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  1. Nothing arrogant about Paul Heaton. A lovely bloke on the couple of occasions I've met him
  2. Bologna safe after a well deserved 3 - 3 against Lazio.
  3. A bit weird as there are no trains from Queen Street to Carluke, maybe meant Central tbf.
  4. I've been following Bologna for 14 years or so, and built up a nice friendship with some of the Bologna groups. We've had a few coming over to Fir Park now and again too.
  5. Not much of a choice, where I am. 2 Snp, 2 Labour and 1 Tory
  6. 94th minute equaliser for Genoa, cost me £422 as well.
  7. I don't recall any Frankie Boyle jokes about disabled sex abuse victims, but I think there is a huge difference between a comedian and the US president, making cunty comments.
  8. Really? The average guy says things like "You can do anything… Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything" I think you hang around with some creepy fuckers, if you think that's normal.
  9. So far, so shite. Very disappointing
  10. Wankers everywhere wishing a merry Christmas a day early, desperate for likes.
  11. Surely no one would be surprised at this? You've always been a Tory at heart.
  12. "Grab them by the pussy" Lad chat? Fuckin hell.
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