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  1. I believe it was Marcus Brigstock and he managed to get someone to bring a pasty to every station they stopped at.
  2. Good shout on Sid Lowe, just followed him and in turn got James Richardson and the rest of the football weekly gang.
  3. Is Ian Rankin any good to follow? I only have 3 people who follow me and one of them is a fake account I am sure. I don't say anything to merit more followers but it'd be nice to think that people wanted to know things like when I went to the shop and what type of sauce I bought. The good thing about it is the tweet photos it sort of gives you a bit of a private glimpse and satisfies that tiny bit of a stalker in you.
  4. Aye he is dull on twitter. I'm not convinced it's all that good twitter. For the few gems of wit you find there are a hundred other tweets like, Just had a shower.
  5. I recently got Twitter and at times I find it can be a bit boring, I don't have many followers so posting is a waste of time and I usually just read what comedians and football sites are posting. Do any of you have any recommendations of people I should follow? Whether it be funny or interesting. For example I would recommend following NotKayBurley as it is quite amusing.
  6. I just checked her wikipedia page and it says the following; "In May 2010 it was announced that she had been axed from EastEnders after she allegedly ignored warnings about her "unruly" behaviour[7], although the character would be retained with another actress in the role[8]." Anyone know anything about this? Is she a wild child? EDIT: I found this fansite with all the reasons, its all because of pictures, the producers thought were too sexy, she had been posting online. http://www.melissa-suffield-fans.com/
  7. I thought this was a decent enough film and it passed the time without me having any complaints about it, at times it even made me chuckle. A well told story that dont the job I'd say. It fit right into the new sort of teen love story comedy films.
  8. It'd give me more satisfaction if Darren just pushed him in that canal or infront of a car.
  9. Thought it might be another one of Archies kids. Don't really see what they will do with her if the spoiler is correct. I would like it to be Danny's or someone unexpected!
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