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  1. I think doing a hybrid of reduced capacity in grounds / social distancing mixed with paid live streaming would be an option. it gives clubs an income, albeit reduced gates, while also letting those who dont feel comfortable going to the grounds the option of purchasing the live stream to still watch the game, and would also tap into the overseas / not local support who may want to purchase the odd game to watch. You could have say 1,000 to 2000 fans in the ground with another say 500 purchasing the live stream would probably be a decent revenue for us, although obviously down on this year, but you would be hoping this would be for 2 to 4 months max at the start of the season, and should be enough to see us tick over.
  2. Robbo may be able to answer this, but if all the club staff are furloughed, who would be available / still at work to offer players new contracts? I know it would be really pedantic but could clubs get in trouble for someone working when they are supposed to be furloughed if they are handing out contract extensions?
  3. Im not overly fussed he is leaving, Rennie rates him highly but I always thought he was a bit of a show pony who shied away from the hard work. Was never going to get a game for Scotland so would rather his (probably hefty in comparison to some others) wages are spent on elsewhere.
  4. I remember seeing a documentary on a Yeti hunt in Nepal where they did similar and actually had an un-identified result, which was fairly close to human DNA baut not an exact match. This obviously got the team excited however it was pointed out that the local indigenious population are that cut of in the himalyas that there DNA may be different enough to cause the testing to through up a close but no match result. They did however find evidence from hair that proved there was a population of large wild sheep that had previously never been documented in that location (i believe they were in Bhutan) or altitude. Im not saying the Yeti is real but if it is then its more likely to be in these location than anywhere else https://sciencediscoveries.degruyter.com/reclassification-suggested-tibetan-wild-sheep-nepal/
  5. To be fair our lockdown has been far lighter than the likes of Italy and Spain. When both of these countries started to lift restrictions it was to a level that we are at currently. Most countries weren't allowed out at all (except to work if you were a key worker) except to get food. There was no hour of excercise etc so will be worth keeping an eye out of the rates of infection etc start to rise again. To be fair I get the impression now that there is a large chunk of people who have given up on the lockdown and social distancing already
  6. Thats all summer tours officially cancelled, everyone knew it was coming but world rugby have confirmed
  7. Tayside would be much better starting their own league, on a par with the North juniors feeding into the HFL. give it a few years and once promotion relegation starts to kick in the HFL will become very Aberdeen centric to start with and over time East coast centric (ie Aberdeen / Dundee / Angus)
  8. We had some truly world class players at the end of the amateur era, we just weren't prepared for / make a complete mess of turning professional. I think we are slowly catching up but i think we have some way to go. In other news it looks like Frisby and Halanukonuka have played there last game for Glasgow. The big prop was decent, but not outstanding, Frisby though, having played for Australia and to come in from a top 14 club I was expecting so much more. Dropped during the WC for 17 year old kinda says it all. Frisby and Halanukonuka to exit Glasgow
  9. I started of thinking that 14-14-14 could get in the sea, however on thinking about it im coming round to the idea. Yes adding some of the seaside dross, if there is a split in the league we would only have to play them twice, one home game, then the other home games would be against a top half teams (hopefully) so potentially increasing crowds. Additionally if you are playing some teams less the crowds may increase just as its new teams. On current form we would be one of the teams going for promotion next year - (again hopefully) , if its league of 14 would there be more automatic promotion / relegation slots? Also as has been said, if we have a bad year extra teams means we have a better chance of staying up
  10. I think there is a case for Metcalfe being the best full back we ever had
  11. I'd totally forgoten Iain Jardine ever existed!! I think Joiner sold a couple of tries in that one, as did Hastings with his dreadfull atempt at a tackle. Im suprised we actually won that game. Although Morrison, Wainright and Peters were all good players, they were no match for Jeffries, Calder etc and again not having Armstrong would be a blow to any team. The camera work was shocking at time, the ball was not even close at some point to where the camera's were pointing. And the pictures were really flickery as well. It was as if they had recorded the match on VHS (having taped over some old films) and then ran the vhs into a PC to get a digital copy!! Edit - saying that about Campbell, I remembered another nearly forgettable 2nd row, Stuart Grimes, who I only remember about as I had a drunken night out once in Birmingham with hos brother at the time when he was in the team! I had never met him before and found out he was trying to pull a girl I went to school with.
  12. Watched the highlights the BBC have put up of the 95 France game, just for the Tooney flip! Was really suprised by the huge turn over of players from the 90 Grand slam team, only Kenny Milne, Damian Cronin, Craig Chalmers and Gavin Hastings still in the team, but you also have the likes of Weir, Wright, Townsend, Logan, Wainright, Redparth and Peters who are all mainstays on the team in the late 90's
  13. I've used the click and collect this week, ordered first thing Sunday morning but didn't get the confirmation it was ready to collect until next day. Also saw some old boy trying to walk into the store, but he got short shrift from staff
  14. Although if Talbot get there floodlights up and working over the summer it wont be an issue as you will be able to play midweek during the winter (unless there are any issues with the pitch) rather than having to cram in all the fixtures into the last month or so of the season
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