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  1. And for someone as preachy as Neville is to take that cash is for me the difference between him and the rest. He was torn to shreds on HIGNFY.
  2. I was gutted reading this today initially, then I was almost relieved. I have loved every episode if Succession, so if they nail this final season, it'll be right up there for me. Too many shows jumping the shark these days.
  3. I was really worried about this but I think it's fantastic so far. Casting seems good and it seems to be following the game really closely, as folk have mentioned some of the shots and the way the characters move is so close to the game. Hope it continues at this level.
  4. Can't speak for the Utd fans but definitely remember Scotland fans complaining a lot. Folk kind of expected him to "do more" offensively for some reason because he played at Manchester United despite that not being his role in the slightest.
  5. Agnew could be a reasonable signing, could be another Trouten, who knows. Hopefully that's the first of three or four.
  6. If you genuinely have "the flu" you can't move from your bed so I'd imagine that it wouldn't be your choice. One of my bugbears is folk constantly self diagnosing themselves with "the flu" when in fact they have a cough and are a bit under the weather.
  7. We absolutely love chucking goals in eh? Stirling probably just about deserved the win, not much between the sides overall. We huff and puff but it's the same old story, we're good on the ball in midfield but hardly ever look like scoring and look like conceding from every cross. When we play a slightly better team like we did today we end up bypassing the midfield a lot of the time anyway and trying to find Shepherd which only works about 20% of the time. He might have scored today but Trouten still doesn't do it for me, lots of misplaced passes. We're probably still 2 or 3 good and ideally experienced signings away from being good enough to really compete at the top of this league.
  8. What a nonsense. Can you two take a look at our highlights and tell me, honestly, if you really think that is a "stonewall" red card? Even if you think it is, which I would find really odd, there's absolutely no chance it's been given for him "pulling him back". One thing that is clear though is that it's really poor from Steele getting caught that flat footed. https://eftv.info/highlights-2022-23/
  9. As predicted, nobody talks about the actual fitba in the games anymore, it's all just hyper scrutiny of VAR decisions the entire time. Wonderful.
  10. Rovers player was through on goal East fife player fouled him straight red I wasn't 100% sure it was a foul from where I was, so I've on idea how you can be so certain given your angle of the incident.
  11. The past two weeks I've watched us, and have assessed us as a good side with an absolute bucket load of individual mistakes in us. For me the red card wasn't even a foul, Steele got the ball. Would be interested to see the replay for that one if I've missed something. But that happening so early puts the entire gameplan in the bin. Can't fault any of the players today given the circumstances, the officials were absolutely dreadful. Can someone explain why their keeper was not sent off? Is the linesman arguing the defender was covering? That seemed a bit of a stretch to me at the time but again, will see the highlights to judge. Thought again Millar was excellent particularly out of position. Balde fantastic, the missed pen was poor but he's a really good signing. Hopefully Greig can put his arm round Healy, yes it was a bad mistake but he is a confirmed baller and he needs to keep his confidence up. I think there will be teams willing to take a punt on him soon enough. I moaned a bit about Shepherd last week but he put in some shift today and was key in the 2nd goal. The extra man they had killed us in the end, I felt it played a part in all 3 goals. We looked the better side by a fair bit even with 10 but eventually the players will tire or they will have an extra man somewhere. Overall the past two weeks feel like 5 points dropped in all honesty. If we can cut out the individual errors we'll be fine for a play off spot. I'd still like to get Trouten off the wage bill and sign someone else to support Shepherd, we missed a penalty today with him off the pitch but other than that I am really struggling to see what he's contributing overall. Seems fairly anonymous. As an aside, not sure if it's always like that but can we please sort the tannoy/sound system. I am guessing it's run by volunteers which we're all thankful for but it's really a bit amateur, music constantly on and off and the sound blaring. Microphone constantly cutting out the entire time. The microphone was on during the minutes silence making a heck of a noise and there's a constant noise coming from the speaker behind K33 basically all the time.
  12. That never looked a red in a million years to me.
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