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  1. The thread title was lifted from a post of HeWhoWalksBehindTheRows on the Petty things thread, but please feel free to further enlighten me.
  2. What was the "racial slur" in the thread title?
  3. Just for the record it wasn't me who took out the "Tinky" thread. I was rather hoping it might turn into an interesting debate on people deciding to sample a few days camping, but not taking cognisance of the fact that few, if any, campsites are actually open, and just generally abusing our beautiful countryside. Unfortunately the Deles and the Alli's of this forum decided to turn it into something else, in their relentless pursuit of anyone they consider to be a racist, or even anyone who simply disagrees with them.
  4. My partner had a citroen xsara picasso for a couple of years. Most troublesome car we/she ever owned.
  5. So BJ is heading for Scotland for a 2 week break with his family. Do P&B's have any suggestions as to exactly where he should head for, in the hope of encountering traditional Scottish hospitality?
  6. Light? It's an utter farce.
  7. Dogs are very clever creatures. When did you ever see a dog step on human shite?
  8. Victoria Plum might be worth checking out : https://victoriaplum.com/blog/posts/how-much-should-you-pay-to-have-a-bathroom-fitted
  9. En-suite or a separate family bathroom which could be accessed from all bedrooms?
  10. Odd trips from Inverness to Wales in that thing? Make sure you've got good breakdown cover in place before you set off.
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