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  1. Celtic should pay out a few thousand quid for every seat their fans have ever ruined.
  2. Can you wipe your arse on a sash?
  3. Next season I can see history being rewritten to state that Rangers mk 2's demise only happened because of the coronavirus, not because of an unsustainable business model, failure to win a single trophy or being run by a veritable conveyor belt of crooks and charlatans.
  4. My understanding is that it's a novel virus that human immune systems have no idea how to fight off.
  5. One interesting side-effect of the coronavirus is that instead of elderly beasts pursuing children, they will now be fleeing from them in fear.
  6. Did they sing "The Coronavirus is over, why don't you go home?"
  7. Kinky knows that and agrees with it entirely, he just can't bring himself to admit anything that makes Rangers look bad.
  8. 50k people raised £500k? Yeah they really emptied their wallets there.
  9. The less salubrious amongst our democratically elected overlords must be rubbing their gloved hands together in glee at all of the toxic scandals and skeletons in cupboards they can sort out under the radar while everyone is losing the heid over this virus.
  10. All of our clients have shut their offices and told their staff to work from home. Our office is still open, naturally.
  11. They also own the big one in Newcastle city centre. It has seen better days (and better shops), to be fair.
  12. Not looking good for the sons of Attila.
  13. Hearts fans thieving toilet paper and soap from the St Mirren bogs before other Hearts fans could use them. How low etc?
  14. I am off to have my son legally renamed David Turnbull. My daughter too.
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