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  1. We're not exactly immune from his brand of leadership in this country (UK) too.
  2. Fantastic speech from Zelensky in his address to the UN General Assembly.
  3. Yes, despite so many negative comments on here.
  4. I get the date - what do you expect to happen at 10pm?
  5. Skys News headline this morning is that over 250,000 filed past the Queen's coffin. WOW!! INCREDIBLE!! Does anyone actually care? Now Nick Ferrari on LBC asking his listeners what will be their abiding memory from yesterday's funeral. Anyone any idea as to when we might be able to move on from this Royal non event?
  6. Cheapest petrol/diesel in my area is Asda, Tain. Tank getting a low so took a run up the road to fill up - having nothing better to do this morning. Asda Tain, has card operated only pumps, (like most Asdas) so assumed they would be working normally. WRONG! All switched off and shut down because of some fucking funeral going on in Englandshire. Apart from Randy Andy and the bigotted Chooky Embra, I've never been particularly pro, or anti Royalist/Monarchy, but by Christ, I am now.
  7. https://www.businessinsider.com/a-royal-chef-reveals-queen-elizabeths-favorite-chocolate-2017-8?r=US&IR=T
  8. Good speech by Blackford in the Commons tributes to the Queen, followed by a typical garbled mess by BoJo. Harriet Harman then comes on in fulsome praise of he who lied to the Queen, and partied on the eve of Philip's funeral, along with so many other indescretions. Nice little cosy cartel there, evident as usual between Labour and Tories.
  9. Are you really a Unionist? I'd never have guessed.
  10. Anything goes in Lancashire, mate.... https://www.lancs.live/news/lancashire-news/disgraced-police-officer-cries-dock-24808718?utm_source=lancs_live_newsletter&utm_campaign=daily_newsletter2&utm_medium=email
  11. Thought someone might have dredged up the old joke from 1988. Who's blonde, got big tits and now lives in Sweden?
  12. Hard to grasp and take on board just how thick our next Prime Minister actually is.
  13. Nice call on the James O' Brien show on LBC this morning, from a Scottish guy, introduced as "Shuggie, from Camden" Describing the Tory leadership candidates, Shuggie just happened to come out with the "B" word. James told him off, saying you shouldn't really use that word. Shuggie replied it was an okay word to use as it simply meant illegitimate child. Yes, but you still shouldn't use that word and I must apologise now to any of my listeners who might have been offended. Final word from Shuggie : "Do Boris's children listen to this show, James?"
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