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  1. Good win that. We should have been 2-0 at least by half time with Kev's sitter and the decent McCallum stop from the header. Forfar battered us the opening 15 of the second half and we looked all over the place but took control again. Could barely see the goal we scored if I'm honest, I really don't like the Pixellot offering but hopefully we won't have to suffer watching the fitba from the living room much longer. Thought Higgins slotted in well at left back, he's never going to offer much going forward but defensively he's strong and we've been really lacking there the past few matches. Agnew has had a poor season and I felt that continued this afternoon, I know he's there to play the low % passes and try open teams up but absolutely nothing seems to be coming off for him at the moment. Difficult to pick up many other individual performances from the sofa. Finally, why on earth after so many games are we waiting until the 90th minute to make our second substitution? The players have put in an absolutely massive shift for the past two weeks a few of them looked spent by about 70 minutes. So weird, we've got a big squad and we're not afraid to use it when rotating, we need to use it just as much in-game. I don't think its particularly good game management to be doing that so late.
  2. We need to be making changes in the wide areas now. The players are looking leggy.
  3. I will never complain about EFTV again. Pixellot is absolutely awful (as are we so far this half!).
  4. It would be absolutely ridiculous if they binned this play off this year. Fair enough last year given the unprecedented circumstances and the fact that all play offs were binned, but this looks really poor from the SPFL if they're even exploring this avenue.
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-56638188 They're being "considered" here.
  6. I saw this as I extracted myself from bed this morning and was done up like a kipper.
  7. That interview from McGinn, he's a very, very likeable chap.
  8. I guess it depends on the company. I would imagine younger graduates at bigger companies would be dying to get into the office, not least of all because it's probably easier to learn but the early years of your career in those companies is about meeting new people and I know the first few years of the graduate culture is a sort of continuation of uni in terms of going out 2/3 times a week. My companies tiny and everyone apart from me has been there for at least 6/7 years so not really the same vibe.
  9. Aye I think this is my concern. Our directors have said that they'll look to be more flexible when it comes to being in the office, but unless there's a sort of structure put in place I can see that language rolling back fairly quickly. We're a smaller company and I know a fair few of the old duffers want back in the office. In an office of 14 folk, if enough people just ignore the potential "2 days in the office the rest from home" idea that was put out to us 6 months ago, it puts a weird kind of pressure on the rest of us who like the WFH aspect to just get back in like the rest of them
  10. Walking about Edinburgh, mainly Stockbridge earlier today to meet a few pals for a coffee. These restrictions are pointless, people are quite rightly out and about, place was heaving. This lockdown is a nonsense, get the businesses back operating again for christ sake.
  11. Admittedly arrived 2 mins after kick off to the site but I can't even log-in and it's the same error messages. Away to tidy the house instead.
  12. Should be a close one. I've not bought the stream yet but I should be back in the house to be able to watch this one as I missed last week. As you say I don't think we'll change much, usually the wide players that would be rotated but I heard Watt was excellent last week and with Denholm scoring I'd imagine it'll be same again.
  13. Devi appears to be joining the long list of people claiming to be "cancelled" when the reality is in fact "having your shit opinions rightly criticised".
  14. Good summation, struggling to understand your last paragraph? If it's the last bullet point, JC was of the view that it is far harder for the UK government to keep saying no to a referendum if the SNP get an overall majority themselves. It's easier for them to ignore it if its a majority with the greens because in general people associate indy almost entirely with the SNP. If its my last bit at the end, I've had a couple of calls with my local MSP regarding my frustration at the tone, language and outlook from the SNP from January-March in relation to Covid restrictions, and was for the vast majority certain that I would not vote to back them at this point. But given the way in which this election is shaping up, I'm becoming more inclined to lend them my vote, despite my enormous frustrations at a lot of things over the past 12 months.
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