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  1. Snooker

    Selby to go out in the first round again? All the O'Sullivan superfan weirdos would be loving that. For that reason I want him through.
  2. Feeling particularly broken today I must admit. More to do with 4 days of bevvy over the bank holiday weekend than pumping Falkirk though.
  3. Falkirk v Morton

    He's keeping us up on his own.
  4. Falkirk v Morton

    Glorious. Falkirk were fucking crap and not a few of their players visibly chucked it. If it had finished 4 or 5 nil we'd have deserved it.
  5. Snooker

    Couple of quid each way on Maguire and Allen. One of those two is due to do something in this tournament.
  6. whisky lovers

    I buy them to drink. And sometimes get frustrated because they sell out on day 1 and I see them on an auction site a month or 2 later at double the price.
  7. whisky lovers

    No. Snaffling limited releases to sell later is for arseholes.
  8. Premier League 2018-19

    Interestingly pedestrian approach to being 1 down by Arsenal.
  9. On a day where they stroll to a comfy 3-0 win, GSTQ is still the biggest OOOOFT of the afternoon.
  10. That Motherwell fan is an utter idiot. Those arseholes sing about Catholics all game and now the headlines will be about Motherwell fans.
  11. Complain about your manager receiving sectarian abuse while singing about ****** blood, the pope and IRA. Lovely people.
  12. Sound the 'too big a club to stay down' klaxon