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  1. I need to stay away more often ...missed both home games and two wins. Hopefully another win on Tuesday which I’ll also miss. Check out our opening goal on twitter #screamer
  2. Definitely old school. The Edinburgh Utd helper is a paramedic and took control of the situation. The correct thing to do was not move the laddie till the ambulance crew arrived with the proper equipment. Edinburgh wouldn’t let us break up an old broom to fashion a makeshift splint. [emoji23]
  3. Yes very young squad but we do have a few more experienced players coming in. No loans from Whitehill though
  4. Oh dear. It’s fairly common knowledge who I am on this board. To my knowledge Dalkeith have never bumped anyone out of anything. Can you tell me which players I have made derogatory comments about?
  5. Not bitter in the slightest see my previous post wishing the lads well at their new club -genuinely hope they do well for Whitehill. Players come and go that's football. But as you've registered just to post nonsense about "bumping boys out of money" you will also know that the contracts and agreements players sign are for the protection of both the Players and The Clubs...its a two way street.
  6. A classic case of announcing new players before you can actually register them. Probably learned from the big team.
  7. You wont see any further announcements from the club until the boys are actually registered and confirmed by the SFA. As you know we are building a team from scratch but expect a raft of announcements from 1st July onwards.
  8. It's all subjective - yes they can compete - but define compete. Do you mean challenge for whatever league they are in....then no. They are all decent laddies and I'm disappointed to lose each and everyone of them but like I said earlier they owe us nothing and they go with nothing but our best wishes. You never know what can happen in football and they could all end up back with us at some point.
  9. Dalkeith Thistle Pre-season matches are as follows: Home v Lothian Thistle 6.7.19 KO 230 pm Home v Livingston Juniors FC 13.7.19 KO 2.30 pm Home v Dunbar Utd 16.7.19 KO 730 pm Home v Vale of Leithen 20.7.19 KO 230pm
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