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  1. I’m assuming Morton will lump it into the box at every opportunity? This could get ugly in more ways than one.
  2. Thats fine if your assumption is that part time teams are automatically the worst teams in the league.
  3. Easiest fixture of the season? Not sure how you’ve worked that out. Happy to get the three points but we’ve a long way (goalie and centre half) to go until I can take us seriously.
  4. The Dunfermline goal where he came out flapping and missed the ball completely? As I said above, it’s more about what he doesn’t do than what he does do. He rarely comes for cross balls or balls into his box which is hurting us. It’s a basic facet of goalkeeping that he completely avoids and it puts us under pressure. I’ll name a few goals in the derby too. If Hamilton came and tried to punch the ball at least then I’d be happy that he was showing some form of presence. I think you’d see how bad Hamilton is if we had a goalie who came in and done the basics. He’s the worst number one keeper I’ve ever seen at Dens.
  5. I don’t think it takes first hand experience to acknowledge that Hamilton is not a goalkeeper who instils confidence in his defence. I’m actually astonished that you can’t see that Hamilton rarely comes for crosses or punts into his box and when he does he appears hesitant and/or misses the ball completely (ala Dunfermline). He’s rooted to his line far too often. He rarely attempts to come and punch the call as Siegrest done in the derby game. I’m sorry but he’s an absolute liability and I was one of the ones trying to convince myself that he had turned a corner. He hasn’t.
  6. Sorry but this is rubbish. His inability to come for crosses or to instil any confidence is really hampering us. It’s more what he’s not doing than what he is doing. He’s brutal.
  7. United will win the league at a canter. Their defence is shite but rest of their team is too good for the rest. One thing I can’t understand re Hamilton is by the time that looping Butcher header was in the air why couldn’t he get himself in position to stand up and catch that ball? He started scrambling over and diving almost as soon as Butcher headed it. A goalkeeper is an absolute must - got to be an experienced keeper sitting on a bench somewhere who would come in and do the basics? We also need a centre half but a goalie who could organise and come out for a cross would be a huge start. Sounds ridiculous to say but we’re moving in the right direction. We absolutely deserved to lose but it seemed absolutely everything went against us, most from our own players. Edited to add: I actually thought Shankland was excellent. He uses his body well and is clever in how he plays. Surely if he can stay clear of injuries he’ll end up moving on again sometime soon?
  8. Impressed by Utd even if 6-2 was fairly flattering. Enjoy your weekend you filthy animals. Can still be a successful season for us... ...if we sort that defence out [emoji85]
  9. I don’t think it’s crazy talk when it’s Neilson’s tactics we’re talking about. Dundee struggle against sides who sit in a bit and counter. Neilson’s default seems to be more defensive minded, granted he seems to have strayed from that so far this season. Wouldn’t be surprised if he reverted to default and try to pick us off.
  10. We’ve been solid defensively other than the opening match, including against Aberdeen but then everyone seems to be defensively solid against them. I think we’ll play two up top, Johnson and Hemmings, both really dangerous. We need to supply them though and I’d be keen to go with Todd and McDaid, give the team more balance with McGowan dropping out. Byrne and Ness in the middle, big call to drop Finlay Robertson though as he’s been outstanding for us. Just feel a wee breather might help him and us. Same defence as last few games too. It’s a pretty solid team, just need to keep Shankland quiet which is easier said than done. Think we’ll create chances. Be interesting to see if Utd sit in, which I suspect they will.
  11. Gonna be a cracker! We’re looking class and Utd are top of the pile so far - buzzing!
  12. Think this will be close tbh. ICT will come and frustrate and with the likes of Doran can catch us on the break. Hemmings should be fit to partner Johnson with Nelson a really good option from the bench again. I’d keep McGowan on the bench. He’s far too slow on the ball IMO.
  13. Thought we deserved it over 90 mins. Aberdeen struggled to match our intensity and physicality and we played better football. I was actually surprised at how bad Aberdeen were. Once we took Johnson, Ness and Todd off it changed things. Ness absolutely bossed the middle of the park. Really encouraged by us, thought we were really good all over the park. Good luck to Aberdeen in the next round!
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