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  1. Yeah I was pretty much the same, the indie top 20 and Radio Scotlands Beat Patrol were my go to for new music. I always thought the Wendy's were from Manchester being on factory records, Goobeldygook was one of my favourite albums of that period, never realised they were from Edinburgh (i've just googled it as I didnt think you were right!)
  2. I remember getting the "best of the Indie top 20" some time in the early nineties and it was amazing. Wasn't just the indie guitar bands, but included more dancy/ club stuff like the Shaman, at the time it was great as it opened my eyes to soo many different bands I hadnt even hear of at the time Edit to add, it was 1991 seemingly, track list https://www.discogs.com/release/974961-Various-The-Best-Of-Indie-Top-20
  3. Thoroughly enjoyed the new spiderverse movie, just the right mixture of comedy and story
  4. In Readings first season, although he was defensively not great, I thought his passing and crossing were pretty good and if he had been able to work on the defensive side of his game that we would have a good player. However, and probably due to us playing hoofball since Kerr left, his attacking side has deteroriated significantly and his defensive side hasnt improved (got worse?). A change of scenary may be what he needs to jumpstart his career, and you never know a break over the summer and some coaching we may still see a player, but probably not Edit to add if we had ever gone with 3 CB's I think that would have seen us getting the best out of both Houston and Raading, as both were never great defenisvely but had a decent range of passing. However last season especially wouldnt have suited us in an attacking sense as we had decent wingers at the start of the season in Mullin and CHalmers
  5. Im imagining the seethe now when we start the league cup and our fullback options are McAlister and Hewitt on the right and Reading and Ecrepont on the left!!
  6. 6 quality players for LB, RB, AM, LW, RW, CF plus back up / squad players for GK, CG and CF some of those we have under contract will either need to be moved on or out on loan or we will be running with a massive squad
  7. As he was out for so long there's always the wonder what he would be like with a full pre-season. Bullen etc should have a good idea though and obviously dont feel he will get back to anything like where he was, or he's asking for way over the odds so wasnt deemed worth it.
  8. Going by the interviews I think the majority of signings will be decent lengths, and will be a mixture of experienced players along with some hidden gems / rough diamond types that we will be able to improve and sell on. It will be getting the balance right of signings we can build a team around over the next few years and those we can keep for a year and hopefully sell on
  9. I thought Houston looked like a decent signing originally, not a world beater but a decent championship level fullback, but seems to have regressed each season
  10. Edinburgh seem to have made some decent signings for next season with Steele, Ashman, Sebastian, Healy, Hislop and Dodd all seeming to be good additions, although less in qty than has left the quality seems better. However Glasgow at the moment have 1 player coming in, granted they havent lost as many but I thought there would have been more incomings announced
  11. Seemingly Finland got 71% of the public vote overall, a higher percentage than Ukraine got last year. Ukraine did get a higher number of votes last year, butFinland this year is the 2nd highest number of votes ever
  12. robbed!! public knew the score
  13. robbed, juries know nothing
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