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  1. Absolutely fucking useless. If he's thinking of teasing out wee nuggets of policy like a dry hangover shite he might have lead with something a bit more impactful to what must amount to over half the fucking country moving into fuel poverty at the same time. p***k.
  2. Haven't read the article, but I'll have a go. They're c***s.
  3. Tories love the handouts patter. As if it's their fucking money and they're generously dishing it out. It's taxpayer money, and taxpayer money that is currently being used to keep that fat c**t Johnson stocked in gold kitchen roll while refusing to actually do his job.
  4. I hope all pubs, even the shit ones I don't like, survive and stay open. Else all the wankers who drink in them will start going to the ones I do. Provided the good pubs don't go the way of Rangers an'all.
  5. The scary thing about 81% is how that will then impact on the price of just about everything else. Food, clothing, transport and anything you can think of that takes energy to produce. I predict a lot of things suddenly going on fire this winter and not for the warmth.
  6. Imrie ended a pretty rotten run of results for us in Kirkcaldy last season but I still think a draw would be absolutely fine here. We've not been great so far and still got points on the board so would take any points from this.
  7. Quitongo had 2 great chances in the first half. One over the bar and another he was through on the keeper and forced a save. Missed the easier chances and scored from the hardest.
  8. When Sunak said he wanted to fix the economy he did not mean repair.
  9. Can spin for that. 3x what I paid for mine a couple of years ago.
  10. If I had a vote it would be a cock and balls with nails through them because that would be preferable to either of these goblins.
  11. Looks like it might not have been a penalty. Doesn't help Hamilton any but we had absolutely rotten luck since Imrie came in last season with loads of sure-fire shouts and none of them being given (I don't think we had a penalty in the league from Dec onwards). We were due a break.
  12. Germany deserve to lose for that fucking mess.
  13. The duality of man
  14. Pick it oot. They deserved that.
  15. Plenty of time yet. Germany are the better team and I imagine they'll have a say.
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