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  1. That was a shocker. Claiming he got a flyer. From the fairway? Can happen with a wet fairway. Been there, done that.
  2. Rose falling apart now.
  3. You saw McIntyre's final putt exactly 5 minutes before I did. I'm on Sky Masters 405.
  4. Justin on his own at 8 under now. Great putt
  5. How come you're 5 minutes ahead of me?
  6. I hope Rose wins it, given that Butch Harman has tipped everyone but him.
  7. FFS, Granny..... You'll soon have nothing to read on here.
  8. Sake! The w****r shot a tiger on safari He also supported fox hunting and was once quoted as saying "Methil is a dump" Maybe we can forgive him for that one.
  9. Why can't Sky Sports show any live early action? Showing the guys on the range just now. How boring is that?
  10. I'm a wee bit surprised with all the shenanigans going on with Harry and Meghan, the Royals haven't come out and said he was never one of us anyway.
  11. One wonders as to what might happen in a future Scotland, in a future world when President Stugeon dies.
  12. I can't understand why a new (breaking news) caption is rolling across the bottom of the screen on Beeb1. Presumably someone's gone to check that he's still not breathing.
  13. ^ Indeed to all of that. Weird that it takes a non event like this to bring this forum to life. PS, points please Miguel.
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