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  1. Work colleagues

    I've been on site with my favourite clients this week. 10% of my time spent coding. The other 90% spent waiting for their gargantuan monolithic resource management system to give me the access to databases and servers etc that I need. Firing 30-40% of their workforce would probably make this place twice as productive.
  2. Darwins's Law - Selfie Stick

    That's not even remotely weird or creepy.
  3. My wife puts items in the tumble dryer knowing full well that they are labelled as "not to be tumble dried" and that the tumble dryer will ruin them, on the basis that "How else am I going to dry them in time for tonight?"
  4. A post with a mistake in every single word. Could be a genuine Sevconian or a cunning plant.
  5. Football Words

    What about words we like to see used in a footballing context that really make very little sense there? For example, an "agricultural" challenge or clearance or defender. Top quality.
  6. Football Words

    I'm guessing most other football fans, pundits and journos don't either. I know what the word means, it just seems out of context.
  7. Stevie Moi wasn't manager of The Rangers when that happened, so it doesn't count.
  8. Gerrard hasn't been pictured brawling in a hedgerow yet, so he's got that going for him. Hopefully for him it'll be a cactus or a monkey puzzle tree.
  9. Third versus first

    This is like watching the ugly inbred playground bully start picking on kids half his age when his ugly inbred mate (who is his only friend) doesn't turn up to school one day.
  10. Dundee vs. Sevco - 9/12/18

    Is that Sevco broken? Please tell me this is so.
  11. Can't see us getting much from this unfortunately, as already mentioned we seem to have a mental block whenever we go to Hearts.
  12. Celtic fans don't comprehend the fact that they aren't plucky underdogs constantly punching above their weight, let alone the fact that in the Scottish setup they are the binary opposite of that. I honestly think they have some sort of psychological disorder that renders them incapable of grasping this. "Celtic = plucky underdogs" seems to be hardcoded in their brains and no amount of evidence can overturn that.
  13. Third versus first

    You don't understand why Celtic scoring against say Livingston would be less worthy of celebration than Celtic scoring against say PSG? Celebrating like a madman when you're punching way below your weight is generally a sign of dickitude.
  14. I sometimes wonder if OF bosses are sensibly spouting whatever propaganda the bigot hordes need to hear, or if over time they genuinely come to believe this stuff.
  15. You just know "Rangers" is the only thing that "person" has in his "life".