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  1. It’s what we’ve been charging all season. Best (and best value) streaming in Scotland. (No bias here.)
  2. HD and English commentary better than SD and Gaelic!
  3. Do you really want to trash your club’s reputation?
  4. The normal season results are interesting: Edinburgh City won all three games against Elgin, on an aggregate of 5-2. Elgin on all three against Stranraer on an aggregate of 10-3. Stranraer won twice against Edinburgh City and lost the other. Each game was wo by only one goal. And looking at form, post-split Elgin won 9 points, Stranraer 7 and Edinburgh City 3.
  5. With one move he has undone nearly a decade of reputation building by the Lowland League.
  6. … or even a dedicated one - Sky Sports Lowland League 😀
  7. And the cost of extra policing/stewarding for visiting fans.
  8. Stranraer cannot be promoted to the Lowland League so why should other Colts teams be allowed at that level or above? But there’s a difference that I suspect few understand. When I started watching Stranraer no one really thought that the SoSL side was a reserve team. It was really a team for local players (usually referred to as the 'wee team'), with very few making it to the 'big team', which was and continues to be filled with central belt players, who train in Glasgow and are bussed in for games. So it’s not really a Colts side. The description of the wee team as a reserve side only really became common when it was reestablished after a gap of several years. I've said often on here that I’m not in favour of second and third teams participating in the pyramid, but if it is to happen it should be done properly as in Spain, with opportunities open to all sides on merit, not out of a sense of entitlement or from bullying by the usual suspects. And these sides should start at the bottom, and not be parachuted in halfway up the pyramid.
  9. They obviously feel that they need the competitive advantage this will bring them over the Aberdeens. Hibernians, etc of this world who’re breathing down their necks and endangering their God-given right to share all the spoils of Scottish football.
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