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  1. When will I get that we’re absolutely terrible? I think if you read my posts you’ll see that I ‘get it’. I’m still convinced we’ll finish above Dunfermline though.
  2. The scary thing about this is that Dunfermline will still be fighting to avoid the drop. If we don’t sack McPake we will be too. How are we still in a play-off spot? This league is horrific.
  3. Definitely not higher than Dundee but would imagine it’ll be higher than ICT’s.
  4. We saw it in flashes I think. He was tremendous against Motherwell at Dens a few seasons ago, always stands out as probably his best game for us. But I agree, he’s got a lot to prove. Potentially a fantastic signing for Arbroath.
  5. Horrendous that I’ve got to this stage but I’d take a humping to get rid of McPake. I’m uncomfortable in saying that because I don’t like to see people out of a job, but from a selfish fan point of view he really needs to go. Dunfermline 4-1 Dundee
  6. Just murmurs on social media, nothing to get our hopes up unfortunately.
  7. Only McPake can explain why Hamilton plays every week. Worst goalkeeper I’ve ever seen at Dens and think he’ll struggle to play at any professional level after Dundee. Harsh but true.
  8. That Motherwell defence is nearly as bad as ours. Will still keep a clean sheet though.
  9. I expected Motherwell to win but watching that Dundee side is tragic. Ness, Byrne, McGowan (reluctantly because he’s gave his all), Meekings, Kerr, and Hamilton. All either incredibly poor and/or finished. Team lacks anything to get remotely excited about. Stale, predictable, and hopefully soon-to-be managerless.
  10. I must be one of the very few who actually feel Todd has something to offer. The fact Mackie plays ahead of him is not necessarily a sign of Todd’s ineptitude - in this case it’s more likely a sign of McPake’s ineptitude.
  11. Utd will be fine next season if they sort their central defenders out and add one or two elsewhere / retain Shankland. Wait, this is a Dundee thread - what’s going on here?
  12. I get what you’re saying but I feel absolutely no ounce of positivity. I’d hope with Strachan in that he’d influence our next manager when that times comes, however I fear it’ll be McGee, as rumoured. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that Strachan also tipped McPake for the post. I could be wrong though. What’s big Neil Warnock doing these days? [emoji85]
  13. I don’t want him in the team either. I’m just asking if after the weekend defeat will McPake throw him back in? I wouldn’t be surprised.
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