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  1. Just not ever on the dates I travel then. Been twice in the last year and going again shortly and neither Glasgow or Edinburgh have had direct flights.
  2. Catching Spiritbox at Barrowlands in July which should be fun.
  3. If any of the German airlines could bring back the direct flights to Munich I would very much appreciate it. Haven't been available since before the pandemic.
  4. Do you also advocate for Four Four Fucking Two, Mike?
  5. Might help you sword Falkirk though and that's worth every penny. I think he'd still totally stroll league one tbh.
  6. You'd imagine with no real competition that Falkirk would eventually trundle back up next season. Be a real shame if they didn't, though.
  7. July-October: ah f**k we have no players we could go down. November-January: thank f**k for that. Feb-April: if we could stop drawing we'll make the playoffs! April-May: b*****d. We'll gettem next time.
  8. Owen Coyle is definitely the most irritating fraudulent manager in Scotland. His pattern of speech is incredibly annoying.
  9. Did us a good turn, had a couple of Efe moments but otherwise I'd say his spell was a success. He is getting leggy though and has been displaced by the much younger (and presumably cheaper) O'Connor.
  10. There's no point in King going anywhere. He showed excellent promise already this season and should be continuing his development at this level, not dropping down. His goal should be to start more matches next season.
  11. Verstappen opening his gap to Perez on ancient tyres. Think this one will be sown up pretty soon after he pits.
  12. Well yes. You can count on me being the worst, least gracious winner of all time when we do get promoted. Suspect we'll be in the running next season.
  13. You'd think we started in the playoffs today and fucked it. We did not. And we actually won.
  14. Been playing a lot of Grim Dawn recently. Really accessible ARPG with loads of replay value. Fiver on the last steam sale.
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