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  1. That 18 months starting in January where we signed about 15 players, had brilliant 5-0, 4-1 and 6-2 wins and stayed up on the final day then skooshed the league title with an unplayable Lewis Morgan was probably my favourite extended spell in my 30+ years of watching St Mirren - definitely between that and the 99/00 season anyway. I went to almost every game and we were brilliant to watch. It also seemed to coincide with the North Bank guys really improving the atmosphere at games - especially away from home. Felt like the first time in ages the club and fans were on the same page. I'll always like Jack Ross for that spell. Still laughed at the 7-0 and 9-0 pumpings mind you. Hard to see him getting another decent job now.
  2. The one thing I always thought you couldn't criticise Curtis Main about was his work rate. Even last season where he looked less likely than Alnwick to score, he would chase everything down, challenge for every header, run into the channels. The problem was when he'd get the ball he'd do nothing good with it. Someone on here recently mentioned the chance he had in the game against Celtic when we had to play so many youngsters. At no point did I expect him to score. I do like hard working forward (Stewart Kean, Gareth Wardlaw etc) so I always really wanted things to work out for him. Big, quick and hard working - what's not to like?! And at the end of last season - against St Johnstone and Dundee - he was actually good. Things started to come off for him and he was causing problems for defenders. He was a threat. This season, he's moved up another level. He's a dirty big b*****d up there - aggressive and effective. And he's getting his rewards for all that hard work - from the fans and with those 2 great finishes last week. I'm absolutely chuffed for the big man. He deserved that standing ovation today.
  3. Great performance today. I really enjoyed that. Hope the Hibs fan that flashed the w****r sign at me when I stopped my car to let him cross the road before the game enjoyed it too
  4. Seems like Josh Reid will sign on Friday on loan. Pretty happy with the squad now Edited to add: looks like I read that on Twitter from some hoax account so might not actually happen
  5. Messi still watches Corcoran's performance against Motherwell in the cup for inspiration.
  6. The best thing about that season was Tommy Craig giving a prolonged death stare to a journalist. Does anyone have a copy of that interview? I'd love to see that again!
  7. Highlight of last night was Olusanya cutting in from the left and hitting a shot from about 10 yards out that ended up landing at the feet of Fraser who was standing about 40 yards from goal
  8. The 433 doesn't work. We are constantly caught on the counter, outnumbered in the midfield and our full backs are often left one or two on one. I don't think we've actually got that bad a squad. The tactics and formation aren't working though.
  9. He didn't have that much to do today but Urminsky dealt with everything well. I'd rather see him get a chance ahead of loaning folk like McCrorie.
  10. Andy Dow was that perfect storm of terrible footballer who just couldn't give two fucks.
  11. Reid linked with Rangers in the paper today. Thought he was really good when he came on last night. Would like to see him get a game more often this season. If I remember correctly, his dad is staunch as f**k so I'm guessing he'll be pressing for him to go (if true)
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