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  1. Tumilty was an understated but excellent signing and showed his value to the team throughout his 2 seasons here. He seemed to really buy into McGlynn’s team ethos and had a great rapport with the fans. Don’t begrudge him trying his hand elsewhere and hope he ends up somewhere decent. Same goes for Musonda. Looked a class act especially in his first season but was prone to some iffy displays last year. Shame he never really got a proper run in the same position but kudos to him for his international call-up. Be good to see him make another step up at club level.
  2. Aye but remember he can play anywhere across the back four, open the batting and is an ambidextrous scratch golfer. Tx said so.
  3. Did he back off more or less than Euan Murray? Never seen anyone backpedal more than when he was faced with Bobby Linn in 18-19.
  4. “The even better point…” equals that team and set-up? Play with one centre half and no full-backs or wing-backs? Just step away from the keyboard.
  5. Quite like the lack of rumours surrounding the new defenders. Be good to have a couple of vaguely surprising signings - like the halcyon days pre-social media.
  6. Pleased with the addition of Easton. Sure a few Championship clubs and League One languishers like Falkirk and Dunfermline would have wanted him. But can’t help feeling it’s the one area where we are overloaded with players (Zanatta, Ross, Connolly, Vaughan, Gullan). Wonder if Murray might try to move on someone like Zanatta to free up more space in the squad.
  7. Not if their away kits don't clash with either of those they won't. Home teams should never be made to wear away colours. Killie’s kit choices this season were a joke - just slightly different shades of blues and purples. Teams should be forced to play skins or wearing training bibs if they can’t choose alternative colours to the home side’s usual strip.
  8. Thomson has been down at Aston Villa for a few days to check out their training etc. Was at the Liverpool game last night.
  9. Sim to appease the support by snubbing McPake for… Jim McIntyre. 12/1
  10. I think more people should post Football Manager achievements and pics of Peter Grant. Absolutely top notch banter.
  11. Headed to this game to tick off another ground on my list and was shocked by how far Dumbarton have fallen since their Championship days. Shambolic stuff at the back in the first half but looked more likely to make it 2-2 before Edinburgh scored for 3-1 and the heads dropped. Surprised the no17 (Syvertsen?) was subbed at HT as he looked pretty handy and comfortable on the ball. No chance the Sons are coming back from this in 2nd leg. Assume the atmosphere will be pretty poisonous given how the fans were arguing among themselves. Proper miserable bunch - but no wonder if that’s what they’ve had to put up with all season.
  12. I’d take Thomson ahead of McPake every day of the week. No guarantee he’d be good as it’s hard to gauge Kelty’s success given the squad at his disposal but he’s worth a punt far more than McPake. Sad to see how it’s ended for McGlynn and Smith. Absolute stalwarts for the club but the form and decisions over the last 4 months have left a sour taste in the mouth. Can only hope the Board get the next part right - but I won’t hold my breath.
  13. Had to laugh at Dan Armstrong giving it big licks with the trophy. Total waste of a season for him in terms of playing time. Will no doubt be emptied ahead of the Prem.
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