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  1. Someone from Inverness has just texted LBC to ask if "Trickle Down Economics" is when rich Tories get to pee all over poor people and expect them to lap it up.
  2. 100% spot on mate, One can only surmise as to whether both interviewers and interviewed have any idea just how frustrating these pathetic and totally pointless bullshiting episodes are, for idiots like me who tune in, hoping they might learn something.
  3. I utterly loathe Andrew Neil, but had he still been at the BBC and got this gig, he wouldn't have allowed Truss to answer about 5 different questions with the same answer citing how much the govt was handing out in assistance for rising energy bills. It is of course, very unlikely that Truss would have agreed to an interview with Neil. Kind of begs the question that should politicians have complete control over who gets to interview them, and who doesn't?
  4. It's not just the Polis who are into defrauding insurance companies. My partner had a minor collision with another car in a Tesco Supermarket car park. Damage was minimal but insurance companies had to be notified. The (4) occupants of the other car all claimed to have suffered whiplash injuries! Come to think about it I'm now paying about half for car insurance compared to what I was paying down there.
  5. Thanks Zen, I rest my case... That incident would make Barr Crescent and Fraser Avenue seem like Utopia.
  6. It wasn't a pease pudding, it was a Hollands Meat & Potato fucking pie. Have you ever been to Lancashire?
  7. I know I've posted a few articles from this publication on here in the past, BUT... Who'd live in Lancashire? https://www.lancs.live/news/uk-world-news/policewoman-feared-bulldog-would-rip-25153821?utm_source=lancs_live_newsletter&utm_campaign=daily_newsletter2&utm_medium=email
  8. As my old granny used to say, they're more to be pitied than scolded.
  9. Shouldn't you have some sympathy for the UK's only remaining Tory voter?
  10. Don't usually have much time for arch Tory and Brexiteer Nick Ferrari, but quite enjoyed this interview. Quote "What does failure look like in your book?"
  11. Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Chris Philp, used these very words, when interviewed by Nick Ferarri on LBC this morning. A convenient phrase to trot out when you haven't got a clue as to the answer.
  12. I reckon she'll throw in the towel very soon, citing imaginary health issues. She's completely useless.
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