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  1. Not sure why everyone lauds Neil as a good interviewer. Anyone could just shout at politicians, cut across them and not let them answer. He does it better than most, and can be pretty adept at making said politicians look pretty stupid.
  2. It would certainly be good for the BBC's viewing figures!
  3. Kool And The Gang : Crabs In A Barrel (best place for them)
  4. Much would depend on how Neil would want to treat him. He is, or was, pretty far right himself, he might not be as hard on Boris as most of us would wish him to be.
  5. Johnny Cash : Folsom Prison Blues
  6. You do know you can get all the Scottish channels? How's the weather in Dublin's Fair City? Hoping to get back across there sometime in January for another pub crawl - hopefully catch up with Molly Malone again.
  7. You do know you can get all the Scottish channels? Yes, but I've never been a huge fan of STV and never bothered trying to find it. Happy enough with BBC Scotland and the Scotland Channel - currently watching The Nine.
  8. Have you ordered Sky TV yet? I have it, but couldn't be arsed trying to re-tune. Did manage to get it on Now TV after I put in a Scottish post code. Got to see the last half hour - wish I hadn't bothered now!
  9. How can you get STV in Dublin and I can't get in Ingerland?
  10. If you claim you were misled to vote leave, you're a fucking idiot. A lot fucking idiots thought we would be much better off on leaving. And would you blame any of them for believing there would be an extra £350 million a week going into the NHS?
  11. Quite a lot have changed their minds about how they voted last time, claiming they were seriously misled during the campaign. Now that we are all a wee bit clearer on what Brexit might look like, what on earth is wrong with offering another chance to the electorate to confirm that this is what they wanted?
  12. Corbyn has repeated on several occasions he would want the UK to remain in the customs union and single market. Farage wants a "clean break" no deal Brexit. There are various other versions in between. What kind of Brexit would you want to see?
  13. No great benefit in Labour winning English cities if the Countryfile Loyal and Northern towns return Tories. Don't think that will happen on the scale that's been predicted. Brexit are standing in several Northern towns and are likely to take more traditional labour voters that the Tories will. I'm really getting quietly optimistic that the Tories won't get back with an increased majority (or any kind of a majority)
  14. Wonder if this place has seen an increase, or a reduction in bookings in recent months? http://www.epsteinhouse.co.uk/
  15. Steve Harley : Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)
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