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  1. So apart from a couple a stragglers next week, the Autumn window is now closed and all eyes turn to the 6 nations then the world cup in france. Its been some month, a seemingly successful womens world cup in NZ, historic wins for Italy over Australia and Georgia beating Wales for there 2nd victory over a 6 nations side. Also there will be no North American interest in a rugby world cup for the first time as the US, who are hosting the event in 8 years lose to Portugal in the last game of the repachage. Obviously the ref has now been struck of World Rugbys ref's list for not keeping to message. Looks like the SLAR is doing a better job than MLR in getting players ready or International rugby with both Uruguay and Chile qualifing ahead of the US and Canada. Looking at the current form and the world cup draw, you would have to concede that Ireland (and all there cheating) are still probably the top team at the moment, followed closely by SA and France. NZ's aura seems to have slipped and I would put them in 4th follows closely by us and England. Sitting just below you would have Aus (who have been woeful all November), Wales, Argentina, Italy and Japan, with Georgia, Samoa and Fiji waiting for any slip ups or off days. Unforutnately the way the draw has been done groups A&B and C&D are kept apart until the final as the quarters and semi's keeps the groups apart. Unfortunately for us groups A&B contain all the big guns so 2 of FR/NZ/IT/SA/IE/SCO dont make the quarters and another 2 dont make the semi's. So 2 of the 4 best teams currently wont make the semis seems madness. Group C&D are Wales, Aus, Geo, Fiji, Eng, Arg, Jap so 2 of those make the semi's and one makes a Final! Wales and Aus are in a group with Georgia and Fiji, I so hope one of them finishes 4th and gets stuck having to qualify
  2. Cracking PPV, even the pre-show had 3 excellent matches - was good to eventually see Danhausen as outside of 1 hookhausen match hes hardly wrestled. 5 hours is a slog, but thought all the matches delivered and there was no fat to trim
  3. A bit like last week, when we play we are excellent, but we just cant do it for the full match. Today we should have ran in 2 or 3 tries when they were down to 12, yet managed only 1 and lost 1. In the end its a convincing win, but should have been so much more
  4. thats the most scottish thing ever
  5. ooft, we need to run a few in now
  6. get in, hope Georgia can hold on here
  7. Hopefully the tmo dissallows this
  8. Georgia looked done the last 15 minutes of the first half, but have managed to slow things down a bit and have managed to get back into the game. and since the sin bin have been much better than Wales
  9. Decent try for Georgia, at least Wales get punished with Cuthbert in the sin bin
  10. and just the yellow for Cuthbert, winger landed on his head
  11. Should be red for the welsh winger, same as dupont last week, but as its Wales v Georgia, will be lucky if theres a card
  12. Wales Georgia is nothing to right home about
  13. Chris Harris Nominated for Try of year, full list below
  14. Eloise - Dammed Gloria - Van Morrison Valery - Mark Ronson Evangeline - icicle works Sheila take a bow - the smiths
  15. The problem Scotland have is that we never seem likely to score from pick and go's on the goal line. If it was NZ, Ireland, SA, France, England and even Wales or Argentina you expect them to get at least 1, if not 2 or 3 tries from those opportunities on the goal line, yet Scotland just cough up the ball. Until we start taking those we wont be beating the top teams regularly. Yes we play some brilliant rugby and score great tries, but we are still missing the basics
  16. Like all world class players he just looks like he has loads of time on the ball, and everything seems really easy. He just brings in other players so well with the little offloads
  17. Makes a huge difference when we are not getting pinged every 5 minutes. Disciplne has been good, forwards have been working hard, we have a chance to win this.
  18. Should have told him he played stand off at school....
  19. Can only think he wants more physicality in the centres. Otherwise apart from swapping Brown with Ashman thats probably how I would have gone
  20. Its definetly a coaching issue, back then we actually had a style of play and everyone knew what they were doing. We then went to the fastest team in the world then best defence, to having no idea what our style of play is supposed to be
  21. Kinghorn Tuipolotu at 10/12 when we could have had Russell and Redpath is just depressing The fact that all of Tuiplotu's best games for Glasgow have been at 13, yet I dont think he has played there at all for Scotland is probably again down to Toonie's stuborness. Its going to be a sickener if he somehow starts Russells but pairs him with Stafford McDowall at 12 or something
  22. From reading this, https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/63554592 It sounds like the slim chance of getting Mercer moves down to zero if he is speaking to the England set up on a weekly basis
  23. I think were looking worse than last week
  24. Apart from the Kennelis Bennet mob I've thought the signings have all been of a really high standard. However its a bit like playing football manager with unlimited money and you sign 10 top class strikers then wonder how you shoe horn them into your team / keep them all happy. However when you see the amount of people out missing at the moment through injury, Adam Cole, Darius Martin, Adam Page, Scorpio Sky, Kyle O'Reilly, Christian and Santana or suspension / asked for leave in Andrade, Malachai Black, Punk, Omega, Kingston, Jeff Hardy, The Bucks its half the roster nearly I agree they need another show that is ROH centric, im happy to blur the lines and and have FTR defending ROH title on Dynamite etc, or Dalton Castle on Rampage etc but it feels now like its all title matches and no decent build. Also have to say that was some 2 finger salute to Punk having Colt come out
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