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  1. Your current team will compete with bottom end teams, that’s it though. If Neilson wants top six you’ll need almost an entire new team IMO.
  2. So is Nelms saying two other clubs changed their position from what was agreed previously? So that means those clubs weren’t ICT or Thistle as they had been clear that they were voting no? I’m confused.
  3. I don’t have enough info to make up any sort of sound analysis. It’s a shambles though, that much is clear.
  4. I can’t keep up with this. What’s happening now? Nelms is too nice to be doing anything underhand. Bet he’s fighting the good cause. Leave him alone abody!
  5. Scott Gardiner is an egotistical fanny. Alarming stuff that he’s anywhere near a football club again.
  6. They lost Dundee’s vote which was apparently a no vote? Who knows what to believe.
  7. Comfortable win. Defence looks solid. Can’t remember Hazard having anything to do other then one save in the first half and their shot off the post. Ayr are a good side but I thought it was comfy tonight tbh. McDaid was so disciplined defensively but was able to contribute in attack, really impressed with him. Byrne looked sharp too and got stuck in. And Nelson ran himself into the ground. Good balance about the team just now. Hopefully can keep it going against Dunfermline.
  8. I remember being astonished when I found out that St.Johnstone v Dundee was regarded as a derby and the extent to which their fans see Dundee as their main rivalry. I actually don’t mind St. Johnstone [emoji23]
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