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  1. Wouldn't wish him dead, but possibly incapacitated through damage to his brain.
  2. It's a good question but I'm surprised you seem to believe Boris is the best man for the job, as far his cabinet goes. Quite honestly I wouldn't like to have to chose a new leader from that lot. What needs to happen now is a coalition government formed from all the major parties at Westminster. Two obvious candidates for PM spring to mind straight away.
  3. Memories of the good old pirate radio days.. The Fortunes : Caroline
  4. The news media are at pains to re-assure us that Boris is still in charge, and still running the country. They're reporting it as if it was some kind of a good thing.
  5. He's the future king of England, mate... He can do whatever the f**k he likes.
  6. I bet she couldn't open a tin of peas without a tin opener.
  7. Just watch these, mate... these gaffes have nothing to do with her colour but everything to do with her rank incompetence.
  8. Of course I can. A hammer, chisel and a pair of pliers. - piece of piss.
  9. Boris now in hospital - maybe not looking too good for him now. I hope he pulls through - I still see him as Scotland's best hope for independence.
  10. Manic Street Preachers : Welcome To The Dead Zone
  11. I honestly don't think that's a big concern with them - certainly not that I've noticed. They love Aaron Lennon for instance. They're more anti anyone who voted remain in the Brexit debate.
  12. Christ Granny.... You'll soon have nothing to read on this forum.
  13. Dwight McNeil's fucking brilliant. Burnley are my wee team.
  14. We all know that - it's just that no one's allowed to say it.
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