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  1. Had to watch twice before I spotted the football ground
  2. I believe it’s a contractual obligation to make several statements per game denying that Rangers* is a phoenix club.
  3. Having played both recently I think Elgin are a much better team.
  4. The SFA/SPFL need to do something to stop financial doping and level the financial playing field. How about deducting a point for every £500k of losses?
  5. B teams in the LL working well developing Scottish talent
  6. Even by his standards this is a very stupid comment
  7. That would give the ref plenty of time for a second if missed.
  8. Be careful what you wish for. Quality-wise probably the worst game of football I’ve seen in the last 5-10 years.
  9. Are Neil Lennon and Derek McInnes still available?
  10. Suspect it won’t be long before a change of manager will be contemplated if performances don’t improve. This was dire stuff.
  11. To be fair, the powers that be in the upper echelons of the SPFL want to do whatever they can to help the B teams advance in this competition to normalise their participation in the league in the future.
  12. Presumably neither the BBC or the SFA decided to push this. The rules say: ”The Scottish FA, in accordance with the Articles of Association, may enter into contracts with commercial sponsors and broadcasters and grant certain rights as the Scottish FA may in its discretion determine (“Scottish FA’s Obligations”) to such parties in relation to the Cup and the Competition. The Scottish FA will intimate in writing annually to all clubs eligible to compete in the Competition, the terms of the Scottish FA’s Obligations, which apply to such clubs (the “Statement”). The Statement will constitute a definitive description of the Scottish FA’s Obligations. All clubs participating in the Competition undertake to provide any rights, facilities and other services as may be necessary for the Scottish FA to perform the Scottish FA’s Obligations. Without prejudice to the terms of the Articles of Association, the Judicial Panel Protocol and the Rules and any other rule and regulation of the Scottish FA any failure and/or refusal by a club to comply with any of the terms of the Statement may result in the matter being referred to the Compliance Officer (as defined in the Judicial Panel Protocol) for investigation and possible sanction in accordance with the Judicial Panel Protocol.” Reads to me that the BBC could have insisted.
  13. I suppose the next great idea from the SPFL will be to add C teams to add further to the lustre of this revamped competition
  14. If he’s the commentator I always watch with the sound turned down.
  15. Rangers* poor first half. Celtic poor second, but should not have lost that.
  16. Agree on Edouard. Think you missed decimal point in your evaluation of Morelos.
  17. Morelos needs to be booked for his continual diving.
  18. Scottish football is being ruined by the appallingly low standard of refereeing
  19. The SPFL should make it a requirement to allocate, say, 10% of the tickets to away fans and penalise teams who don’t.
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