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  1. And for Ross Matthews to dish out free crates of Falkirk Tears.
  2. I remember when the club shop used to be in the back of the Main Stand and it was absolutely heaving with strips, jackets, jumpers, scarves, hats, footballs, keyrings etc - and that was when we were part-time in the late 80s. Almost impossible to buy a scarf these days. Staggeringly poor offering and, as pointed out, has been that way for far too long. Someone at the club really needs to go round other clubs at our level and see what can be done. It will help hook young fans for the future if we’ve got a proper selection of stock.
  3. Looks like we’re targeting a specific market. Footballers of Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire, we’re coming to get you.
  4. Glad they “calmed down” before typing that. Wouldn’t want to embarrass themselves by posting something when angry.
  5. The state of this. Copy and paste job from the Sevco files 2012?
  6. Flip side to that is that they haven’t beaten us in the league this season either. And their record against top half sides is honking.
  7. Sacko, Ebanda and Simmons at left mid all conspicuous by their absence. Madness.
  8. We’re going to just have to get on with Munro as No1. No point in mumping or talking about another signing. We actually have a keeper to play - it’s significantly better than around this time in 2017 when Ryan Stevenson was our No1.
  9. Any ‘fan’ who uses rail works as an excuse for not making it from Kirkcaldy to Perth for a cup final is an absolute disgrace.
  10. Guys aged 70+ or mums waiting in the pie queue then. Why should anyone wade through that nonsense in a concourse at a football ground? Really don’t see what the laughing matter is surrounding my boy who loves going to games but would be terrified confronted with a wall of smoke inside the stand. Just nip it in the bud now before someone gets hurt or something serious occurs.
  11. I don’t see the link between ‘wanting to go back to the funeral atmospheres of old’ and being urged not to let off smoke bombs or smash seats in other grounds. Where does the vandalism help inspire the team?
  12. I really enjoy the atmosphere the YT bring to games and it has certainly helped us on the park. But I really shouldn’t be worrying about taking my asthmatic son to the toilet at half-time due to some imbeciles letting off smoke bombs inside the concourse just to film themselves for social media. Just sing at full voice and bounce around like dafties - but don’t put others needlessly at risk for a few ‘likes’.
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