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  1. Alternatively some underpaid council jobsworth is having to sign off on these capacities probably thinking if there's an outbreak following the game they'll be carrying the can for it. I don't envy people making these calls while there are still howls of derision from certain quarters not to allow people to do anything ever again. Morton are doing this with staggered entry times depending on where your surname is in alphabetical order FFS! Absolute lunacy for an outdoor event at less than 20% capacity.
  2. GiGi


    Edinburgh doesn't have any direct flights on the dates I want either and isn't any cheaper. The flight times with KLM are pretty friendly as well. It's not extortionate it's just not the £45 return I had originally.
  3. GiGi


    Same here, also Blue Air so may have been the same flight 😂 I've rebooked with KLM at 3x the cost which is sore.
  4. Had to look it up myself. That is the case, it's actual malt whisky from undisclosed distilleries. The upcoming distillery at Ardgowan did the same thing and they haven't even started building their fucking still house yet! The drafted in master blender Max MacFarlane formerly of Highland park and he blended some batches using other places' malts.
  5. The While We Wait stuff was blended from casks from other distilleries though was it not? Regardless I enjoyed the one I tried as well, if the flavour profile of that one being sweet and lightly peated is what they're going for then I agree it should be good.
  6. How are the vaccine numbers going? We're pretty poor on a daily basis last I'd seen.
  7. Depends. IMO probably never enough to be worth hanging on to. If you buy a bottle for £100 and in 10 years it's worth £300 then that might seem good but is it worth not drinking something you like for the sake of £1.66 appreciation per month so someone else can drink it? Never been able to square that idea in my head. I just crack everything. Could drop dead before any of my bottles were worth much.
  8. Liked everything I've tried from Kilchoman. Young spirit done superbly well from those lads. I haven't tried the Machir Bay CS but I'm now tempted to buy one. Pay tomorrow so that might be my first purchase.
  9. Same here. Get 3 of the core range during the tour, a good bucket at 60% right out the cask, then the 18, 21, 24 year old, blood oak, spring wood and a whisky and beer cocktail at the end. Glad I went to a bakery in Dalmuir before it 🤣
  10. The senior players need to game time.
  11. My definition of a good distillery tour is a large volume of whisky and getting to the good/rare stuff. A couple of halves and a walk about the place is a wee bit boring to me. The places that offer different ranges of tours where you can get a proper lineup of their range plus some bonus stuff. Auchentoshan's masterclass tour or whatever it's called is the best I've been on. Dear but well worth it.
  12. Fucking strike from whichever minecraft character just scored.
  13. Could be wrong but I think Viking ton has done it.
  14. It's not really a penalty though, he literally took his opponent out and got a slap on the wrist and +25 points in the drivers championship. Hope the Dutch lads egg his car in a couple races time.
  15. Late to the party on the above but Miley Cyrus has a great voice for it. No hate here.
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