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  1. If it meant that fans could attend as normal, binning the Euros till 2022, given the world cup's in winter anyway, would probably be a good idea.
  2. I really dislike Ruth Davidson, but her first question was particularly good to the FM. She did not address why, if we have hundreds of thousands of doses, why they're not getting into folks arms at a much higher rate. Lot of bluster and blame placed at UK government, and I think she kind of accused the UK government of massaging the figures a bit in terms of how many doses have been delivered but I may have misinterpreted...
  3. I reckon the vast majority on here will agree, but even freedom-loving Johnson today was saying people need to be aware it will be a slow and steady approach to reopening.
  4. Hopefully. There's certainly been an increase in anecdotal evidence that more folk are getting it. My grandparents were on Saturday, ma who works in social work has been contacted to book her slot also. Still seeing articles on BBC with GPs complaining about supply issues mind you.
  5. I believe decisions will be made in March. What "decision" that is I'm not sure, but guessing the possible change of location and any impact that does or does not have on fan attendance will be the key ones.
  6. I'm not convinced Rangers, Hibs and Kilmarnock would be that fussed for listening to each club as far down as League 2 get their 15 minutes of open air time on the call to express their views. There are better ways of doing it.
  7. The Stenny chairman's complaints are extremely confusing. I don't want to defend Doncaster but 42 teams + SPFL officials all speaking over each other on one zoom call would be completely pointless.
  8. What is it that the Scottish Government is saying is happening that will cause us to go from 16k vaccinations a day to hundreds of thousands a day? Aren't the doses already good to go? What's going to change to cause this huge increase in numbers?
  9. When can we expect the route map for X people vaccinated, Y & Z can then open again?
  10. It's absolutely laughable for any government to just be "considering" 24/7 vaccinations, or suggesting there's no demand. Firstly, where they've got that there's no demand I will never know. Secondly, whilst having a similarly low amount of evidence, I would guarantee the overwhelming majority would be fine, for one night, to get up for their vaccine at ridiculous o'clock if it means restrictions were binned 1 or 2 months earlier. Leave the over 80s and vulnerable during the day. The rest of us can and will compromise.
  11. I'd be astonished if we're back in 3 weeks time.
  12. The league's finishing is entirely down to the UK/Scottish governments vaccination strategy. They're hoping the vulnerable/old yins will be done by mid February, I would hope at that stage they start to open things up again but the noises don't seem too positive on that front, especially given that it'll only mean those folk have had jab numero uno.
  13. Indeed. Probably a bit too early to be voiding it, though am I right in saying a few of the English lower leagues have already had that discussion?
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