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  1. Which harness did someone on here recommend to help with the dog pulling. My boys OK half the time - unless he needs a shit or gets a sniff of something he doesn’t pull really badly but he’s a big strong fella and seems to be a bit worse with the wife.
  2. Late to this conversation but I have never heard of a Rowie in my life. Its a roll in D&G - always has been.
  3. The Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine will be a game changer when it is regulated and rolled out. Its the breaking news I'm certainly waiting for above all others. Get that fired into folks via Nerf Guns at on a massive scale of and we can start easing these awful restrictions.
  4. What's the rationale behind 5 days? If they must relax the rules, Christmas Day along with either Christmas Eve or Boxing day would have been plenty to appease the Facebook mum brigade surely.
  5. Mallo_Madrid

    FIFA 21

    I have done two base icon swaps now - Laudrup and Nakata. My pack luck definitely peaked early this year, it has been so bad recently. Still I cant complain.
  6. Mallo_Madrid

    FIFA 21

    Also terrible rewards again.
  7. Find it hard to understand why if a regions numbers are indicative to a certain tier, that bordering regions are being considered in that decision. What it is the point in it being regional?
  8. Mallo_Madrid

    FIFA 21

    Yeah. I've been lucky with pre order packs this year but that's now massively dried up. Any sort of rewards, be it packs from objectives rewards or weekend league rewards have been completely not worth the effort. Working towards a guarantee - for example the Bellerin card was more enjoyable and was fairly straight forward to get. Cracking card as well.
  9. Mallo_Madrid

    FIFA 21

    Gold 3 with 8 games remaining. I just couldn't be bothered and left it there.
  10. Mallo_Madrid

    FIFA 21

    Laudrup. Swing and a miss. Could have been worse though.
  11. Must be some discussions or considerations around Dumfries & Galloway going tier 1. New cases are very low. 5 yesterday, only 1 today. Hopefully those level of cases continue throughout this week and we get the nod next tuesday.
  12. Any clues where I can purchase online - or still sold out absolutely everywhere?
  13. Mallo_Madrid

    FIFA 21

    Nice pull. My rewards were abysmal this moring.
  14. Middle Earth: Shadow of War is a cracking game. Ploughed some serious hours into already and I'm still enjoying it. Best Playstation Plus release thus far IMO.
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