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  1. I think the problem is that the current coaching team doesn’t know how to organise a defence. On the face of it, this squad should not be conceding goals they way they do. But it was exactly the same last year.
  2. Fairly obvious... Stranraer better than Annan, Annan better than Accies, Accies better than Ayr [emoji6]
  3. Edinburgh City might have been better to forfeit the game
  4. Reports in the press today that this will be shelved for this season. When (if?) it comes back it should be without foreign teams and Premiership reserves.
  5. And can someone remind me of the punishment doled out to Rangers* for the much more serious offence of playing a friendly without confirmation of test results?
  6. Presumably you reported these parties to the police.
  7. I’m struggling between two response. Either first sensible thing to emerge from him or that means there will definitely be teams from outwith Scotland. If he’s not lying then a definite step forward.
  8. The Ferguson comment. The three OF clubs is just factual.
  9. Poor from Rangers, very poor from Aberdeen, and extremely poor from Madden. It’s almost as if football never went away.
  10. Perhaps I should have signalled my sarcasm more clearly. Agree with your second paragraph.
  11. They’ve only played them ten times according to your graphic.
  12. Shocking refereeing. Got the ball. Obviously Madden was getting worried that Aberdeen were coming into the game and might get an equaliser.
  13. TBF what’s most shocking is Darren Ferguson’s appearance, since he has no connection with any of the three OF clubs.
  14. Morelos has probably knocked a few million of his price with this display.
  15. To be fair, the legal case was more exciting than this.
  16. On this display unless Hibs do something the SPFL might as well give Celtic the title now.
  17. Problem all over Scotland. Teams start games having already mentally lost them. Not just and Aberdeen issue.
  18. So apparently the virus can only survive for a few hours on hard surfaces apart from in unused football facilities where it can survive for months [emoji848]
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