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  1. GiGi


    Good win for Ding in a good match.
  2. Off to Rangers media for an enlightening read.
  3. That was absolute pish. Effective yes but total garbage to watch.
  4. GiGi


    So you made it until the final 2 frames then, good effort IMO. Because I'm a fucking masochist I'm also watching the conclusion of Allen v Bond. Nige is a nice enough guy but this match is pretty pish as well despite the final frame tension.
  5. GiGi


    I sat through Selby v Stevens last night until after midnight. Pot success of 79% v 84%. Mother of f**k that was awful.
  6. Aberdeen were fucking horse in the first half and lucky to get out only 1 down. Now they look so motivated all over the park. They've forced their way back into it through sheer pressure and look capable of winning. Some game, football.
  7. I'd buy something I know I like and something new. If the dear bottle was the one I liked then Octomore 7.3 and new one a nice looking single grain for something different. Other way about I'd go with a Deanston 18 and for the new one something like this single cask Auchentoshan https://www.thewhiskyexchange.com/p/52286/auchentoshan-1997-21-year-old-old-particular
  8. Nah your credit file can always recover, it just takes time. Defaults will hang around for 6 years but everything else will drop off after a while as your circumstances improve.
  9. Band A here is about 117 a month for 10 months.
  10. Wut. Take it you were equally unimpressed by Christie on Saturday as well.
  11. Not gonna lie haven't even looked at the squad or bench.
  12. Need Jack off for an attacker. Either in midfield or bring on Shankland.
  13. McKenna got his angles wrong but you'd get away with that more often than not. What a finish.
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