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    Great for Wilson. He just played like it was any other match and strolled it. O'Connor was in first in almost every frame and let Wilson in every time. Deserved win.
  2. The highlights show the handball clearly. Penalty and red card, the referee (and his assistants) have had a howler.
  3. Got away with a pish 2nd half. Luckily Arbroath couldn't hit a cow in the arse with a banjo so we collect a point.
  4. GiGi


    McGill the sole Scottish survivor. Only Neil Robertson in the way though so expect he'll cruise to the quarters.
  5. Just as well Messi has years of experiences navigating parked buses. Poland are brutal.
  6. England are an incredibly dull football team, and Bale is done which means Wales are done.
  7. Non AIDS draw at some point for Morton for fucks sake.
  8. We can't attract hammer throwers, what chance have we got of attracting those type of players? You signed Wilson and Reilly who we tried to keep. Would still take the pair of them in this squad.
  9. Not bad as far as goalless halves go. Scrappy but a decent watch.
  10. @Skyline Drifterthe free kick for the goal was blatant shirt tug from bad Quitongo, who was extremely lucky not to have been carded 10 minutes earlier for the same offence.
  11. Not to mention the penalty we didn't get for the keeper Schumachering the good Quitongo.
  12. Just as well Alex King skinned your whole team (twice) to score a worldie then. Hope that one counts.
  13. I would accept this as well. Agree with VT this is a loseable tie and we won't even be making any money from it. This is why the away game against some cannon fodder from highland hamlets will always be the superior draw.
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