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  1. I don't get it. Why would you be doing me a favour by following me? What benefit do I have by you following me?
  2. I read about a really simple but effective iphone app. How it works is basically, you input what cigs you smoke, how many you smoke a day and from when you stop smoking it will constantly update how much money you have saved. Could be a bit of a motivational tool if nothing else. similar to this link http://smokefree.nhs.uk/quit-tools/calculate-the-cost/
  3. Fingers crossed for you. Hope you get good news next week. Stay positive.
  4. I was told the intention is for traffic to use both lanes right up until the merge. To help people change their mentality, they are now introducing signs which actually say "Please use both lanes when queueing" "Merge here" "Merge in turn" etc The thought process is that if you have a mile of traffic all in the inside lane it is possible to block an earlier junction. If you have to lanes of 1/2 mile the junction is not blocked. So basically, the theory is that using just one lane adds to congestion. In light of the above, my PTTGOYN is the HGV drivers who straddle both lanes to block traffic from using the outside lane.
  5. Going to Wetherby tomorrow. Sponsoring the 16:20. My notes on that race as follows; 16:20 Highland Jimmy H/Cap Hurdle Skirlaw: SP last race 11/1 from 14/1 – no form so surprised with market interest. Saddle slipped and PU after 3rd. Chance? Projected SP 20/1 Granville Island: Won its only run on good ground. Backed in LTO from 9/2 to 10/3. Jennie Candish only runner. Projected SP 7/2 Lady Anne Nevill: Won at Wetherby on 1st appearance in 2011 after 18 month break @ 50/1. Almost year break now. Backed in last 2 races. Rallies well. Fairhurst only runner. Projected SP 8/1 Prediction: 1st Granville Island 2nd Lady Anne Nevill 3rd Skirlaw
  6. I see Jamie Langfield is putting the feelers out for a new club. Could he be a target for us?
  7. One of the hazards of placing a bet without opictures as follows. Fancied Jumeirah Palm to win the 14:30 at Lingfield. Was up at 3.5 on betfair. Went to stick a 10er on it. SDue to the slow connection I have by the time the bet was confirmed the race was off and my selection obviosuly had a poor start and had drifted out to 7.5 when it was matched. Luckily it won!
  8. Yeah cause that is just the type of person I want to follow
  9. I don't visit this area very much these days but I have been given a tip from a usually reliable source (farrier) for todays 15:25 @ Kempton. Redair. Currently 6/1. GL if anyone fancies a dabble.
  10. DJP

    Happy birthday fella, always had you for a lot older then 19.

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