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  1. Among the more idiotic suggestions we’ve seen recently
  2. Tiny increases in crowds offset by substantial increase in stewarding/policing costs.
  3. Positives Four divisions so smaller teams can win something Moves towards a pyramid Negatives Voting a team with no history straight into the fourth tier in 2012 Failure of the other top 12 teams to reform the voting structure in 2012 Stupid rule changes e.g. new drop ball and substitution rules VAR
  4. The Mission of the SoSFL is "To Develop, Foster, Co-Ordinate and Sustain Association Football at the Club and League level throughout South West Scotland". One of its objectives is "To play and promote Association Football in the South of Scotland." There is no mention of Dumfries or Galloway in its constitution. The constitution doesn’t define either "south" or "south west." However, any common sense definition clearly extends beyond Galloway and Dumfries. Personally I think the best outcome would be to incorporate the SoSL into the new West, with probably most of the South teams eventually finding their place towards the bottom of the structure, and probably in regionalised leagues that stretch NS rather than EW, given longer east-west travel times. But no one can doubt given the SoSL constitution that that league could have insisted that most aspiring WoSL teams wanting access to the pyramid should have joined them. They are making a sacrifice for the greater good.
  5. Essentially showing the need for a lowland league.
  6. Why don’t we take the excellent idea from the new WoSL? Four conferences, possibly 12 in each with Brora plus 5 from the LL.
  7. All these asterisks is going to get very confusing. So Celtic* will have a different meaning to Rangers*? Why Kelty when Bonnyrigg could also win?
  8. Sigh, different club so can’t go bust *again*
  9. Appropriate that he doesn’t understand this given that he’s spending all his time on here putting his foot in his mouth!
  10. Er, the word is mathematics. But what he’s doing is the arithmetic.
  11. Is there an award for the most stupid post of the year on P&B? The government was told that without action there would have been around 750k deaths in the UK. There is now some optimism that we may be able to keep this to ~20k. Trump is a well known anti-vaxxer. Presumably when a vaccine is developed you will turn down the offer of a dose?
  12. The problem is that the gate money for the season is less than the minimum cost of a squad given the minimum wage legislation. (To be fair this applies to most part time teams in Scotland.). It’s the prize money and lottery income that keeps us going. If the club has used the Rangers money to pay off the bank overdraft it did the right thing. My concern from last year’s accounts was that while the club was overall in the black, this was because of the value placed on the Fitba Bar. Cash was substantially less than short-term bank borrowings, which could be called in within a year. We might have had a lot of difficulty in selling off the pub quickly if this had proven necessary. Hopefully we are no longer relying on a bank to stay in business and we can retain the bar into the long term.
  13. And it’s has/had Ayrshire teams, and East Kilbride were (briefly) members.
  14. Many epidemiologists think we are heading for the worst outbreak in Europe because of the incompetence of PM Cummings and his lackey Johnson.
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