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  1. I think my bigger point is that in the professional game players are actively being coached to put themselves into a position to get hurt, rather than to do things safely. Back in the day if you were going to compete for the ball in the ruck, you would step over the ball first then bend to pick up, but you had your whole shoulder and side facing the opposition to take any hits. Now its feet back and bending over, head first trying to pick the ball up. You are head first at the opposition actively presenting your head as first point of contact with no thought of protecting yourself. Its the same as players being coached to jump for the ball into the opposition players to try and win penalties. Im fully supportive of hard sanctions for deliberate high tackles, but I would also be supportive of outlawing players having there head's lower than hip height in rucks and mauls similar to it is in scrums and being harsher on players not suporting their body weight / supporting with their hands on the ground. Reckless behaviour goes both ways and although coaches (and world rugby) should be looking at player welfare on both sides Making the ruck more competitive (while still safe) draws in players and would give more open space out wide, and stopping players using the jackaling position if there head is lower then their hips would be a start.
  2. I felt a bit sorry for Bundee Aki at the weekend, he got red carded for clearing out the jackler and making contact with his head. However his head was lower than his hips and would have been near impossible to clear him (or hit the ruck in general) without making contact with his head. INfact Aki's head made contact with the jacklers shoulder before Aki's shoulder hit his head. Its getting to the point where you may as well not contest a ruck if your not first there and just concede the turnover as you'll give away a penalty as you cant hit the ruck without making contact with someones head. Then I remember he's Irish and had a good chuckle at his moany face and the extra weeks he'll hopefully get for all his whinging at hte ref.....
  3. Its like a who's who from Corrie and Eastenders so far..
  4. We've been a few times and always stayed at a Disney hotel to get the dinning plan. Even just the quick service plan saves a fortune, 2 full meals and 2 snacks per day. If you look around its not just burgers and pizza, you can get some decent meals. Also get free soft drinks at your hotel. If you can still get it its worth looking at, along with the other perks like, park happy hour, free transfers from airport and to the parks etc. Rooms arent the biggest compared to others in Orlando (about Premier Inn size) but mid scale up are pretty decent.
  5. I thought they were just pushing the Dark Order and Ingobernables, to me Hangman winning doesnt make much sense unless they are planning some No 1 contender shenanigans with Andrade vs page to take the spot. I had thought it would be either Rush or Archer as someone who could win, have a solid match with Mox to fill some time then drop out the picture without harming him to much. If its Page (if not Andrade as above) im assuming some sort of no contest with the firm costing page, MJF then wins the belt, to set up MJF v page? Also the fall out from Punk v Bucks seems to be all eyes have been on AEW and they have delivered big style over the last few weeks. I thought I saw that they had some of there biggest audience numbers, grant these were like free PPV though.
  6. Fair enjoyed this weeks shows, anyone else see Hangman getting the no. 1 contender as a 2 finger salute at Punk
  7. I think he started the pre-season match, hopefully he can get a run
  8. Glasgow Warriors (v Cardiff at Scotstoun Stadium, Friday 7.35pm): C Forbes; S Cancelliere, S Tuipulotu, S McDowall, K Steyn©; T Jordan, G Horne; J Bhatti, F Brown, Z Fagerson, S Cummings, R Gray, M Fagerson, R Darge, J Dempsey. Replacements: G Turner, O Kebble, L Sordino, J du Preez, S Manjezi, T Gordon, A Price, D Miotti. Unavailable for selection: Lewis Bean (head), Allan Dell (calf), Jamie Dobie (hamstring), Huw Jones (back), Nathan McBeth (knee) Ally Miller (back), Enrique Pieretto (shoulder), Ollie Smith (back), Ross Thompson (back), Sione Vailanu (sickness). 4 changes in the forwards, looks a better selection, bu 6/2 splits in the subs can get in the sea
  9. Andor looks awesome though really looking forward to it
  10. they look miles off the pace in terms of fitness and intensity, better once the proper players were on, but woefull selection
  11. Im also hoping OC gets the NA title,
  12. I dont think Smith arrives officially until October. Why start with 2 8's and a blindside, when you have 2 opensides on the bench? Why split the subs 6-2 then play a back that can only play 10? Who is Tom Jordan, and why is out Argentina international 10 not getting a game? Did Bean not leave over the summer and join and English team or was that someone else? Im not really expecting much until Smith gets a chance to work with the team
  13. I watch a download of Dynamite and Rampage and you get the commentary all the way through where the ads should have been, - i think Regals disco biscuits comment was during one last week. Even the picture in picture is favourable to a proper ad break
  14. https://www.glasgowwarriors.org/news/squadupdate?fbclid=IwAR2Nm7Uw4YGyfU827Qlvw_PXTxBwBLW0xPjhylagZdQ8eBJ88FD2AYURHRQ Looks like a few additional players in the squad (argentinian prop and a set of Scottish U20's half backs), and a lengthy injury list to kick off the season!
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