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  1. In amongst the hilarity, "Willie Miller is your best pundit by the way" still the highlight by a mile. Incredible.
  2. Norwich have got far bigger and more hilarious problems to sort out having seen that miss from Sargent at the weekend. Magnificent stuff.
  3. No, but Gauld is 5 years younger and plays slightly behind the two strikers, so might be an idea to include him considering we'll have to unlock that Moldovan defence. They of course didn't sit as deep as the Faroes did, but I was suggesting that he was only worth considering given the suspensions and the gaps likely to be present in the squad. The Farense departure, after a good season in Portugal, was also fraught with controversy I think, fairly sure they felt he was contracted for another year. Russell wouldn't start ahead of Adams/Fraser, not sure in the value of bringing him along at this stage when we know what he offers and so far from what we've seen it wasn't that great at international level. No, the reason it is an asterisk is because the midfield is one of our strongest assets and we've got strength in depth, therefore it is of course worth trying to balance out whether a stand out performer in the US vs someone not quite standing out in the EPL etc is a risk worth taking. I think with Christie/Dykes out for the first game we might see Clarke go with a slightly larger squad this time (if the 26 man squad is still allowed?). Of course Gauld (or indeed Russell) might not fancy flying halfway around the world to sit on the bench which I wouldn't be surprised to find out is the reason that they're not often in contention.
  4. True, but we've actually seen Russell in a Scotland shirt before (in, admittedly, weaker sides) and he didn't look up to much.
  5. Scores again yesterday. I'm the same as most here, no idea of the relative quality of the MLS but he's likely worth considering for this squad given the suspensions. Regardless, going by his social media, it looks like he's having an absolutely brilliant time out there. Fair play to him.
  6. The point is that come mid-November the bins will be back to overflowing and the area back on a downwards trajectory.
  7. Walking from the Hydro back to my flat in Merchant city I noticed how lovely the Clyde walkway was looking now that there's dignitaries arriving shortly. New lights, bins cleared, foliage all trimmed and looking good. Crazy how they find the money to do all this now...
  8. I don't think this is true. I fly with Ryanair fairly regularly as I have a couple of pals in France, Ryanair fly to all the tiny airports down the south of France. Paying for a seat is one fee, and priority (2 cabin bags) is entirely separate. They do this glorious scam of saying priority is something like £25 as you select the flight, then offer it as £15 just as you're about to finally book. I've never found them to be that difficult regardless, they're a budget airline, you get what you pay for. I think EasyJet used to run the system you've described above where if you booked a seat you get the extra bag but I am fairly sure they changed that policy around 2 years ago to be in line with the Ryanair policy.
  9. I'm leaving Montpellier on the Thursday before this and had a glance at moving flights to go home via Chisinau, tempting as it's only £150ish to amend. Shame I've nae chance of a ticket as I'd probably be tempted.
  10. It looks like Shankland is hardly playing for Beerschot, not sure he'll get the call. I'd imagine if they're fit he'll just try get through the game with Adams/Nisbet.
  11. If he said it before the game tonight then it would have been correct.
  12. If we'd spent the entire evening camped in their half, peppering the goal and only won 1-0 that would have been fine. But that performance was absolutely dreadful and we are lucky to get away with that win. No matter what Clarke says in his interview he has to be concerned with what he's seen there. Basically nobody getting pass marks, regardless of their defending and the plastic pitch. No surprise that big hunk has dragged us to another three points, though.
  13. https://aftn.co.uk/bayview-park-a-history-of-our-spiritual-home/ Full story can be found here.
  14. Any shouts for a decent spot to watch this in Glesga city centre?
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