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  1. Johnson was clearly going to be the main man for us then somehow Hemmings came available and we’re not exactly going to have Hemmings coming back up north to play second fiddle. There’s got to be at least 3/4 more guys incoming over the next few days. Madness if it.
  2. Moo

    FIFA 20

    I’ve opened another 3 since and I’ve packed Neuer, a shite 82 keeper and headliner Semedo.
  3. Moo

    FIFA 20

    Just packed the exact same card. b*****ds untradeable.
  4. Moo

    FIFA 20

    Anyone used the base or mid Larsson icon? Thinking about purchasing and stats look decent on Futbin with a hunter on him.
  5. Moo

    FIFA 20

    Need to work on your team chemistry. De Bruyne on a 4 is criminal.
  6. Happy new year biys. Here’s hoping for a win Saturday!
  7. What did McPake say? Was this after the derby?
  8. Team will perhaps be the same as the last two games although I wouldn’t be surprised if Nelson replaces Johnson. I fully expect us to win and anything else is not on.
  9. Kerr not sticking with the wideman was school boy defending and just a total wtf moment from Meekings in trying to clear the cross. The finish was very decent and straight at Hamilton but I think it’s just the sheer pace that gives Hamilton no chance to react properly. For all the abuse Hamilton gets, I think we can let him off with that one.
  10. Centre half’s were solid bar the goal which was a mixture of Cammy and Meekings fault.
  11. Isn’t right back no McGhee’s favoured position?
  12. Moo

    FIFA 20

    Absolutely ridiculous. I’ve got Cuadrado and also got to level 30 to get Danilo but both are pish.
  13. Moo

    FIFA 20

    The Uruguayan RB in the Saudi league looks a beast. Could potentially link him to Godin and RTTF Torreira.
  14. Moo

    FIFA 20

    If you play Mertens as a deadeye at CAM instead of a hunter, his card is a 92 compared to the 88 with a hunter with the stats boost. Found this out last night and applied different cards to most of my players after finding this out. Edit: only singling out Mertens as I have him and noticed the difference when applying said card.
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