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  1. Theres guys in this thread who are always "in the know" or speaking down to other supporters. Proper Falkirk fans should bin them. Edit- Basically I am saying theres guys around your club you should get punted.
  2. Falkirk were miles the better team, should really have gubbed us. Especially 2-0 up at hame. Bye, we are away to the championship
  3. Good solid season in league 1 for kelty after a sticky start. Speaking to folk up at NCP they always felt league 1 was the aim(basically the top end of part time football) and sneaking into the championship as an ambition if they could. So consolidating is a decent achievement. Hopefully we cant blow the league from here. Just having a quite squint at the table and alloa have sneaked up and only 4 points off falkirk now. But I think airdrie might just be hitting form at the right time(albeit I think they did the same last year?). Looks like it will be cove in the playoffs as I expect Hamilton to go down. Albeit dick campbell to knock Falkirk out in the playoffs would be pretty funny.
  4. Tbf this team was relegated from the championship. We have only signed 2 players in bene and hamilton and the rest are loans. Ok we are more solid and the younger guys have a year under their belt but I wouldnt assume we are comfortable going into the championship
  5. Would there be any appetite for clubs to jump back to the juniors if they feel the pyramid they joined in good faith is now done the toilet? Or has that ship sailed?
  6. Combined 11 from those 2 squads? I might go with the below, tbh theres a few I would change my mind on if you asked me another day edwards for one instead of talbot Mehmet Comrie fordyce bene talbot Hosler geggan todd cardle FEB moffat Edit - @Stoo61 posted at the same time
  7. Do you think that Falkirk are on the wrong end of bad decisions more often than Dunfermline(and other teams in the league)? Also out of interest on those penalties you wernt awarded how many points has that caused you to drop?
  8. Theres been allot of debate about the ball crossing the line but no one has mentioned that it appears Breen might have handled it instead of heading it.
  9. I said 2-0 to the pars before the game in the yeoman but I thought it would a very nervy game. First half was a terrible game. Second half the pars were miles better. I was surprised how flat the falkirk support was given in the lead up there was allot of chat on social media etc about us shitting ourselves and them having momentum and confidence(and were on a great run so understandable). But their support was flat, I never heard them the whole game even when the team came off from the warm up. I was pretty surprised given the numbers they travelled in. Overal a cracking days work from us.
  10. Just left for work this morning and the ground seems fine. Unless theres a blizzard the game will be on
  11. I used to be pretty bad for this in my 20s and it used to effect me lying in bed at night where my brain would rotate it over and over to the point it would mean I wouldn't sleep all night. It honestly petrified me, and the thought of nothingness is horrendous but in a similar way to you I don't believe in any god or afterlife so logically my brain knows that nothingness is the probable outcome. I dont suffer as much with it these days and found coping mechanisms for sleeping to take my mind off it which has helped allot.
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