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  1. Love reading everyone’s memories. Got goosebumps and started welling up seeing highlights again. Went with my late Dad and sister and treasure all the little memories of the day - Van Halen’s Jump before the teams came out sticks in my mind for some reason so I listened to that again today. Fantastic seeing all the pics of celebrations again. I love how the team are all still in their Rovers kits when we lifted the cup and didn’t have tacky T-shirts which might have been the case if it happened now. Pretty sure I’ll never see anything like it again but privileged to have been there. Absolute heroes, one and all. Thank you.
  2. Desperately missed having a ‘nasty’ midfielder in that 2nd half. Hendry and Spencer are a joy to watch when we dominate matches but were posted missing after half-time. Worst example for me was in the run-up to the red card when Hendry had a weak, half-pull at Goodwillie’s hand before he was tripped by SAndo. Got to haul/scythe him down before he gets within 30 yards of goal. Thought Anderson had a bit of mare all day but will really miss him next week. Baird was ineffective too. McGurn with a couple of amazing saves - Gordon Banks-like for Goodwillie’s header. Relieved to escape with a point given the position we were in after 75mins or so. But there’s no getting away from the fact we’ve chucked away 2pts. We can’t defend away from home with a back 4 so McGlynn is going to have to put trust in McKay at CB at some point.
  3. Agree we were pretty lacklustre with a lack of intensity at times. Understandable in a way given how easy the first 20-25 mins were but would’ve been good to get Baird, Bowie etc rattling in a few goals for confidence. Hendry was poor with his final balls and getting caught in possession quite a lot. Need to be sharper than that on league business. He’s got plenty of credit in the bank though so won’t go overboard.
  4. Better get those missing seats reinstated in the McDermid Stand to accommodate the Inverness hordes.
  5. The quality of football in this league is significantly better than the quality of this thread.
  6. These games usually average about 6 goals. Think this could easily eclipse that. 4-4, including three own goals.
  7. First game of the season for me tonight. Thought Miller, MacDonald, Hendry, Spencer and Bowie were excellent. And Allan looked a very good focal point in the way he wins aerial balls and brings others into the game. Deserved his goal. Horrendous goal to lose and disappointing to chuck away a clean sheet considering how few of them we had last season. Was probably worth putting Mendy and Watson on at that point to give them game time but it’s ended up with Mendy’s confidence being shot more than before. That team has to start at Dumbarton.
  8. Mind when Barry Smith wouldn’t play Regan Hendry ahead of John Heron?
  9. Aiming big(ish), what about Jack Aitchison or Aidan Keena as a potential loan striker?
  10. We should do a similar but not identical design to the Diadora kit (solid white shoulder instead of spray paint effect) but team it with the deep navy/black socks used in the final. Winner.
  11. Surely, given our recent grim financial figures, we’re not paying fees for players - and especially left-backs. I remember us splurging £100k on Paul Bonar from the real Airdrie back in the day and that went well...
  12. Rovers fans suggesting we won’t miss Nisbet much are in denial. We haven’t had a 30 goal a season striker since Dalziel in our Div.1 title year in 1993. He might not have a pedigree in the Championship but he’s clearly knuckled down and grasped his (at the time) final shot at full-time football this season.
  13. With Hendry pulling the strings in midfield and Matthews whispering grossly offensive slurs to wind up the opposition, I don’t see how anyone can stop us.
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