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  1. We've not confirmed yet, it's included as part of the season ticket and our friendly the other day was £3. I wouldn't mind paying a full price ticket for the match in all honesty, I would hope that the clubs can come together and agree on one price though.
  2. Not used the stream in ages since I was last abroad, the interviews at the start were excellent. I was kicked out around the 15 minute mark but got back on relatively quickly, few teething problems with the sound, the clock and the camera operator was a bit iffy to start with but it's sorted now. For me personally, I would have no issue with paying a full ticket price for this service, and huge well done to those making it happen. As for the game, we've looked a bit slack at the back for me. Few misplaced passes and Dunfermline getting in behind 3 or 4 times already. We look decent going forward though, and based just on this 45 I have no issue going into the season with Pat at left back (though we could do with cover there regardless). Swanson looks exciting, and hopefully Waldo/Hamilton can knock up a partnership. Hope we never have to wear this black/red combo again though, awful!
  3. She's also one of those classic twitter members that never tweets, other than replying to things to complain about the SNP.
  4. Be interesting to see how the leagues will continue given it seems like there's no chance of fans anytime soon, I hope everyone in the league can come up with one price for the PPV games unlike the premiership. It'll naturally be less money for us though, especially when you consider hospitality and catering losses for the season which I've no doubt boosts the coffers. I'll certainly buy the PPV matches when available, but are we confident we will get 200+ people every second week (not including ST holders)?
  5. This. I think the journalists (or indeed the SFA/SPFL) need to be asking the Scottish government why a pub is fine but an outdoor socially distanced fitba crowd is not, and applying a lot more pressure than they have been.
  6. I think the guys doing the streaming (voluntarily I believe!) are entirely at the mercy of the internet connection available at away games, so should be cut some slack for the dodgy link for tonight's friendly.
  7. That announcement/conference was weird, mentioning "doubling" and "exponential rise" but showing graphs that don't show that. Have to assume that's just them laying the groundwork for whatever new restrictions come into play the next few days.
  8. I can't help but suspect that something's going on with Boris. The past couple of weeks he's been wittering complete contradictory nonsense, not really going in front of the media very much, rumours of discontent among Tory MP's with his leadership, reports last week of "financial issues", now the latest of this Perugia trip last weekend. I know he's a sleekit b*****d generally but still. As leader of the "party of self-responsibility" he's never been the best for taking responsibility for his own actions but for some reason I think there's something more to it, but can't quite put my finger on it.
  9. Maybe I've missed it but I've not seen them talking about the household bubbles for a very long time, wasn't really aware they were still a thing.
  10. Ticked Schiehallion off today, WalkHighlands estimate for time taken was miles off as usual. Good weather and nice views but it's almost as boring as Ben Nevis in terms of a hike, thankfully was up and down in just over 3 hours.
  11. I've no fecking idea what they're doing to enforce this, by the way. I got back from France just over two weeks ago and wasn't contacted once, which I guess explains why the government ministers are coming out with the "we believe 99.9% of folk are ahering to it", because they've absolutely no idea if folk are. ETA - naebdy at the airport checking the forms as you come in either.
  12. That's significantly more viewers than I'd have expected, especially considering this wasn't available PPV!
  13. Do you know when we can expect to hear about PPV prices for the games Laura?
  14. I reckon the government can say what they want, students (especially first years) will want some semblance of Freshers week to remain.
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