avoidable and better defending would have seen these goals easily avoided. Penalty was a stonewaller yet a few Aberdeen fans around me were giving the ref pelters for the decision. Great scenes in the away end when St Mirren scored the 2nd but I always felt Aberdeen would come back as it was basically wave after wave of attacks. Thought they’d go on to get the winner tbh but sadly from a Dundee point of view, they never.
  7. Livingston v Dundee

    The penalty incident was very soft but I’d be screaming for it if it was the other way about.
  8. Aberdeen v St Mirren

    I shall be in attendance at this game. Got hospitality with a few Aberdeen supporting pals. Hopefully a simple home win.
  9. FIFA 19

    Absolute dross in my rewards picks. 80 Bobby Reid and 85 Kagawa. Got a few 85s in my mega packs so will punt that towards sbc’s.
  10. 2019 travel/holiday plans

    Booked up for 2 weeks in Mexico for the middle of September with the mrs. We went to the Dominican two years ago and had a great time so we thought we’d try the Caribbean again. Also got one of my good pals stagger in Budapest end of August and away to Hamburg for a few days start of March. Will also probably do a city break end of November/start of December for the Xmas markets.
  11. FIFA 19

    Packed man of match Piatek of Milan which is a bit meh. Shite rating and no use to me. Edit: out my free mega pack.
  12. FIFA 19

    Had one last good go at it tonight and calling it a day at gold 3. Won 14 out of 17 so pretty decent return.
  13. FIFA 19

    This was my first weekend league as I usually don’t have the time to play a lot of games. I had f**k all planned this weekend just past but I still only played 6 games. I won all 6 but found it too frustrating so I just left it. I’ll play a few more tonight and try get up to silver but that’s it. f**k doing this every weekend.
  14. Hamilton v Dundee

    Nelson will start after being rested (sort of) tuesday
  15. All things Dundee FC

    I think the majority of dees are in agreement that’s it’s been quite a successful window. We certainly look stronger and have competition in most places all over the park now compared to the 1st January. The team we put out tomorrow will and should be miles better than the shite that played v St Mirren first game of the season.