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  1. The Official President Trump thread

    Trump is great. I love the seethe he generates in left-leaning beard wearers in particular.
  2. Do you love Jesus?

    I liked it when he battered the f**k out of those Jews in the temple.
  3. England's Glorious Failure

  4. Donald Trump for First Minister?

    He'd do a great job. Nicola has been treading water for a while now.
  5. Orange Walk / Scottish Cricket thread

    A lot of the lads in this topic were radicalised in non-denominational schools.
  6. Orange Walk / Scottish Cricket thread

    We need to start having daily anti-bigotry classes in non-denomination schools.
  7. The 2018/2019 New Kit Thread

    The average Rangers fan's big red bawheid is going to clash with that orange colour something fierce.
  8. Potential second poisoning incident?

    The Porton Down serial killer strikes again. Her Majesty's Government took advantage of the first one to fake some heat on Russia, but will they be brave enough – or stupid enough – to do it again? LET'S SEE!
  9. England v Colombia

    I want to hear Hoddle cry.
  10. England v Colombia

  11. England v Colombia

    The Colombians should give the ball to that Cuadrado lad and let him run at the English.
  12. England v Colombia

    Some of these dicks should be sent off.
  13. Spain v Russia

    That's what they get for playing Falkirk-under-John-Hughes-esque football.
  14. Spain v Russia

    I hope Spain go out. Boring, boring, Espana.
  15. World Cup Gambling Thread

    I have BTTS and each team to get 2 or more corners in each half. C'mon Uruguay! Edit: Shite, they'll probably just sit back now.