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  1. Queens were horrendous today. Worst team I have seen this season so far. They would be stick ons to go down if it wasn't for the Dobbie factor of 15 goals out of nowhere to grab some points.
  2. Talbot fans were good patter in the boozer before the game and brought a decent support for a Friday tv game. Bottle job from Kelty never even laid a glove on them. Lost individual battles all over the park and Talbot were causing chaos at set pieces. Absolutely zero width too. I hope some of those players who don't really know junior football (especially west these days)thought it was going to be a walk over. Talbot looked like they wanted it more which is probably the worst part for me.
  3. Sorry I don't understand. I did request them to be sent to my home. If they arnt sent out yet I could phone the club and just ask then to keep them at the ground and I can get them the day of the game. I'm not going to be around any of the pick up points in the next couple of days which is why I went with home delivery. Or do you mean of you select home delivery it it just sends then to the club.?
  4. Ordered my tickets online on the 12th and not arrived yet. Does anyone know if they have started sending them out?
  5. Any idea if the internet sales have started being sent out? Ordered mine on the 12th and no sign of them yet
  6. Hopefully get the win here. I am hoping we can wrap up the league as early as possible to concentrate on the league and Scottish cups. We should really be coasting past clubs the size of Queens
  7. Does anyone know what happens with these banners once they have been used? Do they store them at the club? Might be an idea to stick them over the empty seats in the NE. I'm sure they can easily be taken down if that part of the ground was ever used for a game
  8. This sounds someone similar in Dunfermline , he was out in a nightclub when she was "missing" pretending to be upset. Theres a court case just now as he is in the executer of his mums estate while in jail after being found guilty of killing her and his sister doesn't have any rights, I think his lawyers sent her a letter to say he was selling the house and she couldn't get access to get her mums belongings. There were a few weird guys at our school, the main one was a guy called Robert Smith. Everyone called him Viking boy because he hadn't cut his hair since he was about 8. He seemed to hate the world , have no social skills and barge into people in the corridor when he went past. He also used to pick his ears with his pencil and then whipe the wax onto the desk. Last I had heard he went to Edinburgh uni and was barging about the corridors there too.
  9. Seen this in Dunfermline around Christmas time
  10. On the subject of that 3-3 game against Thistle, am I right in thinking the thistle fans ran in the pitch to celebrate at the end of the game..Not with their players but the main stand toward our fans. Then one fan while giving us abuse dropped his baby on the park?
  11. Also two decent pubs The Barony though didn't show football and the cask and barrel didn't have a jukebox from memory.
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