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  1. a lot of our trouble was caused by Setanta going tits up and the rebadged version are showing the game on Sunday. Why are this mob are allowed to get rights for games unless they pay back every penny they owe? Regarding Covid - These tests aren’t reliable if we tested 30 people - squad, coaches, medical staff etc.. it’s probable with the false positives there is feck all wrong with them.
  2. Connelly seems to get better every time he doesn't play - Same as Keena. I have seen nothing in both that would frighten our opponents. McCracken is dim, you can tell by the way he talks and the y'knows; like a surly Glaswegian 13 year old. - I was never a big fan of John Hughes, but what he lacked in brain power he made up for it with passion and enthusiasm. We are going nowhere under these two well meaning dummies managing our club.
  3. The lad Morrison flapped at a corner, so doesn’t look great. Robbie Mutch looked terrible all game. He flapped at crosses, badly controlled a pass and had to header it away. He nearly sold the jerseys two minutes before getting sent off by dropping a ball. So the entire defence is utter mince!
  4. Ive looked at my other AGM letters for other companies , the proxy form says, I (insert full name) of (insert address and postcode) it makes sense now! our one looks like a club official might have to fill in that part.
  5. I haven’t been paying attention to all this, the way the season ended last year kind of scunnered me. I have a proxy form, what do I fill in? Do I just sign and date it?
  6. I’m just going to Montrose and standing outside, I’ll take my step ladders in case I can see over a gate or something.
  7. I cannot believe we are getting so worked over Kingsley - he’s a defender, we should be blowing teams away with the midfield and forward line.
  8. Well that’s nearly the price season ticket holders are paying, if it’s a tenner, season ticket holders would rightly be a tad miffed and if Covid is still around next season, who would buy a season ticket? Fans would just PPV.
  9. Why would we have more fans in financial hardship? Rangers, Celtic, Hearts and even Livingston matched the previous seasons numbers. Not going out for almost six months, would easily cover the cost. My car had its annual service last week, I’d done 5k miles I usually do 15k. If you hadn’t saved cash whilst in lockdown wtf were you doing. In fact if you cancelled SKY sports when there was no live sport. You could have paid for the majority of a season ticket.
  10. I keep reading this, most of the people I know have made out like Bandits this year, no fancy holiday, you couldn’t go out to socialise, have a meal, night out etc..., all home workers saved a fortune with no travel expenses. its also strange how the Old Firm have kept the same numbers of season tickets when we’ve dropped 20% are they immune the financial ramifications of Covid?
  11. So if we open at 20% capacity who gets in? Director, Sponsors, shareholders, then season ticket holders? There has to be a plan. My season ticket isn’t for the south stand, I’d like to think if we opened at 20% Prime then main standers would get the 1st opportunity to move to the away stand.
  12. The top up is to help the club, and give a donation to Strathcarron it should give you first dibs on any reduced attendance game, but it doesn’t .
  13. I’m sure there are a few charity workers or teaching English abroad for life experience people and maybe a handful of people who moved for love and are now potless living in a shithole. But most expats have moved because they have a skill and that skill is demand in that country - people with in demand skills earn good money.
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