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  1. Mallo_Madrid

    Fifa 23

    Did another Hero SBC and got 90 rated Lucio. He's a wall in game. Don't think I've ever used a CB as good as he is.
  2. Mallo_Madrid

    Fifa 23

    Mascherano for me. Meh. Could have been worse.
  3. Mallo_Madrid

    Fifa 23

    I was coaching my son's 2011s football team Saturday morning. Got home to over 50 emails. Somebody had got into my PS account and helped themselves to 10 payments of £50 with my linked debit card. Some scummy people out there. Of course, Sony don't work over the weekend, so cards cancelled, and it took until yesterday afternoon to get through but they're refunding this week. Hardly any content over the weekend so didn't miss too much, caught up with the tokens last night. Hoping for GG again this weekend.
  4. Mallo_Madrid

    Fifa 23

    I take it there'll be a load more swap objectives tonight again? Quite enjoyed doing them last weekend. Nice break from weekend league and a bit easier to manage with kids running about as GG games are generally only a couple of minutes long.
  5. Mallo_Madrid

    Fifa 23

    Assumed my luck ha well and truly dried up, not quite. Thought I’d a few 75+ player picks before rolling out of bed this morning - first pick I did and I was greeted by this fine gentleman. Trades for around 650k with terrible links so it must be a handy card.
  6. Mallo_Madrid

    Fifa 23

    Wow. Haha - borderline useable I suppose. Enjoy.
  7. Mallo_Madrid

    Fifa 23

    Thats some pull. Tradeable?
  8. I've 3 kids now. 11, 7 & 9 months. 323 babies.
  9. Mallo_Madrid

    Fifa 23

    Cancelo is excellent. You need to start using him. Red picks were Dembele and Casimiro. Front 6 and Militao are all untradeable. I have a shit ton of coins now. I should probably start trading, but I wouldn't know where to start and would most likely lose coins. Nakata and Thiago are both cracking cards, especially Nakata for the price.
  10. Mallo_Madrid

    Fifa 23

    My pack luck hasn't diminished at all. I packed Thiago rulebreakers from a gold upgrade pack. Cristiano Ronaldo last night from the 75+ pack. I also packed tradeable Essien last week from a rewards pack. Thats two icons packed this year, I think the only icon I've packed previously is Schmeichel in the past 3 or 4 years. I got Nakata from the 87 max hero pack which is fairly decent. Hagi from the Icon back last week which isn't great. Ronaldo is the best card I've used so far, perfect for this game. Figo is good but not worth the 600k odd coins, I might just see how Bernado Silva or Bruno Fernandes do in comparison. Allison, Marquinos, Messi, Figo & Capdevilla all tradeable.
  11. Mallo_Madrid

    Fifa 23

    I've had some unbelievable pack luck over the past two days. I've just got round to doing the Hybrid Leagues and Hybrid nations and they've come up trumps. Plus a few other SBC's. Hybrid Nations SBC rare player's pack I got Neymar and UCL RTTK Anguissa both untradable. Hybrid League SBC I got Dembele, UECL RTTK Ikone and UEL RTTK Simon all untradable One for the win SBC (gold players pack with one rare card) I packed Baby Lahm tradable Net splitter SBC I got Dembele tradable this time. I managed to catch the Hero's pack and got Mostovoi which wasn't great but he's really good at CAM. Raphina is tradeable, I got him Sunday night when prices were quite low at 328k. Currently sitting at 360k and if Barcelona manage to beat Inter tomorrow, I expect that to rise again. Mostovoi and Lahm both tradelable but the rest are all untradable. Not sure what to do with Lahm. Currently selling for 470k. Played a few games with him last night and he's very good. I just don't think I need a 470k CDM at this point in the game. Big Sorloth is an unbelievable card for his price but I could probably use the coins to upgrade and my full backs aren't great.
  12. Personally, I would take crisps over confectionary every day of the week. With the top boys below. Cleary a strong flavoured ridge-based crisp is hard to beat. What is your King of Crisps. Hopefully not too many in the habit of keeping crisps in the fridge.
  13. Peanut Butter Snickers bites are up there.
  14. Occular migraine. I've not had one for a couple of years but used to get them every two or three months. They're a pain at the time as it's so hard to concentrate but I always felt really shitty after them. First time it happened was pretty scary as I had no idea what was going on.
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