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  1. Work colleagues

    The office manager is retiring this week. She's been here since the company started but has been really struggling for a couple of years with her work. She's played a binder before leaves, due to her not doing her job properly she has cost her and myself nearly £300 from our wages in bonuses. Although a bit of a pain its not a massive biggie for me because it'll just carry over into next month. She'll not see a penny of hers. Plank. I take over the role next week, most of it is pretty basic but there's a fair chunk of it I'll be going in blind with as she just would not find the time to show me things. Could be fun. edit to add; she is a lovely old dear and will be missed.
  2. FIFA 19

    I did the FlashBack SBC and got Pedro, doesn't fit into my team at all. Done with Untradeable so didn't cost any coins so not the end of the world. I have a did the Torres one a while back who I rarely use as well. I did the Swap Deals SBC for unused swap players for the Electrum Players Pack. I got 7 packs all together, packed Kante & Muller. Also packed Hazard from my rewards today. All untradeable though and none fit my team.

    100% this. Blake my Labradoodle is some size now. He gets an awful time from the ankle biters. He absolutely loves playing with other dog but is too glaikit to understand not all dogs are the same, he's getting there though.
  4. COD4 Remaster

    Yeah I've been having a few games online. Downloaded it since it was free. Good fun to drop in and out of.
  5. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    I'll probably buy it and have a go.. Bloodborne was probably my skill level, still one of my favourite games I occasionally go back to. Dark Souls I struggled massively with. If you're saying its more difficult than Dark Souls then I might be wasting my money.
  6. Live mics for referees?

    I think it would be good just to show the absolute bile and shite refs have to put up with and the pressure they are put under after making every single decision. Referee's in this country could have an absolute cracking game, get one decision wrong and its all over social media & newspapers with the referee getting absolutely slated. Its an awful culture. The fact that referee's, as humans, are expected to get every single decision correct over the course of a 90minute football is match is bonkers.
  7. Gardening Thread

    Chuffed with this. Cracking wee back garden now for the kids. The wee man has asked for another set of goals for the other side so its like a wee football pitch.
  8. Infuriating Things Your Partner Does

    I'll take you outside and heel you in the throat.. Its the end bit.
  9. Gardening Thread

    My dog has absolutely annihilated my back lawn. It has a labradoodle running track round it. I have a guy coming to quote me to replace the whole thing with the artificial stuff. Which is class, because I have zero notion for tending to a garden with a dog that resembles a small horse running around on it.
  10. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    I get these, its exactly like the middle picture in the oil painting. The blurriness starts tiny and expands gradually. Only rarely though, maybe once every 3 or 4 months. Seem to only ever happen at the exact same time of the day and never anywhere but at work. Very strange. I feel really shitty after the vision goes back to normal.
  11. FIFA 19

    Koulibaly and Josh King from my reward picks. I really want to build Koulibaly into my team, he looks an absolute beast. I think I'm going to have to sacrifice my Larsson Icon (he's not been great) for a GK icon to make this work. Want shot of flashback Casillas anyway, for a 91 card he is an absolute bomb scare.
  12. FIFA 19

    Got a free Ultimate pack as well. Headliner Skriniar. Looks a decent card but won’t fit in my squad. Packed an 81 rated TOTW player as well. Why the free pack?
  13. FIFA 19

    14 wins from 29. Friday went well. I had a terrible Saturday morning, winning around 2 from 10. Sunday was pretty decent. I felt the gameplay was completely different Saturday but I was putting down to my hangover.
  14. Nintendo Switch

    It that good? I'm currently enjoying plodding through RDR on the PS4 and that is going to take some beating to be honest. I'll take your word for it though, is it something my son can play? He's coming 8? Edit; just googled it, he got a Zelda game with it, I can bet its breath of the wild. He has jumped in and out of it but tends to just put the game down rather than ask for help. Might be good to start from scratch with him and play through it together.
  15. Nintendo Switch

    The wee man got a switch from his Grandma, Any must have games? Especially for a 33 year old (me, not the wee man).