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  1. What incriminating evidence do Sevco have on James Tavernier that he's still turning out for them?
  2. A 2-2 draw looms on the horizon for these two intrepid mobs.
  3. Sounds as if we are expecting good things from this year's side so I'll put us down for a slow start and a 2-2 draw or 2-1 to County.
  4. The Protestant faith is underrepresented in the Balkan conflicts IMO. All those Kafflix and Orthodox and Muslamics killing each other.
  5. It's going to be fun watching the clueless hacks in the media confusing Watt with White and Lang with Long.
  6. Wasn't it just an obvious attempt to weaken a team who at the time were a potential rival?
  7. Yet another young(ish) player whose dream move to one of the Cheeks led to hardly any games before being unceremoniously tossed in the bin Sad.
  8. If Rangers mk2 die and Celtic get bored without them, I'd say that's fairly likely.
  9. For me the commentator should be neutral and dispassionate and simply tell the viewers what is going on. This is something Tyldesley could never do when England were in any way connected to the match in question. The co-commentator should provide the personal opinion or insight.
  10. It's always fun to see where a newly joined OF fan finds his place in the pecking order of loonballs and bigots.
  11. It's almost as if incoherent rage and violence are an integral part of the club's ethos.
  12. Out of interest, are the press aware that our pitch is in fairly decent nick or are they still stuck in a time warp where we had games called off because the pitch doubled as a farmer's field?
  13. It's kind of depressing to think that 100 years ago two sets people who were literally at war could put that aside briefly to play football, whereas today thugs, oafs and unemployables go to the football for the single purpose of expressing their hate for people identical to them in every way.
  14. I know you don't believe that. The OF rivalry is the only thing that gives your life meaning.
  15. I particularly like the guy behind and to the right whose eyes are nowhere near the ball.
  16. Celtic remain, as ever, the plucky underdogs fighting against all the odds. Never mind the fact that they have all the money..
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