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  1. Nakarawa makes his first start at blindside against Sale https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/51151174
  2. As much as I hate Sarries, I dont know what they are suposed to do this season. They got caught out after the season had started, if they released anyone then they would have to pay up the contract which counts towards the salary cap anyway so makes no difference to the total. The only way round it would be if they could offload players to other clubs and not have to pay the remainder of the contract but thats not as easy to do mid season as players would probably not want to take a drop in earnings, and most other clubs are at the full limit of the cap anyway so dont have the room to bring expensive players in. Edit to add - really good to se Richie Gray back next season - been out in France for a good few season, then bringing back what he's learned to Glasgow. Im hoping the likes of Hogg and Russell do the same - good few years away earning a decent wage and learning somewhere else then seeing out there carear helping bring through the youngsters
  3. I think the issue is we are stuck in the middle ground. Any player who would want to sign a longer contract (ie 2 or 3 years) with us is probably going to be someone we wouldn't want to sign. Imagine if we had 6 or 7 players signed on 2 or 3 year contracts that turned out not to be good enough = we would be paying their wages and either getting relegated, or paying the additional for replacements and putting the club in debt. The only chance we have for longer contracts is when we / if we sign lads from the academy. Getting Ecrepont of a long deal is good for both parties. However for every Harvie & Rose (who took a season or so to come good) that we sign up after leaving a top division side as a youngster, there is also a Kevin Cawley Edit to add, when we first signed Shankland, how many people would have been happy if we offered him a 3 year deal? in hindsight it would have been good, but if he had flopped like he did at the majority of clubs before can you imagine where we would have been.
  4. A few strange choices in amongst the usual suspects Front Row as expected - Dell, Nel, Fagerson Brown, McInally and Turner pick themselves Bhatti, Bergham & Sutherland probably the best of the rest - if Reid had gone to Glasgow rather than the Bulls he may have been an option but there is no standout player missing out 2nd Row - Grey, Cummings and Toolis are by far the best 3 - Gilchrist doesn't bring enough, Craig i've heard good things about but never seen play so can comment, other than he only has a handfull of games for Gloucester - hopefully him and Gordon are just there for experience and not expected to be playing. If the other Grey wanted back in the squad he should be there. Back row - apart from Zander, I would have Matt Fagerrson down as Glasgows best player this season (blip against La Rochelle aside) so dissapointed he isnt in the squad, and I think he suits the way Scotland want to play. It seems though that Townsend is after a big battering ram no.8 now, and after going through Strauss and Thompson, which isn't really Fagersons game. I dont remember seeing Haining play but he is another SH import of Scottish ancestry playing second fiddle to Mata at 8. There was no fanfare when he arrived, or when he was at Bristol so cant say im excited to see him start. De Preez has always been ok, but nothing special. I like the look of Crosbie so good inclusion, but suprised at Gordon getting in the squad 9&10 pick themselves really as does 15 - although was really impressed by Bryce vs Exeter so may be one to keep an eye on. Centres - assume Grigg is still injured hence why not in the team, Horne & Taylor being dropped is a suprise, not that I think they are that good, just a lot of coaches seem to rate them. Johnson / Scott at inside and Jones / Hutchinson outside are fairly similar players so. Bennett must have been there or there abouts, but you have Harris / Steyn that can cover wing and centre so probably justifiable. Wing - tagive? McGuigan? Both would get no where near starting for Glasgow - surely we have better wingers than that available?
  5. Poite in particular, and the frnech refs in general never seem to give us anything. But on to the match, best performance of the season from Glasgow. IF that team had turned up against La Rochelle in the last game we would be in great position going into the last game against Sale, not whinging about poor refereeing
  6. The big issue with this trilogy is that you had different people writing different parts, so the whole thing ends up being disjointed. If they plan on having another trilogy, then surely they need to have one person, if not write, at least have creative control over the whole 3 movies so at least there is a coherent story over the piece. On episode 9 it was ok. As they went with Palpatine, it would have been better to find out he was behind everything later, cut down on the time finding objects and bobbing about. Some good moments for the fanboys (me included...) with Lando, Han, Luke and Wedge all making an appearance, some quality scenes - esp. the fight on the deathstar with Ben walking through the wave, and I thought Richard E Grant was excellent. Palpatine wanting Rey to kill him to go over to the darkside made sense as it was exactly the same with Luke in RotJ. On the downside, the lightning taking out the ships was ridiculous (1 you could see, but not an entire fleet miles away form where he was) , and Lando and Chewy leaving to go and get back up at the same time as every one else leaves, but arrive 10 minutes after they did while going round hte whole galaxy round up troops. Passable, I thought it was better than TLJ, but not a patch on Rouge one, or the Mandalorian for that matter
  7. I'm ok with that. Btw was Matt Taylor not being touted as the new Glasgow coach few weeks back? Obviously that's not happening now, so who takes over from Rennie? Its Danny Wilson thats taking over from Rennie - but this is looking like a proper clear out at Scotland after the world cup To save another post, Kebble, Price and Tagive are the only changes for Glasgow for the 2nd Edinburgh game
  8. Fagerson was excellent, put Shoeman in his place all game. I think probably the best i've seen him. Jones looked much better as well, probably the best Glasgow have been this season
  9. I think its the right time for Laidlaw to go. Price and Horne are both good scrum halfs so from a positional sense Im not too worried, (and for a few years he hasn't suited the way we want to play) we also have Pyrgos, young Dobbie and there are one or two others about if there is a crisis. I think the bigger loss is his leadership and his goal kicking. With Barclay standing down, and McInally out of form who do you turn to as captain? For me no one really stands out - you see potential captains in Matt Fagerson and Bradbury but I think they are still to young to get the gig now, but none of the older players really seem captain material. And goal kicking also, Russel is capable, but isn't first choice at his club, and Hogg could chip in but I think we could be missing points, when we need all we can get.
  10. I only saw the first half of the game, so cant really comment on the 2nd half, but we started well, got the try, then completely took the foot of the gas. It was as if we thought that as La Rochelle had nothing to play for, losing a try would ensure the floodgates would open without having to put the effort in. Hastings put in a few decent kicks to get us teritory at the start of the game, but after we scored I dont think we had any ball never mind good field position.. I actually expected us to get hammered 2nd half so to finish 7-12 was better than I hoped for at half time. I dont think we are out yet, but thats only because there are 2 other pools where the 2nd placed team has already lost 2 also, however beating Exeter is going to be a huge ask for this team at the moment
  11. I'm sure there is a window, maybe after the pool games to add / change your squad
  12. Helensburgh Stonehaven line seems mental, Helensburgh Alloa would be a better split
  13. I see Marfo has been released by Edinburgh - only 11 starts for them but 3 Scotland caps. I actually thought he was pretty impressive in his 3 games for Scotland, dont think i saw him play for Embra though
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