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  1. I'm one of them, signed up on the back of this news, was on the fence for a while but now is the time to back them, IMO.
  2. f**k sake!! DHGate all the way haha! It's already on there, just checked, incredible 😄
  3. Absolute topper, Ajax always seems to produce the goods with away taps! Defo be a wee DHGate order for that.
  4. The Dundee taps are cracking, Macron are top of the table these days, always smart. I think the new Ayr home will look smart full kit on the players but that orange bit in the sponsor is bouffin!
  5. That Motherwell tap is stunning, by far the best I've seen so far....apart from ours in L/S of course. Also to add, the only good thing about those East Stirling taps is the old school numbers on the back of the shirts.
  6. Pretty sad to see Bob leave, great commitment and decent goalscorer, he was a good threat to have at this level and will be missed. He seemed like a decent guy too, wish him the best! The part time shout sounds about right as when I heard he knocked back an offer I thought it was strange that in these times any player would knock back a full time contract extension unless another club is lined up which I doubt right now. At part time though he'll have his pick of a number of clubs I'm sure, there is no doubts at all that King Slaphead Duffy will be sniffing about today.
  7. Nah your totally spot on mate, they should have had someone wearing it and there should have been a wee build up to the release, as you say it’s clearly just been a 20 min computer effort and fired out! As for the strip, it’s a shame that it’s still that 1874 logo which I fucking hate but apart from that it’s well nice and I’m a big fan of the collar, makes it look very smart. Finally, blue and white hooped socks, excellent!
  8. Happy with that, no messing about, basic and smart!
  9. It's awrite, 1 can is enough tho! If your gonna get a few belters from Tesco go for the SALT 8% DIPA pink cans, the SALT collab with Magic Rock and the North Brewing - Lost Comp, loads of belters to be fair! Cannonbll from Magic Rock too, lovely stuff!
  10. The Puma home and away tops we had a few year ago were both class, loved them and the training gear, night and day to what we have now
  11. Aye Flavourly are indeed pish! I used to have the Northern Monk box monthly, was £35 for 8-9 beers, usually big belters but cancelled it a while back, Hopefully Beer52 provides the goods again, my mate loves them. Yep seen all the beers in all the supermarkets, Tesco right now are flying with the craft, some absolute belters! Mikkeller have a YouTube channel that shows you what’s in the boxes each month, it’s a bit pricey but the quality of beers look cracking!
  12. I got a box of beers from them 2 week ago mate, a pal has a subscription and basically sent me a golden ticket for 8 free beers, I ended up adding an extra 2 beers for a fiver when offered, not bad for 10 beers eh! The box was pretty good, I’m a big craft beer drinker and wasn’t expecting anything special but it was pretty solid! 2 of the beers in the box you can get in Tesco so that was a bit of a meh but every other beer was new and decent. I’ve decided to keep the subscription going, think it’s about £25 for 10 beers the deal I got, will see how this next box turns out and cancel if it’s a shiter! If it is I’m thinking of doing the Mikkeller box, reading good stuff [emoji1303]
  13. That jalapeno Philadelphia is class!
  14. If you end up going after 10 and are looking for red wine options from Lidl then I highly recommend the attached, it’s glorious!
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