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  1. Interesting! Labour's next leader? https://news.sky.com/story/john-bercow-former-commons-speaker-and-tory-mp-joins-labour-party-12336675 He could have left out the word "sometimes" out of that.
  2. Yep It's hardly a "Go and prepare for government" moment.
  3. Ed Davey cavorting round every TV news channel, looking like he's just won the lottery jackpot. What a shower of arseholes.
  4. Well, no one gave us a chance when we murdered the World Cup champions back in 1967.
  5. England and the UK means the same thing for these thick c***s.
  6. So will an independent Scotland change that?
  7. Probably. Instead of asking if anyone on here knows anyone in the motor trade who could help me with this, I probably should have asked if anyone on here knows any car thieves. Someone years ago once told me locks on car doors just keep honest people out! Timpson can cut car keys but not re-programme smart key fobs.
  8. Guess you don't spend much time on the Indyref2 thread.
  9. Johnboy needs to get a spare key programmed for a C-Max. Going through Ford main dealer channels could cost over £200 for a job that literally takes 5 mins - that is if you have access to the appropriate programming equipment. Anyone know anyone in the trade who could help with this?
  10. Some years ago, I accidently stumbled across a bar/club in Edinburgh. It was aimed at divorced, widowed, singles, separated and liars. It's a wonder I didn't run into Boris there.
  11. Couldn't care less? In these so called red wall areas, the more he goes off the rails, the more they fucking love him.
  12. So when will Indyref2 happen? I'd say pretty soon, if the pro union brigade insist on bringing heavyweights of this calibre into the frame.
  13. Govt. policy on this seems to be just give it a few weeks and it will all have been forgotten about, or will have been overshadowed by something else.
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