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  1. full times Kirkintilloch Postp rain Largs Beith Postp rain Kilwinning Connor Boyd 42m, ?m, own goal 95m - Irvine Meadow 3v2 Blantyre - Nadeem Zeb 15m, Lewis McDonald 50m Ian McShane 10m, Jordan Kirkpatrick 25m, Darren Miller pen 54m, Ross Caldwell 61m, Jordan Allan 71m - Darvel 5v2 Troon - Montgomerie 44m, Josh Black 75m
  2. i was wondering that, i didn't see him in any of your game reports.
  3. Chris Dallas was transferred to St. Cadocs, Bryan Wharton and Danny MacKenzie on loan to Bo'ness, Josh Weir went to Rutherglen on loan, Stephen McDevitt to Rossvale on loan, Iain Russell on loan to Cowdenbeath (scored on Saturday). Paul Gallacher to Albion Rovers on loan.
  4. do you have the names of Bonnytons scorers please.
  5. All in there were 240 games postponed and 2 games abandoned last season, this season we have had 32 postponements.
  6. Mmm, i make it 7 home postponements since the 4th January.
  7. Kyle Gilroy 6m, Jackson Sivewright - Bonnyton 2v1 Cumbernauld - Jack Breslin Lee Gallagher 5m - Clydebank 1v1 Rossvale - Damon Welch Hurlford Postp rain Troon Lee McCrea and Ryan Carnwath 85m (2nd caution) red cards. Connor Boyd 50m - Irvine Meadow 1v2 Kilwinning - David Ramsay, Carlo Monti 81m Pen Kirkintilloch Postp rain Blantyre (1 red card) Jack Haggerty 11m Ben Black 81m - Largs 2v2 Beith - Del Hepburn 37m, Paul Frize. Ally Park red card Rutherglen Postp rain Darvel Conference A Ardeer Postp rain Renfrew no2 red card 61m (2nd caution) no8 red card - penalty 69m - Craigmark 1v1 Maryhill - Ged Dobbs 78m pen. Mick Browne red card (2nd caution) Jonny Baxter 6m, 63m, pen Lewis Dibble 32m - Glasgow Uni. 3v3 Ashfield - Rodden 1m, Callum Graham 38m, Barr Bradley Rodden red card 16m Maybole 7v0 Muirkirk Jason Elliott 59m, Connor Hughes, O'Donnell - St. Roch's 3v4 Kello - Johnson, Weir, Armour 2 gls (15m, 20m, 68m) Dylan McGuigan 19m - Bellshill 1v3 Annbank - Lee Sloan 28m, OG 50m, Jordan Ryan pen 78m Conference B Gartcairn 1v4 Greenock - James Marks, Craig Brown 2 gls, Aiden Duffy pen Irvine Victoria 0v2 Vale of Clyde - Kevin Turner, Marcus Fraser Dylan Fletcher, Conor Bolger, Adam Forde 2 gls - Neilston 4v2 Carluke - Edward Haley pen, Lewis Hill. Gary Fleming red card Gallacher 31m, McLarty 50m - Port Glasgow 2v0 Vale of Leven Dykes pen 50m - St. Cadoc's 1v0 Wishaw Conference C (Dickie red card 66m) Trialist 35m - Drumchapel 1v3 Thorniewood - Kelly, Baptie, Small Ryan Deas 28m, Gary Stewart 45+1m, Gavin Mackie 51m,78m, Johnston 63m, Shields 85m - Kilsyth 6v1 East Kilbride - Chris Philbin 3m Lanark Postp rain Yoker Newmains Postp rain Glasgow Perthshire
  8. Hurlford v Troon Rutherglen v Darvel Kirkintilloch v Blantyre Ardeer v Renfrew Lanark v Yoker Newmains v Glasgow Perthshire
  9. If you are holding or pulling outside the penalty area and it carries on into the area then it is a penalty, as Willie Young said to John Lambie hard or soft an egg is still an egg.
  10. Check out the Troon highlights, the Glens player was holding so a definite penalty.
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