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  1. Snooker

    Hahahaha I'm a fucking fanny! I left after the first frame to meet my Mrs for dinner. I was THERE. Absolutely gutted now.
  2. whisky lovers

    That's the way to do it. I was buying a bottle or 2 a month from Amazon for a long time and made plenty of trips to good whisky pubs to try as much as possible to know what I liked. Side note, Auchentoshan is a decent malt but also good in cocktails. Get that in an old fashioned.
  3. Snooker

    All day ticket for the first few days of the Scottish open this week are £20. I'm going up tomorrow or Wednesday.
  4. The Outer Worlds [Obsidian]

    Still working here. Just search outer worlds on YouTube and you'll get loads of videos. That one is mostly just a cinematic trailer but there's about 15 minutes of gameplay available as well.
  5. Fallout fans rejoice. Obsidian timing this perfectly to say 'f**k you Bethesda we'll take it from here'. The Fallout we wanted.
  6. whisky lovers

    Too steep IMO
  7. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Aye thats right Jezza is writing the modern day art of war by, err, consistently losing to the worst PM in British history. True genius.
  8. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Agree. You would indeed. The most spineless, insipid opposition leader I've ever seen.
  9. whisky lovers

    Great price for an excellent whisky.
  10. Snooker

    As a Hendry fan please no. Routinely getting bodied 6-0 by that c**t sounds like no fun at all.
  11. With no honours and no major ones about to be added any time soon. Every cloud.
  12. Against the odds and the establishment, plucky Celtic pull it out.
  13. Edouard scoring from a blatant handball would have been wonderfully apt for this game.
  14. Brown just allowed to clip heels in midfield to win the ball back.