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  1. I think Skinner will miss out Wales but will defiantely start over the Autumn, more as he missed a lot of 6 nations due to injury and the other 3 will no the systems better.
  2. Im thinking we will probably line up as follows on Saturday Hogg, van der Merwe, Harris (although would prefer JOnes), Johnson, Graham, Russell, Price, Fagerson, Brown, Sutherland, Gray, Cummings, Watson, Ritchie, Haining, subs McINally, Bergham, Kebble, Toolis, du Preez, Horne, Hastings, Kinghorn. The Glasgow team that started on Saturday had 10-12 internationals, and the likes of Dobie, Gordon and the big lad at 2nd row are all good prospects so wasn't a bad side. Will give Wilson the benifit of the doubt at the moment as some guys were making their debuts or first game of the season / since covid break so maybe not quite sure on the new game plan, but I think it is more the previous summers lack of signings that are the issue. We still haven't replaced Hogg & Jackson at full back, and we dont have a back up 10 other than 10, as although I had initial hopes for Thompson he has regressed - Leinster and Ulster are dead rubbers IMHO so will see where we are by the end of Jan.
  3. Just noticed Bradbury played for Edinburgh yesterday so obvuiosuly not injured, just dropped which is suprising, wonder if there is more to it
  4. Dissapointing loss for Glasgow yesterday they looked to have control of the game late in the first half but went down hill in the 2nd, as the front row replacements for the Ospreays gave them the advantage in the scrum. J ohnson and Jones both looked good, but the stand out for me was young Dobie, a few more games under his belt and he will be first choice for Glasgow, he has a much more rounded game than either Price or Horne, but is also a threat with ball in hand.
  5. I wonder if Innes is only till January as Kerr wanted a certain type of striker and Innes was well down the list of targets, so its short term to get the type of player he wanted, but is hoping to have an improvement (Drinnan?) available in January?
  6. Will be an interesting selection from Glasgow this week, I am assuming none of the international squad will be allowed back and they have lost another 3 players as 1 has tested positive for Covid and 2 are self isolating having been in close contact
  7. I dont know anyone that does rate Gilchrist, just suprised Harley started in front of him given Gilchrist is a regular in the squad
  8. I dont think I would say centre is a worry either for this game or in general I dont think I have ever seen Lang play so cant really comment but I wouldn't say Harris is a worry (in a 2010ish Scotland way when you would be better playing with 13 than select some of the centres we had) hes just a bit meh. Hes fairly solid in defence, and he does run good lines (try against Italy?) but he does just run straight, and doesn't offer anything else IMHO. You need an outside centre that is going to get the ball to Darcy and big Duhan in space and I just dont see it coming from Harris. When you think Grigg, Bennett, McDowall, Dean, Johnstone and Hutchinson are not in the squad and guys like Horne and Dunbar who would a few years ago been standouts compared to what had come before are still about. Their are plenty of options at Centre that you would say are good enough for a Scotland squad Johnson and Jones on form is as good a centre pairing as any in the 6 nations
  9. with the exeter players missing that is probably our first choice starting 15, with the exception of Russell (who has only just joined up with the squad after the Final), and giving Lang a run - although Johnson hasn't played much for Glasgow so not sure if fully fit. I love Harley as club player, as he gives his all, and does all the dirty work, but he's just not international class, I am assuming neither Richie or Gilchrist are fit. Its also starting to look like Toonie has as much idea as everyone else about who the first choice 8 is. Fagerson is a cracking player but dont think he is big enough for 8, and would probably make a better blind side, but he has already gone through Du Preeez, Haining and Thompson and neither have looked likely to be the answer long term - he will probably have to pick and choose depending on the opposition. Edit to add - only just relised that Maitland is missing the match to join Swinson and the rest of his Sarries mates playing for the Barbarians against England.
  10. Is the match on TV? If so, which channel? ITV4 I think If anyone is interested full Georgia squad 18 based in France, 2 in England, 3 in RUS pro league, the rest home based. The 3 un-attached were pro last year (2 for the Sunwolves in SuperRugby) Loosehead Prop Mikheil Nariashvili (Montpellier, FRA) Guram Gogichashvili (Racing 92, FRA) Lekso Kaulashvili (Bordeaux, FRA) Hooker Shalva Mamukashvili (Leicester, ENG) Jaba Bregvadze (unattached?) Giorgi Chkoidze (Lokomotiv Penza, RUS) Tighthead Prop Levan Chilachava (Montpellier, FRA) Beka Gigashvili (Toulon, FRA) Giorgi Melikidze (Stade Français, FRA) Lock Konstantin Mikautadze (unattached) Nodar Cheishvili (Aia Kutaisi) Davit Gigauri (Tarbes, FRA) Grigor Kerdikoshvili (Lelo Tbilisi) Lasha Jaiani (Exeter Uni RFC, ENG) Giorgi Javakhia (Aurillac, FRA) Backrow Beka Gorgadze (Bordeaux, FRA) Beka Saghinadze (Aurillac, FRA) Otar Giorgadze (Brive, FRA) Giga Tkhilaishvili (Batumi) Mikheil Gachechiladze (Enisei-STM, RUS) Tornike Jalagonia (Biarritz, FRA) Ioane Iashagashvili (Bayonne, FRA) Scrumhalf Vasil Lobzhanidze (Brive, FRA) Gela Aprasidze (Montpellier, FRA) Mikheil Alania (Aurillac, FRA) Flyhalf Tedo Abzhandadze (Brive, FRA) Lasha Khmaladze (Batumi) Centre Merab Sharikadze (unattached) Tamaz Mchedlidze (Rouen, FRA) Giorgi Kveseladze (Armazi Marneuli) Demur Tapladze (Lelo Tbilisi) Lasha Malaguradze (VVA-Podmoskovye, RUS) Wingers Akaki Tabutsadze (Lelo Tbilisi) Sandro Svanidze (Armazi Marneuli) Sandro Todua (Batumi) Zurab Dzneladze (Locomotive Tbilisi) Fullback Soso Matiashvili (Lelo Tbilisi) Davit Niniashvili (RC Khvamli?)
  11. Georgia have gone off the boil a bit in the last few years and have gone through a re-shuffle in their coaching staff. The majority of the forwards are regulars in the top14 or ProD2 in France, so up front will be a real test. The starting 9 & 10 are now both playing at Brive so give them something else in the backs, but the rest of the backs are either playing in Georgia or Russia so not up to the same standard as the forwards. They have a few back rows that they really should look at converting to centers. If we play sensibly, keep the ball in their half and get the backs good clean ball we will win, if we give away stupid penalties and let them in on arm wrestle in our half we could be in trouble. We are missing the Exeter players, plus I think Finn wont be selected having played on Sunday
  12. I was expecting £15 so quiet pleased its only £12.50. I haven't been able to get to too many games over the last few years so even a crap stream is better than nothing - though im hoping hoping we still get Wuffsters excellent highlights?
  13. Bradbury and Hutchinson are the 2 from previous squads missing, im assuming injured? (just read the above - Bradbury is a strange one then) Had also thought we might have seen Schoeman and Van der Valt getting the nod as Im sure both are now residency qualified. Thompson in the squad also, apparantly he played against Glasgow on Sunday but dont remember him doing anything! Centre is a strange one as you have Bennett, Dean, Taylor, Johnston and McDowall all probably in contention also, but I think Johnson inside and either Jones or Hutchinson outside is the best pairing. Cowan is odd as you would think he is not getting any younger and if he is just filling the squad surely one of the young guys at Glasgow or Edinburgh would get more out of making up the numbers than Cowan
  14. Does the buy rate for streams get published the same as normal attendances do? Would be interested to see the numbers. Also was just thinking that if Kenna hadn't been injured there would have been 3 ex Ayr players in the Scotland squad, when was the last time we would have been close or bettered that?
  15. Obviously missing Anderson up top, but we have looked good going forward - Hewitt has looked passable so far, one or two little mistakes but has put some decenet crosses in whene he has got forward
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