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  1. Peated whisky is an acquired taste I would say. Few people love them right off the bat so I wouldn't say chuck it altogether after trying Laphroaig. But I would steer clear of peat for your celebratory bottle if this is the case. On that note for a cracking looking bottle that's a great drop once you open it, and in your budget, I'll go back to Glenmorangie Signet.
  2. For clarity Hancock owns 20% but his sister and her husband own the rest of it between them. This is a family business and he's chucking public money at them.
  3. It doesn't seem all that daft in the single player world to have a protective affinity between characters. I suppose it's a kind of ham-fisted way of drawing in the player to give a shit about the story. And with that wankery I'll check myself out of the thread for the day.
  4. Answer depends on a couple of things: budget and what you want the whisky for. If it's for drinking I'd say grab a single cask bottle, I find them most interesting, or at least a tried-and-tested favourite like Glendronach 15/18/21, Bunnahabhain 18 etc. If it's more of a trophy piece bottle for a cabinet that's another matter. See: Octomore, Glenmorangie Signet etc but expect these to run up well over £100.
  5. Bill Gates make me write good? I went through a couple of your recent posts looking for a grammatical error or poor punctuation to hit you back with but apparently you're already running the latest patch.
  6. Implant this right into my grey matter. Actually what will be the software updates be like?
  7. Agreed. Asking a difficult question is not itself a slam-dunk. See: Robinson, Nick, c.2014
  8. Laura K already dismissing any sign of wrongdoing, it's just the rules that aren't tight enough you see.
  9. I posted this in the Tory Corruption thread but I'll make a separate post here to reflect on Laura Kuenssberg's analysis. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-56743426 Is she having a laugh? Never mind rampant corruption and cronyism, Laura thinks it's just the rules aren't tight enough and Labour are just looking for ammunition. Yes it looks bad, but let me limit the damage.
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-56743426 Everyone (meaning no one):
  11. Just trying to keep the score down at this point.
  12. Prince Philip, Coronavirus, Brexit, UK, World. In that order. Get that on a fleg.
  13. Scottish Parliament passes several bills every year. Quite why they're not 'expert' enough when they're appointed to act for Scotland is hard to see but I suspect you're just at it these days.
  14. Bit embarrassing for the likes of Murdo 'I, too, am a lawyer' Fraser and all the other tories to have voted in favour if it is truly not in the competence of the Scottish Government.
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