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  1. GiGi


    Watched a bit of Higgins this week at the Northern Irish open and he has lost an absolute power of weight. Can see a jawline there. He still looked quite heavy at the start of the year so he's lost at least 2 or 3 stone in a short space of time. Can only help with his snooker.
  2. Makes no difference really, be lucky if you get the top heavyweights fighting more than once a year anyway.
  3. Actually I'd be more than happy if 'just getting there' becomes the norm over 'never getting there'. Because eventually when you keep getting there you'll probably find yourself getting a few wins and doing more than just making up numbers. I think there's a particularly high ceiling for a lot of these players and the squad in general and what's clear is we're now in our best qualification campaign in about 20 years or more. And we'll get better.
  4. If we're at the point of moaning about whether or not we'll be seeded for the playoffs we look favourite to qualify for then I'd say things are pretty rosy. I moan at things during games as well but after the fact you need to take stock of that. This just after qualifying for the Euros as well. Some people will just never be happy I suppose.
  5. It's a McTominay off the midriff. No way it's handball.
  6. Robertson ffs. Team breaking forward at pace and he decides to take a speculative long effort on.
  7. I could almost accept a game where we struggled to break them down but the Faroes are actually opening up enough that we should have the quality to punish them. This is crap.
  8. I see tennis crowds still not having the underarm serves. I genuinely don't see the fuss.
  9. Agreed on Crocker's commentary. Awful, clearly rehearsed and phoney. A voice that does my nut in. McCoist is the opposite in every way, legend.
  10. Helenius is beating the shite out of Kownacki. The latter's eye is fucked after a round.
  11. Brewdog are wankers and their beer is expensive but it is at least good.
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