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  1. A wee bit off track but a 5 minute walk from cowdenbeaths ground was where i lived as a wean, i used to run down to the bottom of the garden to watch the steam trains hurtle past.
  2. Just like in the olden days, i like my visits to Troon
  3. Yep at home then at Troon the next week in the league.
  4. If you count all competetive games this season i make only Auchinleck and Pollok have scored more goals than yourselves but only 12 teams have conceded more goals.
  5. Do you know what statistics are? 18 penalties awarded to Pollok this season so far 17 converted and one hit the post, 2 for hand ball the rest all fouls, 3 penalties awarded against Pollok 2 scored and 1 saved.
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