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  1. It's all live on BBC news/BBC parliament from 1230 anyway.
  2. Not sure. But Johnson yesterday said "There is therefore no credible route to a zero Covid Britain or indeed a zero Covid world. And we cannot persist indefinitely with restrictions that debilitate our economy, our physical and mental well-being, and the life chances of our children." I think it's important that we hear something similar from her today.
  3. Was there any point last year, other than a weird 1 week where the tory ministers went mental, where we were encouraged back to the office? I honestly can barely remember given every day has merged into one these days. Given offices were the first thing closed last time I think, I've absolutely no idea when or if I'll be back in the office at this "cautious" rate.
  4. From a post a few pages back, why is it ridiculous that people might reconsider voting for the SNP considering the messaging coming out over the past few weeks? I ended up having that call with John Mason last night, I'm not really any further forward in understanding the government's thinking frankly, but I've made it clear that I can't support the SNP whilst this continues.
  5. How can Sturgeon honestly stand up there and say "new variants" are more of a risk this summer than they were last? Is that a wind up?
  6. I was astonished by the swiftness of my MSP John Mason's response to an email I sent on Tuesday about my concern regarding restrictions not being lifted fast enough. Detailed response, a lot of which I don't really agree with, but he's offered a zoom call to discuss the issues which I'll gladly take up at some point in the coming week. Living in Ruth's constituency for 4 years however, was a different story.
  7. Gonna be a hefty shiter when they start letting folk travel but only those who are vaccinated. 20 somethings like myself having to lock themselves in the house for a year to protect the old and infirm, then us being stuck in the UK when those same folk are away to the Dominican on their SAGA cruises.
  8. Given the repeated bits I'm assuming the VTs have been pretty much impossible to film over the winter lockdown period.
  9. New frustration - the line one "we don't know if the vaccine stops transmission". First of all, if we're all vaccinated and it stops serious illness to the degree that we think it will, why does this matter? Secondly, it looks like the data coming from Israel suggests it does indeed help stop transmission, is this being monitored or are we just sitting about here waiting for our own data?
  10. https://news.stv.tv/scotland/edinburgh-and-aberdeen-mass-vaccination-centres-to-open Just having a glance at this. The "mass vaccination centres" in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen have a combined max-capacity of 97,000 a week so approximately 14,000 a day. Given Glasgow has already been open (operating at around 1000-5000 a day according to the above), I am not convinced that from tomorrow we'll see an enormous ramp up that we all want.
  11. The "the government can't promise things" brigade should also realise, I don't think many are asking for "Is it to be May? Is it June pubs are open?! etc", it's more "What % of folk vaccinated/% capacity ICU are we looking at to loosen things and get to normality/accepting Covid exists". The former is indeed a harder thing for the government's to answer, the latter (if we're talking just domestic restrictions rather than travel) is a very reasonable thing to ask the government to do, considering everyone's lives have been ruined for almost an entire year.
  12. I meant in the long term. If the road map's end point is somewhere with restrictions like social distancing etc still in place, then to me that's not acceptable. I agree we go back to tiers from March and slowly go down, but we need to go down to no restrictions eventually, as others have previously mentioned. Let me see the metric on which the Scottish/UK government's will say "we now accept there will always be a small risk of catching it, but we will live with that".
  13. It'll be interesting to see whether this road map that they're producing mid-late Feb is indeed a road map to actual normality or if it's a road map to a tier system. I fear it is going to end up being the latter, which is extremely concerning.
  14. If it meant that fans could attend as normal, binning the Euros till 2022, given the world cup's in winter anyway, would probably be a good idea.
  15. I really dislike Ruth Davidson, but her first question was particularly good to the FM. She did not address why, if we have hundreds of thousands of doses, why they're not getting into folks arms at a much higher rate. Lot of bluster and blame placed at UK government, and I think she kind of accused the UK government of massaging the figures a bit in terms of how many doses have been delivered but I may have misinterpreted...
  16. I reckon the vast majority on here will agree, but even freedom-loving Johnson today was saying people need to be aware it will be a slow and steady approach to reopening.
  17. Hopefully. There's certainly been an increase in anecdotal evidence that more folk are getting it. My grandparents were on Saturday, ma who works in social work has been contacted to book her slot also. Still seeing articles on BBC with GPs complaining about supply issues mind you.
  18. I believe decisions will be made in March. What "decision" that is I'm not sure, but guessing the possible change of location and any impact that does or does not have on fan attendance will be the key ones.
  19. I'm not convinced Rangers, Hibs and Kilmarnock would be that fussed for listening to each club as far down as League 2 get their 15 minutes of open air time on the call to express their views. There are better ways of doing it.
  20. The Stenny chairman's complaints are extremely confusing. I don't want to defend Doncaster but 42 teams + SPFL officials all speaking over each other on one zoom call would be completely pointless.
  21. What is it that the Scottish Government is saying is happening that will cause us to go from 16k vaccinations a day to hundreds of thousands a day? Aren't the doses already good to go? What's going to change to cause this huge increase in numbers?
  22. When can we expect the route map for X people vaccinated, Y & Z can then open again?
  23. It's absolutely laughable for any government to just be "considering" 24/7 vaccinations, or suggesting there's no demand. Firstly, where they've got that there's no demand I will never know. Secondly, whilst having a similarly low amount of evidence, I would guarantee the overwhelming majority would be fine, for one night, to get up for their vaccine at ridiculous o'clock if it means restrictions were binned 1 or 2 months earlier. Leave the over 80s and vulnerable during the day. The rest of us can and will compromise.
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