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  1. Not going, Season ticket holder so it doesn’t matter. Put 20 notes on Cove to win by more than 1 goal at almost 3/1 - I think it’s buying money, I wish I had the bottle to bet Heavy as I would have tried to buy next seasons, season ticket with todays very probable catastrofuck.
  2. Wanted this manager to do well but he’s just not got it. I realise he cannot say in interviews what he would like but his deluded nonsense is tiresome, an even game in the first half??? Really?
  3. I just paid the fiver for my U12, sod queuing up to save a couple quid. Probably making a mistake, as last time you got in quicker with cash because the scanners didnt work..
  4. Excuses…. Motherwell have 3200 members in their society and we have 300. I think Morton have double our membership. Inverclyde and Lanarkshire are hardly well off areas.
  5. Now that the transfer window is shut, Holt is gone, MSG gone, the chairman gone - The big question now is…..what reasons will the non members of the Falkirk Supporters Society find for not joining?
  6. I understand the brouhaha from Raith Fans, but why are the government, celebrities and the media getting so worked up about this? Goodwillie hasn’t returned after a hiatus, he’s been playing for Clyde for more than a few years . Is moving 50 odd miles and up about 10 league positions really make that much of a difference?
  7. One Famous Rovers fan won't have a problem with signing Good- willie-willie
  8. I think Rennie is very aware of what he says, he knows to get a tune out this lot he has to blow smoke up their arses. never judge people by their words, but by their actions. Making a sub at half time isn’t the action of a content manager.
  9. Griffiths would never come to us, but I would take him, I think our fans want choirboys in their team. If a 36 year old Russell Latapy was available today, we’d have threads out how he was done, he smokes, drinks and picks up young women in clubs. We are in the middle of the third tier of Scottish football, we need to roll the dice. Griffiths might not have the work rate to help Dundee and they’ll be unable and unwilling to use him as a luxury player and let him do want he wants - If teams focus on what he can do rather than what he cannot - he’d still score a lot of goals. Unfortunately he’ll never sign for us. Remember every star shines it brightest before it goes out.
  10. Before the awful transfer window. your choices were hopefully Gerry McNee might mention a new signing on Scotsport extra time, the Club line 0898 premium number or maybe the Falkirk Football Programme on Central FM.
  11. But if your serious about getting into the top league you need to meet the criteria - as far as I'm aware that's 7k seats and astro or Under soil heating That will cost a few Million quid and the upkeep of said infrastructure costs a bunch too. Hence why you can match us for wages.
  12. Perhaps when you get 7000 seats in your stadium and pitch protection or g4 astro. you might not be able to match us for wages.
  13. Stand by it The change in style of play - getting the ball forward quicker, getting on the front foot, prioritise going forward over possession mattered a lot more than Dowds. As if we played the way we have all season he’d have had 1 or 2 chances at best.
  14. Check your junk email folder if you use gmail.
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