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  1. Not actually. Some excerpts from the SoSFL constitution, where there's no mention of Dumfries or Galloway. To Develop, Foster, Co-Ordinate and Sustain Association Football at the Club and League level throughout South West Scotland" To play and promote Association Football in the South of Scotland All clubs in the South of Scotland Region playing under the rules of the Scottish FA and the Laws of the game issued by the International Board shall be eligible for membership The SFA should probably step in and demand clarification/agreement with the WoSFL, but clearly most of the WoSFL members are eligible for SoSFL membership.
  2. You could be right. They seem to be in free fall at the moment.
  3. Surely you mean deny Brechin/University of Stirling promotion via the playoffs?
  4. A shout out to the young guy who was stewarding the visiting fans. Friendliest and most helpful steward I’ve come across for many a year.
  5. I can imagine there might be a legal challenge from an SPFL club asked to take part in playoffs with a ‘champion' club that couldn’t even win its own league.
  6. When does the video go on sale at the Rangers* superstore?
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