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  1. They wouldn’t be the first Scottish club to claim an implausible foundation date.
  2. Irvine Meadow 2 Stranraer 5 Gallagher hat trick, Walker and Hawkshaw. Ultimately fairly easy despite twice allowing Irvine to equalise, first from a penalty conceded after sloppy defending and the second while waiting for a clear offside inexplicably missed by the linesman. Played some lovely quick and incisive passing stuff in the second and arguably should have had a few more goals.
  3. What about Celtic C, Hearts C and Rangers* C?
  4. Is that fourth fourth, or fourth and ‘champions’?
  5. To be fair the constitutions of the SCFA and SoSFL (unless changed recently) do not limit membership to Galloway and Dumfries, but rather the South of Scotland, which is not defined. Possibly the mistake of the SoSFL was being too generous when the WoSFL was being set up by not asserting that there was already a pyramid league covering the west area
  6. I know but I think the amount of the difference between ‘lucky loser’ runners-up and the three who qualify is too much.
  7. Based on this season’s playoffs surely it would be fairer for the South winners to play off against the West, with the winners playing against the East?
  8. Just take a bit more from the greedy Premiership clubs
  9. Seems somewhat unfair that the non-qualifying runners-up get £29k but the three who scrape through get a minimum of £21k extra. Andy why does it cost a club £10k less to host a TV match in the group stage rather than the knockout rounds?
  10. Who takes these stupid decisions.
  11. All the new signings look good and I think will be better than those who were released. However the squad still looks thin, and we need a couple of recognised strikers. If we can add two or three good players over the next couple of weeks I’m optimistic that we’ll have a better season than last.
  12. Scott Dunn signs from Queen of the South and Dylan Forrest from Cumbernauld Colts.
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