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  1. How has your streams been for the games so far Arbroath fans?
  2. It is pretty good and well worth the extra £ than what Dundee charged last week. The cameras are spot on, zooming in and the likes and covers all angles of the pitch! The Commentary is spot on too, sounds like proper guys doing it rather than 2 Morton fans plucked from the Cowshed! Get a beer cracked and fire it on before KO, decent chat about both teams from Gerry and the bold Andy Ritchie.
  3. Jesus is this Morten thing still going 😄! Tough trip! That haddie Muirhead needs dropped, he's horrendous, 4 at the back with Ledger in at RB, sorted! Would like to see Oliver starting over that carthorse Orsi but can't see it, hopefully sneak something from this game. 1-1
  4. There is no way McPake will be on the bench, he's ran the show whenever he's been on the park, if he is then Hopkin is a f*cking moron. I think we would be better going 4 at the back and move Ledger over to RB, we really need to find a way to have both Nesbitt and McPake in the starting 11 as Orsi is pretty stinking up top! So with the 4 at the back we can stick 3 behind Orsi with Jim and Jacobs holding. Good to have the league business back, looking forward to it!
  5. M0rtonfc

    FM 2020

    Got this for free recently like many others I see, not played it in a few years. I started a game with Brentford, sitting 6th in the table about 5 points off a automatic promotion place with 13 games to play, playing decent enough although away form not the best and the chairman pulls me in and says I have a few games to save my job....eh whit?! My task is to at least make the playoffs!! Anyway, it so happens I have top of the table away from home and 4th at home, get beat 2-0 away and draw 1-1 at home, SACKED! Haha harsh as f**k! It's great to be back 😑
  6. Surely not 3 at the back as he's always been a 4 at the back manager has he not? Hopefully it is 4 at the back as he no longer has the headache over Tierney not to mention with both McKenna and Palmer out, can he really afford to start 3 at the back with 2 WB's? Surely 4 at the back with decent cover on the bench? Marshall O'Donnell - Cooper - Gallagher/Porteous - Robertson McTominay - McGregor Fleck - McGinn - Fraser Dykes He's pure gonna stick McTominay and Gallagher into a back 3 with Cooper, this I know
  7. Absolutely horrendous, what is it with these big clunky Hi-Tec Silver Fox type trainers these days? Stinking!
  8. Your just being an arse, you know what I mean, McTominay is not a CB......We have played the back 3 with Tierney at the left hand side, yes his current natural position at Arsenal but it's not working, the whole defence didn't look comfortable and the rest of the team looked unbalanced, not to mention that Robertson, maybe our best player looks completely lost at LWB. We should just have a back 4 with Cooper - Tierney as the 2 CB's, 2 holding in front of the back 4 with 3 behind Dykes, it's by far our best formation, what's yours?
  9. It HAS to be a back 4, although performances weren't the most pleasing on the eye before the last couple of horrendous games we were still getting results, in a back 3 we just look so unbalanced and the players don't look comfortable at all, the performances are also even worse than they were before. In goal, of course Marshall, the back 4 picks itself, bin the McTominay patter and have him in, you know, his natural position! Back 4 should be Palmer - Cooper - Tierney - Robertson, 2 sitting in front should be McGregor - McTominay/Jack/Fleck, not too fussed which one, all can do a job there and then the front 3 behind Dykes should be Armstrong - McGinn - Christie with Fraser as an option off the bench. It's not rocket science, that's by far our best team and formation with the players we have available, none of this throwing players into positions and hoping for the best, revert back to what we were playing before and all players in positions they are comfortable in, I would be pretty confident going into the game with the above.
  10. It said no fans would be in the stadium and that an automatic refund would be made, pretty clear! Anyone had their refund yet?
  11. Aye I got a refund email and I'm just a punter who bought a few tickets online, automatic refund, money back within 7 days. Empty Hampden confirmed, bouffin!
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