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  1. Whichever school their kids don't go to.
  2. Grassing

    Grassing did in the Moors Murderers.
  3. I assume the editing of the Scottish football section of the BBC website is given to whichever intern has the lowest literacy and numeracy rate.
  4. England's Glorious Failure

    This. The Panama game was the moment when they went from relatively sensible "young team, not going to win the thing, will do our best" to the usual entitled pish. It never seemed to enter their skulls that Panama were utter gash who should have been filed under "just lucky to be here" rather than "creditable opponent" and would have shipped a bag of goals to anyone who wasn't Tunisia.
  5. Maybe he's fantasising about Germany's goalkeeper as a young child?
  6. Maybe we've signed him just to take the pressure from the boo boys off the players we actually want to score goals.
  7. When are they going to weld the gates at Ibrox shut, that's all I want to now. Those gates that everyone walks through to get into the stadium.
  8. Thomas Gravesen aka Mad Dog

    I would echo the above advice that you learn to use capital letters before trying to write a book.
  9. From that article: How did that manage to happen?
  10. Qatar 2022

    I remember stumbling out of my bed at my student flat, switching on the radio literally at the very second Ronaldinho scored. Joyous times.
  11. I for one am appalled that Steve Robinson allowed Juventus to beat us to the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo. Get him in the sea.
  12. Is that all? Could have sworn it was more.
  13. He reminds me of one of those incredibly annoying players in FM who will score goals for fun against you but never for you.
  14. I'm sure that people from that well-known provincial backwater of Edinburgh will be amazed and astounded by the bright lights and sights of the utopian paradise that is Motherwell.
  15. I'll have you know I hold The_Drunkardine in high respect. He's by far my favourite alcoholic semi-coherent Sevco supporter.