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  1. I would love to see one of these "signing for the deaf" people describe the Cumbrian town of Cockermouth.
  2. Story to gladden the hearts of vegetarians... https://news.sky.com/story/butcher-dies-after-being-knocked-over-by-pig-in-hong-kong-12793621
  3. Sure beats an Orange Walk : https://www.uphellyaa.com/
  4. Govt have got their anti strike bill through the Commons, and it will now pass to the House of Lords.
  5. Tbf they're not doing such a bad job on this. Plenty of business people taking part, happy to explain just how big a disaster the whole thing has become. Worth watching on iplayer.
  6. Andrea Leadsom claims it's the best thing that ever happened to the UK. Didn't explain why, unfortunately.
  7. BBC Newsnight doing quite a decent debate on the pros and cons of Brexit. Strange no one from the govt was available to take part in this.
  8. Apologies if I've told this one on here before. I believe it's a true story from a good few years ago concerning the late great Chic Murray. Chic had been sitting in the departure lounge, minding his own business, when he became aware of an irate American, shouting loudly to no one in particular, that Edinburgh Airport must be the "asshole of Britain" So are you just passing through? enquired Chic.
  9. And obviously hoping that this will deflect from criticism of his appointment of Richard Sharp as BBC chairman, given that he has donated more than £400k to the scumbag party.
  10. Bojo alleges the threat was issued during a phone conversation between the two of them. Presumably the call was recorded, and Bojo will easily be able to prove the threat was genuine. Yeah right....
  11. Vlad now denying he threatened BoJo with a missile strike. Not sure who I'd rather believe.
  12. Can mind John Motson once famously saying it's so difficult being a football commentator now, because "all these black players look so alike"
  13. How to get off with a drink driving charge on Shetland. See here... https://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/2023/01/27/man-took-out-false-teeth-in-court-to-defend-claims-he-had-been-unfit-to-drive
  14. Not even sure Sunak would offer him the job. I belive there is still bad blood between the two as Sunak is regarded by many as the guy who precipitated Bojo's downfall.
  15. And of course he threatened to sue anyone contemplating bringing his offences into the public domain. He's a bumptious bastart, one of many, who should be deselected by their constituencies, hounded right out of parliament, and be permanently banned for ever holding any kind of office in the future.
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