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  1. I also enjoyed the other Hearts player strongly advising Mulraney to leave the pitch as quickly as possible so they could get on with chasing an equaliser.
  2. I like how the BBC's text update on the match describes the keeper's goal as a " right footed shot from more than 35 yards to the bottom right corner. "
  3. It's almost as if he wanted to make an example out of someone in a match nobody would give a flying toss about.
  4. I can lip-read fluently*. He actually said "I can't take this any more, send me off". *I can't lip-read at all.
  5. Sevco in line for big bucks when Liverpool come calling then. Which will definitely happen.
  6. Are you suggesting the same 11 players play every single game? I have to ask: is there any piece of information that would lead you to accept the conclusion that Celtic win stuff in Scotland simply by having more money than everyone else, then fail in Europe due to having less money than the top sides there?
  7. One of Sevco's many outdated values and traditions.
  8. They won't sell you a cold pie if they think you're going to put it in a snowball.
  9. That Hibs gnome looks more like he's just drunkenly tumbled from horseback.
  10. Is that the horse Scott rode through the Saints' defence on? Are we allowed to do that now? What am I talking about? We're Motherwell.
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