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  1. Just avoiding defeat would be a very good result here. Hopefully we somehow have their number again.
  2. Top yer da patter from yesterday when Falkirk had a throw near the end. Muirhead goes over to take it and gets "hawl, that shouldny say Muirhead it should say dick head!" Tickled me, that one.
  3. Looks like it was going wide before McKeown cleared it.
  4. We also have had the upheaval of a new manager getting to grips with the squad (thanks to the snake) and he's been tinkering a bit to find a system that suits him. He's missing his only real centre forward as well in Denny Johnstone so with him and hopefully another forward in we'll pick up from January.
  5. Our results are pish when we let away fans in the shed. Never again.
  6. How else did you expect this to go? The entire day was intended to be a massive GIRFUY to the snake. The Famous delivered the hounding that was required, and so we celebrate.
  7. I'd rather struggle to a win than to a loss and being marooned at the bottom but sure we'll be more worried.
  8. That is me, laughing endlessly into a tasty pint toasting a fine day of results
  9. f**k the murn an all! Vintage Saturday all round. THE FAMOUS.
  10. Paul Paton is a torn faced wee gimp. Get it up ye!
  11. NEVER IN DOUBT f**k JUDAS c***s
  12. whisky lovers

    I expect a full report. Unless Falkirk win today that is, then I'm not talking to you any more.
  13. whisky lovers

    I'm currently enjoying a couple of large halves from this: https://www.masterofmalt.com/whiskies/glendronach/the-glendronach-15-year-old-revival-whisky/ The reviews are mixed with most people lucky enough to try the previous incarnation of the Revival saying it's not as good as the old one. But then the older one was literally made with 18 year old and older whisky because they had no younger stock upon the distillery's reopening so I'm not sure what people expect. I'm also sure there is plenty of whisky older than 15 years in this iteration too. Personally, with this being my first taste of Glendronach 15 I find it absolutely wonderful for a standard distillery bottling. The nose is just raisins and sticky sweet PX sherry with some rich milk chocolate in there. The palate and finish has some drier, nuttier body to it from the oloroso barrels. Christmas pudding soaked in sherry, in a bottle. It's already shot up to among my favourite standard bottlings and I'm sure I'll be replacing this one soon. Definitely up the sherry-lover's street this one.
  14. Maybe you're just shite.
  15. I was thinking winning the Scottish Cup would be pretty big for us this year but come to think of it 10 minutes of chanting "f**k yer Ray McKinnon" would top the lot.