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  1. Aye, it is a special pint the 1st of the week after a grueller of a week at work mate, it shall be embraced!
  2. The 1st glorious Tennents Pint post will be on here shortly lads, while I, like others, sit at my desk in work trying to dodge as much work and effort as possible I'm looking at the clock on my desktop and 4pm seems so far away, Friday pints are heavy on my mind and it's naw even 11 bells . Stay strong fellow workers.
  3. f**k all wrong with that, unless someone comes into my office needing me for something right before 4pm I'm out of there bang on 4, even a phone call at 3:55pm would be dingied, normal behaviour if you ask me.
  4. Haha that does indeed sound horrific.... popping round your desk "Erm, I overheard Peter in the other booth saying that yous are going for pints after work, why wasn't I informed of this last night? I wanted us to do something"...……"Let me know what time your going for lunch at, I'll join you" and so on and so on. Feck that!
  5. That game was nasty in that weather, I couldn't wait for the FT whistle 5 mins into the game. A draw was probably the fair result in the end! Fair play to the Queens fans who travelled thru for that one.
  6. Doing a 10k this month, started training start of Jan.... Started off with 4k’s the 1st week about 3-4 times a week and just been going longer distances each week, I’m now 1st week of Feb and I’m doing 6.5k’s, defo a improvement each week
  7. Started running the start of Jan at least 4-5 times a week at the moment, was never a big runner, always hated it and got bored and done my fitness via playing 7's but my calves kept going playing the fitba so I've more or less chucked it for running, tough call but had to be done. I'm feeling a lot stronger as the weeks go by and no issues with the calves when out running. The route I've been going is in total 6.5k and I'm doing that in around 35-40mins, I'm hoping that's kinda decent at this stage? I'm not gliding my way to the end, normally struggling the last 1k but always finish it! Booked in to run my 1st 10k at Glasgow Green in a few weeks, hopefully get round it in about an hour, would be well chuffed with that.
  8. Boy I work with has had a packaged Cheese & Ham sandwich out of Morrison's and a mushroom Cuppa Soup every single day I've worked here which is just over 3 years. I chinned him the 1st year and he just replied that he's a creature of habbit, he's sound but that kinda annoys me a bit that there hasn't been a day he's decided he fancies a change of sandwich or Cuppa Soup, incredible actually.
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