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  1. Fiver double tonight: Charlton and BTTS QPR and BTTS Returns £118
  2. BOOM!!! In after 47 mins [emoji2]
  3. Wee BTTS 5 fold the night: Gillingham, Oxford, Port Vale, Crawley and Rochdale games, tenner returns 190
  4. I wouldn't even say he beats his man. He just effortless glides through opponents. It's fantastic to have some wingers with real ability for a change. Aye agreed mate, solid signing!
  5. He's been fanatstic for us so far, doesn't really need to beat his man, just collects and whips brilliant balls into the box, cracking signing!
  6. It's okay for a quick game if you're sitting on a train or something but it's ridiculously easy so it becomes very boring very quickly Uch!
  7. We needed that result and 2nd half display yesterday as the 1st half was a disgrace! Alloa at times looked neat and tidy on the ball with their passing without doing much damage! 2nd goal for us was a killer blow, we looked like a different team after that. The counter attack move for Lyon’s goal was brilliant! Millar was solid in the middle and actually made Blues look ok, McHugh with probably his best ever performance for us, 3 goals and an assist but yet again Cadden and Nesbitt the standouts, wrap those 2 in cotton wool please, losing any of them would be a massive kick in the baws!
  8. I've not long purchased an Amazon Fire HD tablet, as far as I can see I can only purchase FM Mobile for it, I've never seen the mobile version of it, any good?
  9. Absolute shambles yesterday, worrying times! That rain was wild at full time, great walk back to the station in it, summed up the day!
  10. Thanks for pointing that out, there was no sarcasm involved.
  11. Hopkin said he can play there, god knows how well, I don't think we will go with that, back 3 with Cadden dropping back would be the best plan of action you'd think.
  12. As for the game, Strapp is out for us so I can't see past a back 3 with Cadden dropping into LWB, Millar/Lyon and Jacobs in the middle with Nesbitt just playing off the man mountain Sutton. Unless we just slip Salkeld in for Strapp and keep Cadden in his natural position and dingy the back 3.
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