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  1. If we want to be in the play-offs at the end of the season we absolutely must win games like this. It's really that simple.
  2. I assume that SSC members can buy more than 1 ticket? If so I'm guessing the general sale won't actually be up to much.
  3. £20-25 for a ticket for this. Very reasonable.
  4. First pint will have been Tennents in one of Leven's lovely establishments (likely McPhails) when I was 16 which is around '09. My main memory of drinking when I was younger was that me and all my pals were obsessed with drinking Miller, always taking boxes of the stuff to any house party. Has anyone tasted Miller recently? It's absolutely disgusting, it barely even tastes like beer, I genuinely want to throw up after one sip. No idea what we were thinking, maybe just the drunken memories that's put me off it.
  5. As a 6ft4 behemoth, I make no apologies for heading straight to a table so I can sit comfortably, and I won't let the judgement of you 5ft8 wee-legged midgets stop me.
  6. Gonna give Stranraer a miss this week after the utter nonsense that was my travel arrangements last time I tried it. Surely should be going for all 3 in this one? A couple of back to back wins here would really set us up well for the derby.
  7. This seems like the fairest analysis so far.
  8. The Brig and the East Dock Bar both within walking distance. Couple of bars at the stadium too and Leven high street is about a 10-15 minute walk away which has a few places and some that do reasonable food also.
  9. Aye one of the gang is a season ticket holder at the Dees. We try to get to at least one of each others games a season, he bought the tickets last week.
  10. Heading along with an absolute rag tag gang to this for our Christmas day oot, where's best for some pre-match liquidation? I see this Tutties Neuk seems to have good reviews but apparently quite small? We'll be up the back of 12. Ridiculous that in all the years we've been in the same league I've never actually made the trip to Gayfield.
  11. This is the worst pre-match thread so far this season. The quality is almost as bad as League 1 fitba, amiryt Falkirk bois?! Anyway we're gonna have to improve massively to get something here. It can't be stressed how important Wallace is to this team. Without him dropping in and finding holes in a defence, Tonks is never free, Agnew then has to perpetually create from the middle meaning he's never free to drift forward properly and our offensive moves just become utterly predictable and easy to deal with. If Waldo isn't back, I fear a Falkirk win and probably a fairly comfortable one. We're a weird as f**k team though, capable of trouncing teams at the start of the year and then getting demolished by them in the reverse fixture. I know it speaks to the somewhat equitable quality of the league but if we're going to make the play-offs that kind of inconsistency won't work. Maybe it'll be the EF Galactico side that turns up on Saturday, who knows!
  12. That year was by far my favourite TITP (attended 08'-14'). Faithless then Muse when I was absolutely smashooned was magnificent. Also, seeing Lewis Capaldi at a music festival sounds to me like utter torture. Can't imagine a worse kind of act for a festival. Talented aye, but for a festival, nah.
  13. I thought that was a myth on here until recently. I seen it with my own eyes and was utterly furious. I originally thought this was mainly the fresh faced students doing this before they eventually get how it works in their second semester in the city. Not the case, I've seen it with grown men and its absolutely ridiculous.
  14. Sounds like Saturday was pretty terrible. Very weird how hot and cold we can be, management have assembled a decent squad here and I know how much time and effort they put in to their analysis of every team we play so to get scunnered 4 zip from a team we dominated earlier on in the year is very strange. Hopefully the past couple of weeks are a blip (though I'm sure said blip might disappear with the reappearance of Waldo...)
  15. Absolutely feckin freezing out there but hopefully that gorgeous sunshine can get that pitch melted. Let's get a win today eh?
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