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  1. Yeah, typical Scottish performance. Things will get better once we're free from the shackles of Westminster.
  2. Great 3 points! Well done girls.
  3. Brilliant!!!!! What A Finish!!!
  4. Oh no. Terrible back pass from Docherty.
  5. I would have drunk one of the London Pride bottles and put the other in the casserole. Hope you're using Scotch beef.
  6. Seeing you on here's put me in the mood for a pink G&T.
  7. Can't see anything other than a comfortable win for Scotland here.
  8. Still getting the Garlic. Have tried on the Alba channel, Freeview 7, and tried on BBC iplayer. I was getting a red button option for English commentary but all that told me there was a problem with my internet connection - and there isn't. T.A.I.G.H Nam Gasta Ort
  9. There's supposed to be an English commentary available for this but I can't find it. I'm trying on both Freeview and iPlayer. Where am I going wrong?
  10. I remember that case and the original trial very well. I couldn't believe the Not Proven verdict at the time. The evidence against him was overwhelming. One would have hoped that Flynn might have had the decency to leave a note admitting his guilt, and apologising to all his mother's family members.
  11. Isn't it just awful that no one at the Palace thought to tell the BBC, and in particular that awful red haired chap, Witchell, as he was once described by dear old Prince Chucky, that Queenie was having to spend a night in the Hozzy. Poor man is apoplectic :
  12. The BBC have got strange ways of doing things. Presumably this is assuming the Queen dies before he does.
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