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  1. Not long moved into the area, and fancied starting to go to a couple of games, how much is it to get in to Rutherglen games ?
  2. What ? Seriously, are folk still coming out with this stuff Give you a clue mate, when EVEN Dunfermline fans gave up on the whole tedious "Airdrie are deid" patter about 5 years ago, you know it's time to give it a rest...
  3. After 25 year or so of being a 9-5 mon - fri type worker in the main, have been offered a job which is constant nightshift, 4 on, 4 off type work - it's the same type of work - telephone, call centre type work - so not physical job. Just wondering if anyone who does work / has worked nightshift in the past could offer any advice / tips on how best to deal with the hours / shift pattern ? I've looked on line and most comments seem to be very generic and / or predominantly aimed at Doctors ....looking for folks own experiences please, what works / doesn't work..... Thanks in advance
  4. Not a specific word, but a whole category - Baby Talk.. Unless talking to an infant at time, I cannot stand it when adults refer to themselves as "A Mummy", " Going on the choo choo", "eating din dins" etc Also using the word "Tunes" to describe music, esp when written "choons"....
  5. Instead of making a big deal out of f** all, again, as usual - Can anyone tell me what the big deal would be if we - shock horror - simply removed the letters "AFC" from the badge, put the (non) issue to bed in 5 mins flat and moved the f** on ?
  6. Did you know that just because "Snopes" website says something is / isn't true, that doesnt mean it is / isn't actually true. Always make mean laugh the way people slag of others who hold up "wikipedia" as being 100% gospel - which most folk know isn't the case - then do the exact same with "Snopes" themselves
  7. Haven't read all this thread, just skimmed through, so I may be repeating something that's already been said, but can we please do away with this myth that the soft Southern English Nancyboys can't handle the slightest bit of snow, whereas us big, hard Scots soldier on through blizzard conditions with the merest shrug of our shoulders.
  8. When posting on "favourite / best players" type threads, the people who insist on using a players full name. If you want to say Kenny Dalglish, say "Kenny Dalglish" - not "Kenneth Mathieson Dalglish" etc. Why do folk do this - what is the point, everyone knows who you mean - Is there some sort of geeky "trainspotter" and / or a "Look at me - what an Uberfan I am" thing going on, or what ?
  9. All the "do you lock..." and similar threads , or more specifically, some of the posts on them that have sprung up of the last few days. I think the "joke" has been well and truely milked to death now !
  10. Couples in Supermarkets I am now of the firm belief that people should only be allowed into such shops on their own. Why do these folk have to stand and debate every single last thing they buy ? I can just about handle the ones who insist on squeezing every single loaf before deciding which one they want, and, at an extreme push can just tolerate those who want to stick their finger in every bit of steak in the place before deciding not to bother after all..... BUT.. When I have to wait for a full 5 minutes when someone is deciding which.........rice !!!! they want, that's just a step too far. I mean, it's rice FFS -- You know a tasteless, non perishable thing which costs about 50p a ton and has the sole purpose of stopping your actual food running off the plate - what's to debate, just pick one up and get out my fucking way will you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Ha ha - Not at all mate - I've ( potentially) got a fine head of hair on me, and being a proud ginger am very unlikely to go bald - I just choose to get the old "bare blade all over - skin it" every 4 weeks or so !
  12. I actually agree with all of these comments Anyway, changing the subject totally, my "petty thing" from today - Folk who go to Barbers, NB Not "Hairdressers" for a 45 minute "Look at me" haircut - You know the kind where no actual haircutting takes place for the last 20 mins - A haircut in a barbers should take no more than 10 mins tops ! Go to a ponsy salon if you want to fart about with gel and the like and get every last single fucking hair on your head to the exact milimetre accuarte position you want it !!
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