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  1. Sutherland Brothers and Quiver : Arms Of Mary
  2. As I mentioned yesterday, I've been through this. It will be really hard for her for quite a while yet - especially if she was an only daughter. You should certainly think about taking at least a few days off work - she'll need all the help and support you can give her.
  3. Dubliners : Seven Drunken Nights
  4. You just have to listen to any Nicola speech, and compare with any Boris speech, and then ask yourself who comes across as better educated.
  5. So sorry. Went through a very similar experience a few years ago.
  6. Some strange people around these parts, Serg.
  7. One of my neighbours seems to have got himself in a spot of bother with the law. https://www.lancs.live/news/lancashire-news/farmyard-attacker-jailed-after-having-19316783?utm_source=lancs_live_newsletter&utm_campaign=daily_newsletter2&utm_medium=email
  8. I wouldn't have been adverse to witnessing the death of Tony Blair by execution for war crimes.
  9. I've got a dreadful confession to make. Thanks to your previous post I'm now watching the shitfest on catch-up. How sad is that?
  10. Used to be compulsive viewing for me once upon a time. Now avoid it like the plague.
  11. He's a bigoted, racist arsehole but it's fun watching him get pished and embarrass himself here on a nightly basis. Agreed. Typical adopted little Englander.
  12. Unthinkable. It might be someone nice like Michael Gove or William Rees Mogg.
  13. Just right click on the picture and ask google to search for the image, M8
  14. Yeah, that's why we were so pleased that Brexit will now make it more difficult for anyone planning to study elsewhere in Europe.
  15. Spot on. The next SNP/Indyref2 polls should make interesting reading.
  16. He'll be more than happy to jump ship before the Brexit shit hits the fan.
  17. Yeah.... Slovakia are worse team here but they do look like scoring.
  18. Plus wheeling out Gordon Brown (as usual) to tell us all how awful Indyref2 would be, without anyone to make a counter argument.
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