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  1. He was a massive celebrity in Oldham - now a town mourning the loss of one of their greatest ever sons. That speaks volumes about the fucking place.
  2. Richard Thompson : Wall Of Death
  3. Shame that the man who arguably, did more than anyone else to make Scottish Independence a reality, seems now to have become obsessed with destroying the reputation of his successor. In his mind Independence is no longer priority number 1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-54718510
  4. Fairport Convention : Positively Parson's Green
  5. "Girls who are skinny think they're a bit chubby. Girls who are chubby think they're fat. Fat girls think they're obese. And obese girls think they're supermodels." Kevin Bridges
  6. Manfred Mann's Earthband : Spirits In The Night
  7. Reminds me of that story from a few years back of a blind man who, with his guide dog, who were waiting to cross the road, and for no good reason the dog suddenly cocked his leg and peed all over his master's trouser leg. The next thing to happen was the blind man fumbling in his pocket for a biscuit to give the dog much to the amazement of a passer-by. "What's going on here mate", says he, "The dog's just peed on your leg, and now you're giving it a biscuit?" "It's okay, say's the blind man, I'm just trying to find where his mouth his, and then I'll give it a kick in the bollocks"
  8. Dogs that tend to get fed at the same time everyday, can never understand when the clocks change.
  9. Weasel families could take offence at a comment like that.
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